NFL Team Crystal Color Chart!

As football season swings into gear, you can be the talk of the town with customized crystal jewelry designs and accessories made in your favorite NFL team colors! Make a cell phone charm like 12th Man, a snowflake ornament in your team’s colors for Christmas gifts, fun stacked bracelets or any other jewelry design. The options are endless! Here’s a color chart for Swarovski Elements Crystal colors that correspond with NFL team colors to get your creative juices flowing! Once you’ve picked your team’s colors, use our Shop By Color page to choose the crystal beads that you want to use!

Arizona Cardinals

RubyJetWhite AlabasterSunflower

Ruby, Jet, White Alabaster, Sunflower

Atlanta Falcons

Light SiamJetWhite AlabasterCrystal Cal 2x

Light Siam, Jet, White Alabaster, Crystal Cal 2x

Baltimore Ravens

JetPurple VelvetCrystal Metallic Light Gold 2XWhite Alabaster

Jet, Purple Velvet, Crystal Metallic Light Gold 2x, White Alabaster

Buffalo Bills

Dark IndigoLight SiamCapri BlueCrystal Satin

Dark Indigo, Light Siam, Capri Blue, Crystal Satin

Carolina Panthers

Caribbean Blue OpalJetWhite AlabasterCrystal Cal 2x

Caribbean Blue Opal, Jet, White Alabaster, Crystal Cal 2x

Chicago Bears

Dark IndigoSunWhite Alabaster

Dark Indigo, Sun, White Alabaster

Cincinnati Bengals

JetHyacinthWhite Alabaster

Jet, Hyacinth, White Alabaster

Cleveland Browns

Smoked TopazSunWhite Alabaster

Smoked Topaz, Sun, White Alabaster

Dallas Cowboys

Dark IndigoCrystal Cal 2xWhite Alabaster

Dark Indigo, Crystal Cal 2x, White Alabaster

Denver Broncos

Dark IndigoHyacinthWhite Alabaster

Dark Indigo, Hyacinth, White Alabaster

Detroit Lions

Capri BlueCrystal Cal 2xJetWhite Alabaster

Capri Blue, Crystal Cal 2x, Jet, White Alabaster

Green Bay Packers

Palace Green Opal SunflowerWhite Alabaster

Palace Green Opal, Sunflower, White Alabaster

Houston Texans

Dark IndigoLight SiamWhite Alabaster

Dark Indigo, Light Siam, White Alabaster

Indianapolis Colts

Capri BlueWhite AlabasterCrystal Satin

Capri Blue, White Alabaster, Crystal Satin

Jacksonville Jaguars

IndicoliteJetWhite AlabasterCrystal Dorado 2x

Indicolite, Jet, White Alabaster, Crystal Dorado 2x

Kansas City Chiefs

Light SiamSunflowerWhite AlabasterCrystal Dorado 2x

Light Siam, Sunflower, White Alabaster, Dorado 2x

Miami Dolphins

Blue ZirconSunWhite AlabasterDark Indigo

Blue Zircon, Sun, White Alabaster, Dark Indigo

Minnesota Vikings

Purple VelvetCrystal Dorado 2xWhite AlabasterJet

Purple Velvet, Dorado 2x, White Alabaster, Jet

New England Patriots

MontanaLight SiamWhite AlabasterCrystal Cal 2x

Montana, Light Siam, White Alabaster, Crystal Cal 2x

New Orleans Saints

Crystal Dorado 2xJetWhite Alabaster

Crystal Dorado 2x, Jet, White Alabaster

New York Giants

Dark IndigoLight SiamWhite AlabasterCrystal Satin

Dark Indigo, Light Siam, White Alabaster, Crystal Satin

New York Jets

EmeraldWhite Alabaster

Emerald, White Alabaster

Oakland Raiders

Crystal Cal 2xJetWhite Alabaster

Crystal Cal 2x, Jet, White Alabaster

Philadelphia Eagles

EmeraldJetWhite AlabasterCrystal Satin

Emerald, Jet, White Alabaster, Crystal Satin

Pittsburgh Steelers

JetSunflowerWhite Alabaster

Jet, Sunflower, White Alabaster

St. Louis Rams

Dark IndigoCrystal Dorado 2xWhite Alabaster

Dark Indigo, Crystal Dorado 2x, White Alabaster

San Diego Chargers

Dark IndigoAquamarineSunflowerWhite Alabaster

Dark Indigo, Aquamarine, Sunflower, White Alabaster

San Francisco 49ers

Siam Swarovski Crystal Bicone Bead - 5328Crystal Dorado 2xWhite AlabasterJet

Siam, Crystal Dorado 2x, White Alabaster, Jet

Seattle Seahawks

MontanaFern GreenDark IndigoWhite Alabaster

Montana, Fern Green, Dark Indigo, White Alabaster

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Light SiamGreigeSunJet

Light Siam, Greige, Sun, Jet

Tennessee Titans

Dark IndigoSapphireLight SiamWhite Alabaster

Dark Indigo, Sapphire, Light Siam, White Alabaster

Washington Redskins

Crystal Red Magma Swarovski Crystal Bicone Bead - 5328SunflowerWhite AlabasterCrystal Dorado 2x

Red Magma, Sunflower, White Alabaster, Crystal Dorado 2x

How are you going to sport your favorite NFL team’s colors with crystals?

Go Team! – Sara

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