Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

This week’s tip will help you with threading a needle, a problem that many bead weavers struggle with. To begin with, let’s change the term from “threading a needle” to “needling a thread.” You never want to hold your needle and try to push the thread into it, but instead you should hold your thread and work your needle onto the thread. While that’s the most important tip for “needling a thread,” here are some more tips to help you get your thread through your needle:

  • Make sure the end of the thread has a sharp edge. Use quality beading scissors, or these amazing Xuron thread and fiber scissors. You can even cut the thread at a slight angle to get a narrower tip on the end that will be easy to slide the needle onto.
  • Use thread conditioner on your thread so that the end doesn’t fray.
  • The two sides of a needle eye are actually different! Look closely and find the side of the eye that is cupped, not flat. This is the side that should face the thread as you “needle the thread.” Look at the image above for a detail of the needle eye.

You’re now on your way to threading your needle with speed and ease!

Happy Tuesday! – Sara

6 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • Judy

    I saw a beading needle on a video called “big eye” where the needle actually split in two to thread, then popped back into one. Would love to know what they are actually called.

  • Mandy

    They are called Wide-eye needles (I think). I have some but hardly use them. Both ends are sharp that’s why. Not so comfortable to me.

  • Kathy

    Thank you, what fabulous tips!

  • FusionBeads.com

    Judy, big eye needles are a great tool to use when you have trouble threading a needle. They’re also great to use with large threads, such as ribbon or cording. Here is a link to the big eye needle that we carry: http://www.fusionbeads.com/shop/product/6674/

  • Julie Delaney

    I use pliers to smash the tipof the thread flat so it fits through the eye of the needle. Also use magnifier.

  • Traci Regner

    I never thread my needle, I needle my thread! ;) Hold the thread still between your thumb and index finger then push the needle onto the thread. Works every time!

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