Tracy Gonzales of TierraCast® Gets Creative With Captive Hearts! has been fortunate enough to add the stunning Captive Hearts Necklace to our Inspiration gallery, a piece designed by Tracy Gonzales from TierraCast®! This breathtakingly gorgeous necklace is full of original touches that are both innovative and easy to create. Tracy shows us how truly versatile the line of pewter products from TierraCast® are with this “out of the box” design. You can find all of the products used in the Captive Hearts Necklace as well as free step-by-step instructions on (click here), but included here I’ll show you details of how Tracy used spacer beads, bead caps and bead bars to create luxurious Victorian appeal with faux rivets and draped chain.

It’s not easy to hang a large hole pendant, but Tracy came up with the perfect solution! She put an eye pin through the hole in the pendant and turned a simple loop on the other side. Next, she bent the loops upward and attached chain to both loops. But for the best part of it all, she threaded both chain segments through a spacer bead to complete the look! The spacer bead floats above the pendant and adds a nice mixed metal textural look.

At the point where each crystal pendant dangle meets the necklace chain, Tracy has designed amazing faux rivets to sandwich each component of the necklace together with bead caps, bead bars and jump rings! This innovative technique amazes me and I only hope that I can start to look at unique TierraCast® products in the same creative way that Tracy sees them! To make these faux rivets, slide a bead cap onto a bead bar, then slide the top of the pendant unit onto the bead bar, then the necklace chain and finally the other bead cap. To keep the sandwich closed, attach a jump ring onto the loop on the bead bar. It’s so easy and it looks fantastic!

For full instructions with a list of products, make sure to check out the Captive Hearts Necklace at in our Inspiration gallery! (click here)

Thank you, Tracy Gonzales, for sharing this fabulous necklace with us! – Sara

3 comments to Tracy Gonzales of TierraCast® Gets Creative With Captive Hearts!

  • Jodi E

    That is an amazing idea! thanks so much for sharing.

  • Tracy Gonzales

    You are welcome. Thanks to our Julie for coming up with the “faux riveting” idea with our bead bars a couple of years ago. It is a fun and inspirational technique. So glad you like it and happy to share ideas with FusionBeads!

  • Diane Santee

    Tracy, hope this finds you. I love the earings you designed ‘Leaf & Button Earrings for TierraCast. However, I can’t find the products that you used to make them. Any ideas? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you in advance, Diane Santee

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