Make Holiday Photo Ornaments With Resin!

Learn to make an ornament like the one I made with a photo of my sweet little niece, Aubrey!

Ever since I learned how to make jewelry with resin, I’ve wondered how I could utilize the fabulous medium to make personalized Christmas gifts. After thinking long and hard about it, I remembered that my parents have countless ornaments on their Christmas tree that were purchased or made with each one of us kids in mind. We have the ornaments with the year and our names embroidered on them and we have all sorts of ornaments handmade by each kid out of pipe cleaners or popsicle sticks, but the one thing we don’t have on our tree is photos! This is how I got the idea to use photos of kids with resin and molds to make professional and unique ornaments! You can make them for your own tree, for your parents or even your grandparents or friends! Here’s what you’ll need to make these festive photos:

1. Photograph (roughly 2×2 inches)
2. ICE Resin
3. Glue
4. 44-52mm Assorted Bangle Earrings Resin Mold
5. Paint Brush (for the glue)
6. Plastic garbage bag
7. Powdered Pigment
8. 8mm Gold Plated 18 gauge Open Jump Ring

I do have to admit, it will take a few days to create this ornament as you will have to mix three separate batches of resin and let each one cure for at least one day before starting the next batch. This is why I highly recommend making an assembly line of ornaments. You can only do 2-4 ornaments in one mold, so after you have let the resin in the mold cure for a day, pop them out and refill the mold at the same time that you use the second batch of resin on the first pair of ornaments. Keep repeating this until all of your ornaments are complete. Now all you need is the step-by-step instructions! To see the pdf instructions and to purchase everything on the supply list, head over to our Inspiration page to see the Family Portrait Ornament. I hope you decide to give these ornaments a shot! They are much easier to make than they look, and the best part is that you’ll impress your friends and family and you’ll give them a gift that will last forever!

Happy Holidays! – Sara

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