Fall in Love With the Peaceful Earth Bracelet!

FusionBeads.com has just launched a stunning and innovative bracelet designed by one of our favorite designers, Jess Italia Lincoln from Vintaj! The Peaceful Earth Bracelet (see the instructions here) is detailed and intricate, yet it has such an easy and effortless look! Jess really pulled out all the stops to create sweet little touches all over the bracelet that add so much charm to the piece. She really shows us how malleable the whole line of Vintaj products are as she has bent, hole punched and linked Vintaj charms and pendants in such creative ways. Now let’s get straight into the details of this bracelet so that you can get your creativity going!

My favorite feature of this bracelet is the clasp. Jess has actually created a toggle clasp out of the Arte Metal Etrusia Ringlet Charm and the Natural Brass Willow Branch Pendant. Who knew that you could make a clasp out of a charm and a pendant? All she did to make this was use the charm as the toggle loop, and bend the pendant around round nose pliers to form a loop in the middle of the branch, creating a toggle bar!

Another really cool way that Jess treated the bracelet was by using metal hole punch pliers to punch holes in the Natural Brass Oak Frond Fastenable and the Natural Brass Cherry Leaf Fastenable. She then bent the oak frond into a curve by using Nylon Jaw Bracelet Bending Pliers. After these two steps were complete, she simply attached the two Fastenables with jump rings for a really full, leafy look! If you look in the photo above, you’ll see the barely recognizable Tattered Daisy Charm hiding under a glass flower, between the cherry leaf and the Sunflower Motif Charm. Jess actually used the same metal hole punch pliers to turn this charm into a link, and she secured it with a jump ring on one side and a head pin with the glass flower on it on the other side. Look at the image below to see a side view of how Jess decoratively puts the glass flowers onto head pins, then secures them to the bracelet by wrapping the head pin wire all around the neighboring links.

I hope that the Peaceful Earth Bracelet has helped to open your eyes to the wonderful line of Vintaj products and just how much they can be adapted to fit into whatever design you want to make! Also, I want to give a big huge thanks to Jess for designing such a gorgeous bracelet for us! We love it!

Happy Designing! – Sara

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