Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Do you love making jewelry with freshwater pearls? Sometimes your designs will call for a plethora of pearls, which can really add up in cost! If you want the look of luxury for a little less dough, try designing with Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls or Glass Pearls! Both of these come in gorgeous colors and perfect pearly finishes, sure to shine in any piece of jewelry! They also contain consistent hole sizes, while freshwater pearls are sometimes limiting due to small and inconsistent holes.  Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls are perfect imitations of natural pearls, with a crystal core and a Swarovski Elements pearl coating that ensures a flawless surface and perfect curves. Glass Pearls are made of lustrous polished glass with pearl coating that would make Mother Nature do a double take! With these two affordable pearl options, you can now make that stunning pearl statement piece you’ve been dreaming of!

Happy Tuesday! – Sara

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