C-Koop Beads Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations Miss Tavya, the winner of the C-Koop Giveaway!

C-Koop Beads makes the most stunning enameled copper items in bright hues and bold shapes. We can’t resist the charm of C-Koop, so we’ve chosen to give away a huge stash of beads, components, charms and bead caps representing nearly every color in the C-Koop line of products! One lucky person will win the stash shown in the photo above, valued at nearly $100! Whether your style is cute, industrial or modern, you’ll fall in love with these items from C-Koop. To enter to win this giveaway, just leave us a comment on this blog telling us which item in the giveaway you’d be most excited to have and why. We will randomly select a winner on Thursday, September 22, 2011, at 4 PM PDT, so keep an eye on your e-mail inboxes to find out if you’re the lucky person!

Good Luck! – Sara

299 comments to C-Koop Beads Giveaway!

  • Colleen P

    How cute would an angel be with the heart as a body, the flowers as wings and the round elements as a halo!

  • I think these pieces are great, hope I win.

  • Micha

    I’m excited about all the components! They can all be incorporated into faux bone, which is my favorite new jewelry product :)

  • Tara

    They are all fantastic, but I love the red heart :)

  • i adore the heart,lock,snd key….key to my heart charm bracelet! Love the c koop collection!! :)

  • Lisa K. Price

    I love locks & keys, the colored ones are really cute.

  • J.C. Drost

    I love the lopsided red heart. There is something about that shape I’ve always loved even though I don’t normally wear red.

  • Teresa

    I would like the connecting wheel things. I have 2 teenagers with very excentric taste. I could make something really cool for them. But would love to have them all.

  • Vicki Wadlow

    I love the flowers. Autumn is here in VA, and I have to get my flowers and bright colors in my jewelry work b/c they are fading from the landscape and soon everything outside of my studio will be shades of grey, white and brown. It can be lovely, but as someone who lives for bright colors, I would love working with these beautiful enameled pieces!

  • Choose?? It’s so hard, but I think the top of my list is reserved for the yellow/blue flower. I’m dreaming of the pendant I would make with it…Then, the gears just bring to mind many cool industrial pieces that are begging to be made. This stash would make a girl’s dreams come true!!

  • Jacquelyn Caldwell-Guerrero

    I would Luke one of the sprocket ones as I have some old vintage watches I would be taking apart and making into necklaces and bracelets and those would go perfectly! Or the yellow and blue flower as I am makin an assortment of necklaces bracelets and headbands again with old and new items!! Love love love it. Then of course the key and heart for my little girl as she is precious to me!!!

  • Alison

    These are all so cute! The gears would make such a statement in a necklace!

  • Ann Rosier

    I love her enameling. But I would like the orange flowers the best. Could use them for flowers or end caps. Thanks for doing this!

  • Laurie Mayak

    LOVE copper enameling! I’ve even tried doing some of my own years ago with my aunt. Hope I win:)

  • Donatella

    I love them all, but I prefer the round pieces – I’d use them in a necklace with silver round components.

  • Joanne

    I live in Minnesota, so the FLOWERS, of course!

  • Jennifer Burns

    I love the enameled pieces, keys and flower are beautiful. All the enameled pieces are spectacular with their bright colors and remind me of charms that I had as a little girl… absolutely love them all ;)

  • Judy Traveny

    I love all of the colors but am drawn to the gears which can be layers with all kinds of other stones and metal beads.

  • Mary Ann A

    Love the cogs and wheels, I can just imagine the fun things I can design with all the C Koop original beads!!

  • gina sandoval

    Would love to have any of your products! They are all so awesome!

  • Aniela Janachowski

    I LOVE C-Koop. I have bought there goodies for many years. I have so many ideas… where do I begin!

  • Elaine Glasscock

    I love the intense colors, and shine of all the pieces, but I especially love the flowers and gears!

  • Stacey

    I absolutely love the flowers and their vibrant colors!

  • Andrea

    I’ve been getting into Steampunk lately and wouldn’t those Gears look great as the base for a pendant or pin? Add some more watch parts, hang a frame or beveled glass w/ pic of a hot air balloon or a blimp. I can just see it! The colored gears would just be the clincher for it.

  • Aims

    I really like that enameled red heart. I can see it as a focal pendant, strung on a silver cable or strung with champagne fresh water pearls so that the red really pops!

  • I love C-Koop pieces! So fun and funky!

  • Ok so if I could read, I would say that I really love the gears. They are among my favorites, the heart and bead caps are cool too!

  • All lovely pieces, but my eyes directly goes to the yellow-green round with all the holes. It’s a wonderful color and an unusual component, and I would love to use it in a necklace (I think). As a pendant with lots of pretty smallish beads and things dangling from it, attached with waxed linen cord of different colors. I would have great fun putting it together. Mixing in some silk and different materials also. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • All of them are great! I would especially love the layered flower because I use a lot of florals in my designs.


  • I love all the pieces…but the gears are my favorites!

  • I like all of them, but hearts are always my favorite.

  • Becky R.

    I love the enameled components, but my favorite is the layered blue/yellow flower. Summer has gone too fast, and I’d like to have a reminder of these sunny days throughout the year.

  • cheryl

    I think the flowers are adorable… love the colors!

  • Lori

    Oh, I Love Love Love the sweet red heart! New to jewelry making and would love to win!! Thanks!

  • Ooo difficult choice >.< The little heart lock is adorable and sparks so many ideas that I could have fun with, but I think I'd be most into those gears to try out some steampunk!

  • OH YUM! Definitely the little orange flower caps are my favorite! Everything here is sooooo delectable, but I have a particular love for beadcaps and I especially love that orange!!

  • pam miles

    I can hardly decide, the little blue heart is so sweet, but love the blue and yellow flowers too

  • Kara

    Love all of these, but the orange caps and the flowers are especially lovely! The clockwork pieces would be nice in a steampunky bit. :)

  • I like ’em all, but the gears are my favorites. Love the bright colors.

  • How can I just pick one?! I am drawn to the lime green wheel (?) with the holes.

  • I really like all those brightly colored gears! Steampunk meets Haight Ashbury.

  • Yvonn

    I would really like to have the layered flower in blue and yellow. I would use it as the centerpiece of a necklace to give as a birthday present (coming up in october) for my twin sister. Yellow is her favorite color, and blue matches her eyes :).

  • Kate

    the key and lock, how cool are they!?!

  • Lorie Kirk

    I love love love enamel, soooo 50’s & 60’s. I like em all. wish me luck!!!

  • I like the gears! I can just imagine using them in a brightly colored necklace.

  • PatM

    I love the vibrant colors and particularly love the heart charms as I am incorporating them into beaded bookmarks, knitting markers and bracelets that I am making. Enamel adds another dimension to the jewelry.

  • Vicci Lane

    All the components are great, but I am partial to the blue and yellow flower. It’s just very happy, sunny, and summery looking. Even in the dead of winter, I think that flower would evoke happy summer memories.

  • Tabatha Dinger

    I LOVE the flowers. They are so awesome.