Personalized Cuff Links – The Perfect Groomsmen Gift!

Cuff links are a classic thank you gift for a bride and groom to give to their groomsmen, but personalized cuff links are so much more special! Fill up the bezels in our new collage cuff links with anything that reminds you of your groomsmen and seal them with ICE Resin! It’s so easy – just refer to our Using ICE Resin With Bezel Pendants Technique and our blog post that teaches you how to stand up the cuff links while you fill them with resin. Here is a list of 13 things that you can put inside the bezel of the cuff links to personalize them! Just glue them in (seal them with glue first if they are made of paper) and fill the cuff links with resin.

1. Maps – You can use a real map or print one from the computer. Make each groomsman’s cuff links unique with a map of where he is from. You could even do one cuff link with the wedding location and the other with the groomsmens’ hometowns! Check out our Cruisin’ Cuff Links Inspiration to see how we did it!

2. Initials – Give each groomsman a set of cuff links with his initials on them. Write them yourself, stamp them, or print them on fancy paper!

3. Playing Cards – Cut out any part of a playing card for the cuff links. If you know that any groomsmen have a favorite poker hand, you can use one card from the hand for each cuff link!

4. Beer Labels – If your groomsmen are beer lovers, personalize their cuff links with their favorite beer labels! Very carefully tear the label off of the beer bottle and put it in the cuff link.

5. Coasters – Some restaurants and bars have fantastic paper coasters. You can use the art on the coasters to create cuff links. It’s an added bonus if the coasters match your groomsmens’ favorite beers, bars, or restaurants!

6. Match Boxes – Similar to the previous option, you can also get match boxes at a number of restaurants and bars, and even hotels or clubs! If your fiancee’s bachelor party is in Las Vegas, you could probably get some awesome match boxes from the hotel that they stay at.

7. Nuts and Washers – If you have any groomsmen who enjoy mechanical work, they’ll love a set of cuff links filled with an array of nuts and/or washers!

8. Watch Parts – For a cool steampunk look, find some old watch parts to put in the cuff links for your groomsmen!

9. Book Pages – You have to be careful with this one because no one wants to read a book with pages ripped out, but you can actually cut out copy from your groomsmens’ favorite books for a set of scholarly cuff links!

10. Circuit Board – For those groomsmen who are big fans of the digital age, find old circuit boards and cut them apart to add a bit of geek chic to their cuff links!

11. Legos® – If your groomsmen are still kids at heart, good luck getting them wrangled on the big day! Oh wait, I mean, if they are kids at heart, they will love a set of cuff links with Lego® pieces inside!

12. Stamps – You can make an amazing set of cuff links with vintage or contemporary stamps. It may be even more special if you use the same stamps that you use on your wedding invitations!

13. Photographs – This one may seem like a no-brainer, but nothing is as personal as a photograph! Take a trip down memory lane and look through your albums for the perfect photos to put in your groomsmens’ cuff links.

Have Fun! – Sara

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