I Love New DeCoRé Clay With Swarovski Crystal Chatons!

If you haven’t heard of DeCoRé Clay yet, you’re going to go crazy when you discover how UH-MAZING it is! Using this clay is so easy, just add up these three ingredients:

And here is what you’ll get!

These three components are all it takes to make the most sparkly, professional, fabulous piece of jewelry ever! Here’s what it takes:

1. Swarovski Elements Crystal Chatons – These gorgeous little crystals will be the glistening, colorful focus of your clay jewelry. The chaton shape is similar in look to a flat back crystal, however it has a pointed back that will adhere beautifully into clay. The foiling on the back will also add dimensional sparkle to your jewelry!

2. Bezel Findings – You can use almost anything as the base for your clay, however we recommend starting with a bezel finding as they are so easy to use. You can use a tried and true Nunn Design bezel finding, or you can take an adventure and give our brand new DeCoRé rhodium plated rings a try!

3. DeCoRé Clay – This two part clay is so easy to use and comes in 28 colors! All you have to do is mix equal amounts of Part A and Part B, then stick the clay into a bezel finding! You have plenty of time, about 90 minutes, to work with the clay and then you just leave it to dry for 24 hours! No baking or anything!

Learn step-by-step instructions on how to use jewelry clay with Crystal Chatons here, and make sure to read over our Crystal Clay FAQ for additional information before you get started! I’ll leave you with our two new stunning Inspiration designs that we’ve created with clay and chatons to get you inspired!

Modern Vintage Earrings (see instructions here)

Oh I Do Love Pink Ring (see instructions here)

Go Get Creative! – Sara

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  • Laura

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  • DeCoré is wonderful for your imagination!

  • So Beautiful, recently prepared a girlfriend birthday, she liked jewelry, so I intend to send her bijoux swarovski, to give her a surprise.

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