NHL Team Crystal Color Chart!

Since the NHL preseason started yesterday, it’s only fitting that we celebrate with a new crystal color chart for each hockey team’s colors! All of you hockey fans are in luck because we have a resident diehard hockey fan in our office, Gabby, who has created this chart with the same accuracy and dedication as an attacking player crashing the crease! Designing jewelry using your favorite team’s colors is the perfect way to show your support (and your jewelry-making talent), so find your favorite hockey team below, then head on over to our Shop By Color Page so that you can find every Swarovski Elements Crystal in the colors that you’ve chosen!

Anaheim Ducks

JetCrystal Dorado 2xSun

Jet, Crystal Dorado 2x, Sun

Boston Bruins

JetSunflowerWhite Alabaster

Jet, Sunflower, White Alabaster

Buffalo Sabres

Capri BlueSunflowerCrystal SatinWhite Alabaster

Capri Blue, Sunflower, Crystal Satin, White Alabaster

Calgary Flames

HyacinthSunflowerJetWhite Alabaster

Hyacinth, Sunflower, Jet, White Alabaster

Carolina Hurricanes

Light SiamJetCrystal SatinWhite Alabaster

Light Siam, Jet, Crystal Satin, White Alabaster

Chicago Blackhawks

Light SiamJetWhite Alabaster

Light Siam, Jet, White Alabaster

Colorado Avalanche

BurgundyDark IndigoJetCrystal Satin

Burgundy, Dark Indigo, Jet, Crystal Satin

Columbus Blue Jackets

Dark IndigoLight SiamCrystal CALWhite Alabaster

Dark Indigo, Light Siam, Crystal CAL, White Alabaster

Dallas Stars

Palace Green OpalAurum 2xJetWhite Alabaster

Palace Green Opal, Aurum 2x, Jet, White Alabaster

Detroit Red Wings

Light SiamWhite Alabaster

Light Siam, White Alabaster

Edmonton Oilers

Dark IndigoSunWhite Alabaster

Dark Indigo, Sun, White Alabaster

Florida Panthers

Light SiamDark IndigoCrystal Dorado 2xWhite Alabaster

Light Siam, Dark Indigo, Crystal Dorado 2x, White Alabaster

Los Angeles Kings

JetWhite AlabasterCrystal Silver Night

Jet, White Alabaster, Crystal Silver Night

Minnesota Wild

Palace Green OpalLight SiamSunflowerCrystal Golden Shadow

Palace Green Opal, Light Siam, Sunflower, Crystal Golden Shadow

Montreal Canadiens

Light SiamWhite AlabasterCapri Blue

Light Siam, White Alabaster, Capri Blue

Nashville Predators

SunflowerDark IndigoWhite Alabaster

Sunflower, Dark Indigo, White Alabaster

New Jersey Devils

Light SiamJetWhite Alabaster

Light Siam, Jet, White Alabaster

New York Islanders

Dark IndigoSunWhite Alabaster

Dark Indigo, Sun, White Alabaster

New York Rangers

Capri BlueLight SiamWhite Alabaster

Capri Blue, Light Siam, White Alabaster

Ottawa Senators

Light SiamJetAurum 2xWhite Alabaster

Light Siam, Jet, Aurum 2x, White Alabaster

Philadelphia Flyers

SunJetWhite Alabaster

Sun, Jet, White Alabaster

Phoenix Coyotes

RubyJetCrystal Golden ShadowWhite Alabaster

Ruby, Jet, Crystal Golden Shadow, White Alabaster

Pittsburgh Penguins

JetCrystal Dorado 2xWhite Alabaster

Jet, Crystal Dorado 2x, White Alabaster

San Jose Sharks

Caribbean Blue OpalJetTopazWhite Alabaster

Caribbean Blue Opal, Jet, Topaz, White Alabaster

St. Louis Blues

Capri BlueSunflowerDark IndigoWhite Alabaster

Capri Blue, Sunflower, Dark Indigo, White Alabaster

Tampa Bay Lightning

Capri BlueWhite AlabasterJet

Capri Blue, White Alabaster, Jet

Toronto Maple Leafs

Capri BlueWhite Alabaster

Capri Blue, White Alabaster

Vancouver Canucks

Dark IndigoPalace Green OpalCrystal SatinWhite Alabaster

Dark Indigo, Palace Green Opal, Crystal Satin, White Alabaster

Washington Capitals

Light SiamDark IndigoWhite Alabaster

Light Siam, Dark Indigo, White Alabaster

Winnipeg Jets

Dark IndigoWhite AlabasterSapphireCrystal Satin

Dark Indigo, White Alabaster, Sapphire, Crystal Satin

How are you going to support your favorite hockey team with crystal jewelry?

Have a great season! – Sara

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