Guess How Many Crystals Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Carole, who was the first person to guess the number of crystals correctly at 855!

Let’s go back to childhood and play a guesstimation game! In the photo above, I’ve scattered different amounts of 15 of our best-selling Swarovski Elements Crystal Bicones in the 4mm size, and […]

Katie’s Favorite Things!

Oh, it’s time for my favorites! This should be pretty easy. I tend to be a bit one note in my “loves” and the things I always need in my pieces….

1. Green Things – Always green. Everything should be green! I love fern green, olive green, emerald green, lime green, palace green […]

Make Your Thanksgiving Table Sparkle With Crystals!

Who doesn’t want their dinner table to sparkle and shine on Thanksgiving? Sure, the turkey and the gravy give off a little glimmer of delicious juicy goodness, but don’t you want to add some real glitz that will wow your guests almost as much as your pumpkin pie recipe? While it’s so much […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Our tip this week will show you the easiest way to shorten a long necklace so that you can wear it in layers! All you need is a necklace shortener, and you’re in luck because we’ve just launched new base metal necklace shorterners in gold, silver, gunmetal and antique brass, in […]