Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Good afternoon, Fusionistas! Today’s tip will help prevent you from marring your wire or jump rings! When you’re wire working, make sure to never use round nose pliers to open and close your jump rings or to hold onto a wire wrapped loop. When you squeeze round nose pliers onto wire, the round edge of the pliers can easily mar the wire that you’re working with. Instead, you should always use pliers with flat surfaces, like chain nose, flat nose, or bent nose pliers, to grip onto wire. Save your round nose pliers for making loops and your wire will thank you!

Happy Tuesday! – Sara

4 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • Patti

    I just made earrings with the Czech glass teardrops in the beautiful Emerald green (it’s in the Inspiration ideas). I did it in silver and in gold and the gold is definitely more gorgeous. In fact, I can’t think of anything that doesn’t go with gold.

  • elaine williams

    Another cool trick is use some teflon tape. It only sticks to itself, in fact it has no glue at all so it leaves no residue. Use a little and you still get your grip but no marring. Use a lot on flat nose pliers if you need nylon pliers but don’t have any. You can get it at any hardware or home improvement store

  • Svetlana

    Thank you, Elaine for sharing. I think it will work for me.


    @ Elaine…I’ve been using blue painter’s tape, but yours may even be a more superb idea, actually. TYVM!

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