Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

My tip this week is one of the best, and simplest, tips I could possibly give you! Have you tried stringing with beading wire and crimp beads, only to find that your finished pieces always come out stiff? This happens to so many people – all you need to do is leave a small amount of extra beading wire between your last bead and your crimp bead. This way, when you try to bend your piece, there is enough slack for it to be able to bend. It’s a quick and easy fix that will save you from cutting apart your project and, gasp, starting over!

Happy Tuesday! – Sara

4 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • Betty Winslow

    Best way I’ve found to do that is insert the very tip of your roundnose pliers in the loop, pull tight around it, then crimp. this leaves a sll loop of beading wire to keep things flxible. Also, you can arrange the piece on a flat surface in a loose circle, as though you were wearing it, before you crimp. This will leave some play in it to keep it flexible, too.

  • Betty Winslow

    forgive leftout letters – keyboard slightly off today

  • Good tips! I think having bigger beads spaced with smaller beads would also help to hide the gaps between beads while make the necklace more flexible too.

  • Lise

    You can usually hide the little gap at the ends by using larger crimp bead covers or if your last bead has a big enough hole to slide over the crimped crimp bead. I use #6 silver seed beads and they slide right over.

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