Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Today’s tip is to go out and find inspiration for your jewelry designs! It sounds simple, but how many times have you sat at your work station, uninspired and frustrated because you just don’t know what to make? While you can often find creativity from within, it’s never a bad thing to go search for some extra inspiration! My favorite place to start is with our Color Ideas at FusionBeads.com. Having a defined color theme for your jewelry is a huge part of the design, so why not grab some new ideas from us? Click here to search through our Color Ideas, which combine products in varying colors and textures to create a mood or theme that will help to jump start your own creative juices! Go ahead and try it – I’m sure you’ll come up with unique and fabulous jewelry designs in no time!

Happy Tuesday! – Sara

1 comment to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • I love this! I am almost ashamed to admit how many times I sit there and blankly stare at my table :\ Sometimes I give up and just make some findings and call it a day. Sometimes I’ll make a piece of “something”, but have no idea what that something will be. And sometimes I come to Fusion Beads for some inspiration! Thanks for the reminder of looking here for color ideas – so often that’s all that’s needed to kick-start me :)

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