We Can’t Wait For These Swarovski Crystals!

I know, I know, we’ve already posted a sneak peek of the new products to come in the Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2012/13 launch, but there are just so many things that we can’t wait to get our hands on! We just can’t stop talking about it!  Here’s a special sneak peek of each member of our Creative Team’s favorite new products to come with the launch…

Cody’s Favorite Crystals!

Fall/Winter 2012/13 is the season for pendants and Swarovski did not disappoint with the many new shapes and sizes. My first favorite is the new Helix Pendant. With its faceting all around the pendant it really provides that extra amount of sparkle and the large sizes are perfect for a long sparkly necklace. My second favorite new pendant would have to be the new Rhombus Pendant.  I love it’s graphic geometric shape – it is classic and current all at the same time. Everyone knows I am a big fan of pink so I was excited to see the new effect, Antique Pink. It will go great with the soft colors of vintage rose and light amethyst to create some dreamy romantic jewelry.

Mick’s Favorite Crystals!

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am not a “heart” person. So why are almost half of my favorite crystals hearts? Well, I love the intensity of the colors and I love the challenge of the asymmetry in these pieces. I can’t wait to get my hands on them and see what funky things I can do! I am also super excited about the new petrol color in the Swarovski pearls- it’s not quite blue or green – it’s a whole new color for me to explore! And it goes great with so many already existing colors of Swarovski crystals (of which I have a few… hehe). And last, but certainly not least- I can’t wait to get my Coco Chanel on with the new giant 16mm pearls!

Sam’s Favorite Crystals!

I adore all of the beautiful new shapes that are coming out! I can’t wait to see the new oval bead, which reminds me of semi-precious stones. The new graphic pendant is also stunning, and the gorgeous depth of the emerald graphic pendant reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. It’s so hard to choose favorites, because I also love the new rhombus and helix pendants, which are cut perfectly for stylish, chunky jewelry! The new denim blue color is definitely going to be trendy and it will really match any outfit. I guess I just love it all!

Lindsay’s Favorite Crystals!

As always, I love the color pink. So, I was excited to hear that Swarovski’s new effect was Antique Pink. It is a soft pink that I can’t wait to combine with all of the shades of grey – especially Silver Shade and Silver Night. I think they will look amazing together. I can’t wait to get my hands on the #6010 pendant – it is one I use all the time so I was so excited to hear that they will be launching it in a 50mm! That is going to be one huge, beautiful pendant! Last year, I made a bracelet for Stringing Winter 2010called Goin’ All Out. It uses the double hole beads in a 14mm, but soon there will be a new 8mm size! I can’t wait to make small variations of the original bracelet. I’m most excited about Swarovski’s additions to their sew-on stones. They added Fuchsia, my favorite color, in so many cute shapes! I can’t wait to start using all of the new products that are launching soon!

Sara’s Favorite Crystals!

I know that I’m supposed to talk about all of my favorite new crystals, but I could spend forever talking about the new rhombus pendant! It’s the most glorious pendant I’ve seen from Swarovski! It manages to be classic and edgy, while maintaining a modern and vintage appeal all at once! It will definitely fit into my favorite jewelry trend that I’ve been seeing lately – bold, geometric shapes! Another bold pendant that I can’t wait to see is the helix pendant. It is huge, and I mean 50mm huge! You could wear one of these around your neck and I’m sure you’d get loads of attention due to all that sparkle! The last thing I’m so excited about is the expansion of colors in the sew-on stone line, especially in topaz and smoked topaz. Neutral colors are going to be huge this year!

Katie’s Favorite Crystals!

I LOVE the new line from Swarovski!  The new denim color goes with anything! I can’t wait to pair it with Indian Sapphire and Montana to make a fabulous color fade. The new oval shape is probably my favorite. It’s going to be so easy to incorporate into designs. I have a great pair of earrings planned with the large Fern Green oval and paired with all my favorite green tones. The graphic pendant is large and chunky, with asymmetrical facets just like a semi precious stone.  It will work great as a center piece to any necklace. And the fabulous heart line that launched in spring, designed by Manish Arora, is coming in a great array of color extensions:  Amethyst, Aquamarine and Rosaline, and the new Antique Pink finish. Can’t wait to use them all!

Sparkle! – FusionBeads.com Creative Team

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