Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Our tip this week will show you the easiest way to shorten a long necklace so that you can wear it in layers! All you need is a necklace shortener, and you’re in luck because we’ve just launched new base metal necklace shorterners in gold, silver, gunmetal and antique brass, in addition to our sterling silver necklace shortener! To use a necklace shortener, connect the clasp on a long necklace (if it has one), so that it forms a continuous loop. Fold the loop in half, and connect the two ends with the necklace shortener! Opening and closing the hinge on the shortener is easy and secure. It can transform that long strand of pearls that you don’t know how to wear, or turn your gorgeous long necklaces into stunning multi-strand designs! The best part is that your jewelry will always be transforming because the necklace shorteners are removable!

Happy Tuesday! – Sara

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