Pantone Fashion Trend Color Report Fall 2011!

Twice a year, Pantone comes out with a fashion trend color forecast, based on what’s happening at New York Fashion Week in the spring and the fall. These color trends then pave the way for many of the season’s best fashion and jewelry designs. We are thrilled with the Fall 2011 palette that has come out this year (see it here)! It’s a perfect blend of bright, bold colors and timeless neutrals that are reminiscent of colors a painter would use to construct a work of art. As Pantone says it, “Much like a painter’s masterpiece, there is a certain romance to this season’s palette.” Discover the stories behind the colors and our complementing Swarovski crystal color choices here:

Bamboo (Swarovski’s Sunflower): This warm, exotic hue is a bold yellow with green undertones that pairs dramatically with nearly any of the other top ten colors.

Emberglow (Swarovski’s Indian Red): This classic fall color emanates with warmth like a glowing fireplace and can be used in design for a classic or retro look.

Honeysuckle (Swarovski’s Padparadscha): This dynamic and playful color is Pantone’s color of the year, spanning both spring and fall in popularity.

Phlox (Swarovski’s Amethyst): A mysterious deep purple, this color is a standout statement color for fall. Pair it with neutrals to add a flair of drama.

Cedar (Swarovski’s Khaki): This cool green hue is a perfect versatile neutral color. Pair it with any of the other top ten colors for a timeless and sophisticated look.

Deep Teal (Swarovski’s Indicolite): This blue-green tone is deep and rich like the ocean or the evening sky and it adds rich luxury when paired with any of the other top ten colors.

Coffee Liqueur (Swarovski’s Smoked Topaz): This neutral brown is rich and decadent, and it can replace basic black as an elegant color choice for your designs.

Nougat (Swarovski’s Light Smoked Topaz): Another neutral, this color is a warm camel tan and pairs perfectly with Honeysuckle, Emberglow or Phlox.

Orchid Hush (Swarovski’s Crystal Satin): This is one of the more unique colors for fall, blending a pale gray with orchid purple undertones.

Quarry (Swarovski’s Indian Sapphire): This medium blue-gray tone is the perfect dependable staple for any design for fall.

We are crazy about these stunning colors! Check out our Pantone Color Trend Fall 2011 Color Idea to help you get started with trendy new jewelry designs!

Have a Colorful Day! – Sara

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