Gold-Filled Basics Giveaway!

Update: This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to the winner, Gail G.!

Would you rather spend your money stocking up on all of the findings that you’ve run out of or would you prefer to shop for pretty, shiny beads? If you’re like me, you have the best intentions of purchasing those necessities and nothing more, but you probably end up with a shopping cart full of sparkles and things that you didn’t really need. Well, we’ve got a fabulous giveaway for those of you who have the same problem as me! Enter our Gold-Filled Basics Giveaway and you could be so stocked up on your gold-filled findings that you’ll have the perfect excuse for shopping for all of those pretty beads that you just want so badly! To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post telling us which beads you think pair beautifully with gold. A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, October 21, 2011, at 4 PM PDT. Here’s a list of all the goodies we’re giving away!

20 – 4.8mm Gold-Filled 19 Gauge Open Jump Rings
20 – 6mm Gold-Filled 19 Gauge Open Jump Rings
50 – 24 Gauge Gold-Filled 1.5 inch Head Pins
50 – 24 Gauge Gold-Filled 1.5 inch Eye Pins
5 pairs – 13mm Gold-Filled French Ear Wires
50 – 2x2mm Gold-Filled Crimp Beads
20 – 3.5mm Gold-Filled Crimp Bead Covers
5 – 5.5mm Gold-Filled Spring Ring Clasps

Good Luck! – Sara

652 comments to Gold-Filled Basics Giveaway!

  • I love the look of gold next to gemstones. Rubies and garnets, tourmaline and aquamarine, pearls and quartz. But who says you can’t mix it up? I also like to mix metals and I think that gold looks like a very luxe accent when mixed with steel or an antique brass or silver finish. Great prize! Thanks for the chance! Enjoy the day!

  • Gold, like black, goes with everything! Currently in my head, however, are some lovely purple pressed class flowers dangling from gold ear wires!

  • Debi K

    Love gold for the fall with warm colors of red and brown. But it also supports my 2 favorite sport teams the Pitts Steelers and the Pitts Penguins!

  • Pink beads are just gorgeous accented with gold, but green also pops with gold. Wow what an awesome giveaway!

  • Georgianna

    Like Sarah S, I think gold looks good with everything! My personal faves, however, are the look of lapis, citrine, and cream colored pearls with yellow gold. Erin’s idea of gold with steel sounds fun…a warm+cool combo. Thank you, Fusion, for asking!

  • I love gold with pink, the two colors work so well with each other.

  • Kelley Galyen

    I love any shade of purple, so I would pick that color first. I also think a combo of green with purple brings to mind African violets and would look AMAZING with gold. I agree that the warm vibrant colors of fall are perfect for the warm tones of gold. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  • Desiree


  • Ruby red abacus glass rondelle

  • Paula Rudy

    Gold is best in a warm/cool combination… gold & greens, gold & blues. The gold makes the cool colors come alive! Thanks Sara for the incredible give-away.

  • Mary Michaud

    I like to pair gold with green. Also I really like how the Paula Radke Dichroic Glass Beads collection would look with gold settings

  • Allie

    This is an especially difficult question for me, as I personally look at different colors of beads and think “silver! definitely silver” and then I realize that it’s just because I love silver. LOL
    So I struggle a little to incorporate gold into some of my pieces to please a wider audience — not to mention extending my reach as an artist! This package would certainly nudge me along this difficult path.
    Now, I’m thinking of some of the newer seed beads, the ones that are gilded and then marbled with another color. Obviously if you’ve got a piece made primarily with gilded seed beads, you’ve got to pair it with gold findings.
    But, IMO, pearls tend to go particularly well with gold. Of course with so many colors of pearls flooding the market, that doesn’t hold true with all pearls. But bright, stark white pearls, all the way down the spectrum to darker creams, definitely cry out for gold. (And guess who has a stockpile of white pearls?? given to me by a beader who turned to pure wirework.) Thanks for the opportunity!

  • chris

    Red, bright, sparkly red, especially for upcoming holidays.
    Blue and gold are tried and true, especially for a rich royal look.
    Black and gold….so classic.
    Any color goes with gold. I hope to win!

  • Penny J Holliday

    I think rubies,emeralds,amethyst beads & similar or like colors in swarovski crystals, also many colors of freshwater & swarovski pearls go well w/ gold findings. I’m sure there are many other “jewels” that would go well but at the moment those I listed would be my preference. Thanks!

  • Maria

    I love pairing gold with earthy colors, especially ambers and earthy greens. More specifically, sparkly ambers and earthy greens.

  • I create beautiful fresh water coin pearl and swarovski crystal bracelets with 14K gold fill findings and wire. Just beautiful together with a matching pair of earrings.

  • Glenda Bollivar

    I like the look of gold with red jasper, green chrysoprase, B C jade, or tiger eye beads. Of course, anything sparkly looks good too!!


  • Joyce

    I love using gold findings with Swarovski crystals in the cantalope color.
    Also a favorite of mine is gold combined with Swarovski Dorado 2x.
    Last week I made a holiday bracelet for a friend using Swarovski Siam, White Opal 2x, and Jet bicones put together with gold (#471)permanent color seed beads. This combo was knock down gorgeous!

  • A gorgeous blue chalcedony looks fabulous with gold, I think! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • erinkathleen

    lately, I have been really loving a matte turquoise paired with gold. And, always love black and gold for a truly classic combo.

  • Hannah

    I’m really feeling gold with a deep orangey-red this fall!

  • Kate

    I would love to see bronzite with gold. I can imagine the rich chocolate color with the accents of gold.

  • I love the classy look of gold. I like to pair it with turquoise beads that lean towards a more green shade, giving the piece a sort of Egyptian look.

  • Karin Grant

    I love to see gold paired with amethyst and tigers eye.

  • Jane

    As a budding jewelry ‘artist,’ I am having SO much fun mixing colors and patterns in all that I do. I too happen to love silver, and have very recently began to see that the two colors LOOK FABULOUS togehter. I am loving gold using swarovski crystals like Crystal Shadow, black diamond …. they look phenomenal. I also am so accustomed to SO many people wearing turquoise (genuine) and turquoise beads, crystals with silver. Yet recently I made a necklace (and matching earrings) experimenting with beautiful blue (w/copper streaks) of genuine turquoise rondels, chili pepper and indicolite Swarovski Bicones, Picasso taupe matte round beads, and gold filled corrugated spacers with 2 gold filled chains – the look was AWSOME and so unexpected! I gave both to my friend who LOVES turquoise – she all ready has 2 orders for me to make of the same necklace and earrings for her co-workers! Needless to say, THIS win would HELP me tremendously!!!!!
    Thanks so much for the chance….love your giveaways and will REALLY love them if I ever win! ;-)

  • Gold goes great with creamy pearls, tigers eye, and topaz and smoky topaz crystals.

  • Cassandra Tengan

    These findings will go beautifully with sunstone and some nice red keishi freshwater pearls.

  • Rosa

    I love Gold with Lapis and with Turquoise! I’m usually a Silver girl…but,Gold paired up with these stones… the jewelry turns into a rich high end look!

  • Mary Mansson

    I like Amazonite with gold. I think it makes a great contrast.

  • Venetian glass beads with gold foil has to be my pick. The depth of color in the venetian glass is brought to life by the gold foil lining.. and then heighten by gold findings! I would love to win this contest and use the great gold findings with some of the beautiful Venetian glass beads I already have from Fusion Beads!

  • Lori

    Crystals and gold…my favorite! I’m new to the world of jewelry making and would LOVE to win these!! Thank you!

  • I love pink pearls with gold, they really go great together

  • Sandi

    I love gold with the Olive or Pomegranite Cubic Zirconia Faceted Teardrops…so classic!

  • I love deep emerald beads paired with creamy white, lustrous pearls.

  • Marisa

    Garnets and golden gemstone like golden topaz, beer quartz or amber.

  • Verna Washington

    I do agree with you, we have the same habit. I love to put gold findings with as much colour as possible.
    I have even used crimp beads as spacers and it turned out wonderful. As I look through my gold findings supplies I noticed that I need more findings, especially head pins of all sizes, and more crimps beads.

  • Gail

    Gold goes with everything, but I’ve been using it mostly with varying shades of red lately.

  • Donna

    Anything Black. I love black beads with gold findings.

  • Pearls or amber…..

  • Victoria Whatley

    I love the look of amethyst beads with gold!

  • Mackenzie

    Opals and pearls!!

  • Liz Reinhardt

    I made this lavendar pearl necklace intersperced with gold findings that looks absolutely smashing – purple and gold are a great combination!

  • Cindy Hill

    I love tourmalines, pink and green, with gold tones. Also, citrines, jaspers, goldstones. There are so many. I’d love to win this little package!

  • Jennifer

    I am currently pairing gold with all of the different czech pressed glass Maple Leaf beads. The wonderful fall colors (olive, green, topaz, honey, red) look great with gold findings!

  • Abra

    I love gold with richly colored jewel toned glass. These days especially loving purple and teal.

  • Lesley Hahn

    I love the Egyptian look of gold and blue and am currently (well, on and off again >.< ) working on a bib necklace in such a style.

  • Karen Dove

    Any fall colors go great with gold. Rubies, emeralds, unikite, goldstone, botswana agate, khaki, yellows, reds, greens, deep reds, even white pearls…come to think about it…ANYTHING will go with gold!!

  • Sandy Brahm

    Gold is a warm feeling to me so reds and gold and browns.

  • Pat Smith

    I love the emerald and deep blue colors next to gold. Very classy!

  • Kim

    I like the gold with purple stones and with swarovski transparent colored beads with gold findings.