Swarovski Sneak Peek Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations Sarah W., the winner of the Swarovski Sneak Peek Giveaway! Please respond to your e-mail so that you can claim your fabulous prize!

Get it here before it’s even available on our website! The new Swarovski Innovations line is launching soon, but we’re giving away a huge assortment of the new crystal shapes on our blog now! From the new Rhombus pendant to the new Wild Heart bead, we’ve got it all in this amazing stash of crystal! To enter to win this blog exclusive giveaway, just leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite Swarovski crystal color! We will select a winner randomly on Monday, October 3, 2011 at 4 PM PDT, so be sure to enter now!

Good Luck! – Sara

1,354 comments to Swarovski Sneak Peek Giveaway!

  • Emily

    Swarovski colors are amazing. It is difficult to pick a favorite… I think it would have to be crystal copper. It is versatile and a color that I just absolutely have to stock up on when I run out!

  • Holly

    Crystal golden shadow,classic and elegant.

  • Paula K

    I love all Swarovski colors. The color I am looking forward to seeing new in the denim blue. It could be worn with so many things from your favorite faded denim jeans and T-shirt to elegant evening wear.

  • Katy

    Love Love Olivine! and all the earthy/gypsy colours! so excited for new shapes!

  • Leslie S

    There is no way to pick just one but, if forced to, I have to go with Olivine. My eyes always go to those when I see them.

  • Ashley EM

    Black Diamond – elegant and mysterious!

  • My favorite Swarovski Crystal is the CrystalAB bicone.
    It is versatile & adds sparkles to my semiprecious gemstone jewelry. I am looking forward to the new styles as I start my holiday jewelry collection.
    Thanks Swarovski

  • Karen Kraus

    Wow…how do I pick a favorite…there are so many beautiful colors. I’ve been incorporating Silver Shade in much of my work of late. It is truly versatile and can be incorporated into many designs, adding just the right amount of silvery sparkle. Love it!

  • I love all the Swarovsky AB colors. I like to enhance my dangley
    earrings with the3mm and 4mm and use larger AB beads as major components. They catch and reflect the light in such a magical way. Peach AB, Light Colorado TopazAB are 2 favorites.

  • Diane Rose

    I love them all! Today my favorite is Light Smoked Topaz AB2x, every day it is different. They all are wonderful.

  • Alejandra

    I’ll say my favorite color is crystal silver night <3

  • Nadine G

    My most favorite Swarovski crystal color is Turquoise AB2x…what ever I make with this color always turn out spectacular.

  • Golden shadow and khaki just keep showing on my jewelry, but I use so many colors of the spectrum. Can’t wait to see the new colors and shapes.

  • Glory Willson

    I love Swarovski Blue Zircon. It is my son’s birthstone and so deep and rich in color. You can’t beat FusionBeads for Swarovski’s!

  • Jean B

    I love all the beautiful colors, but I will have to go with the crystal because it goes with EVERYTHING and reminds me of diamonds!

  • Randee Hanson

    Anytime I need inspiration head to water, usually the river in our town (although lots of flooding this year kept me away) so I lean more toward the blues. I’m also looking forward to the denim colors. Love the bling!

  • Sally H

    The amethyst, violet, and tanzanite beads look wonderful together. I’ve used them in many of my pieces.

  • My favorite right now is Siam because i am already thinking about Christmas gifts for my friends. i recently learned to bezel rivoli and I think they are the girl’s best friend.

  • Bonnie

    It’ll have to be Bermuda Blue!

  • Gail

    My favorites change on a daily basis. But the one I’ve use the most is Fire Opal. But I also love Cyclamen Opal.

  • Lynn

    I love Erinite AB – reminds me of the sun sparkling on the water!

  • I love the vitrail medium. It sets off many colors depending on the light. It brings mystery that draws attention to the eyes!

  • Mary

    Oh if it sparkles, it will catch my eye in a heart beat. It’s like opening a bag of gourmet jellybeans and then having to decide which one to pick first…sigh. So many choices to choose from. But, I tend to lean toward shades of topaz and then the purples.

  • Elaine Brennan

    Indicolite, I think … I’m a sucker for anything ocean-like …

  • Julie Hunkar

    Volcano is my favorite or virtually anything 2xAB.

    But, I love just about any Swarovski bling!!

  • Nancy

    I love the smokey topaz color that is the large rectangular cut! Classy!

  • Jennifer

    I love fuchsia but I seem to use jet the most

  • Kim Nelson

    My favorite colors to use are Sunflower and tanzanite but there are so many beautiful colors to choose from and a variety of finishes.

  • Tracey E.

    I love tanzanite — one of my favorite colors (and stones — I have expensive tastes, huh.)

  • Mary

    I love the Swarovskis and they are truly amazing thing to work with beading! They truly amaze me each time they come out with new stuff! keep it up!

  • Molly

    It’s a toss-up between Indian Pink and Montana Blue for me. I love the richness of these colors, but they’re also subtle at the same time. And with regard to cities, I’m torn between Copenhagen and Istanbul. :-0 Can’t wait for the new collection!

  • my favorite swarovski crystal has to be simple and clear!! It is beautiful !!

  • I love all colors in Swarowski crystal, they are all so beautiful. But if I must pick one I would choose the champagne, it’s so versatile and I can use it with any piece of jewelry and it blends in perfectly.

  • Marites Orias

    The new innovations look amazing. My absolutely favorites Swarovski color is Pacific Opal. I have it in all bicone and round sizes as well as innovations.

  • Katie

    My favorite Swarowski crystal color would have to be any shade of blue… Blue is my favorite color regardless but i love how the light shines on it and reflects a million other shades of blue, its not just one color!! I am sooo glad they are doing this contest right here because some of us don’t have facebook and twiter to enter some of the other contests… HOPE I WIN… GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!! LOL ☺

  • Alison

    Please make me be todays winner in the giveaway

  • Marie Bickham

    My favorite color is all of them but if I must pick one I will say Emerald green.

  • Erin

    I love the purplesbut one reason I’m partialto Eriniteinsteadis the lovely clear green w.a hint of blue. Can you guess the other reason?;)

  • Amanda Elliot

    Ack! How to choose? How to choose? I guess I would have to go with Tanzanite as it’s very versatile and delicate.

  • Jane West

    Vitrial, it is just so deep and enchanting.

  • Joy

    Crystal Bermuda Blue

  • Kim Lewis

    I think I must agree that Golden Shadow is my all time favorite – elegant & very classy. I am really looking forward to the new denim color, tho…very difficult to choose!!

  • Allie

    Well there are so many responses here that my chances are slim but of course I’d be absolutely thrilled to receive such wonderful goodies!
    My favorite changes a lot.. often what I am working with at the moment becomes my fave. Right this minute I’m thinking Montana Blue.

  • I love golden shadow. It’s the color of sparkling champagne. Beautiful!

  • Mary Ann

    Love the crystal! I have just such a hard time choosing my favorite color. But I think crystal AB. It goes with everything and makes everything look prettier.

  • Miranda White

    It would be hard for me to say that I like one color. I like all diferent colors because looking at all different colors gives me a more positiv attitude.

  • ellen

    My favorite Swarovski color is jet black – the main uniform color of my 2011 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS Boston Bruins!!!! Thanks for the NHL color charts!!!

  • Wow, me too! I offer some of my designs with a choice of colors but I love using crystal silver shade and black diamond the most.

  • I love many of their colors, which is why I use them so often. However, my very favorite would have to be blue zircon satin. It is harder to find than most other colors, but I really love it!

  • Mary Kay

    So many pretty colors to choose from. I’m very partial to purple velvet.