How to Prop Up Bezel Rings or Cuff Links To Fill With Resin!

We have just launched a fantastic new line of affordable bezel rings and cuff links! Filling a bezel ring or cuff link with resin uses the exact same technique as filling a bezel pendant with resin…almost. The only difference is that the back sides of bezel rings and cuff links are not flat! You can’t just set them on a piece of wax paper and start filling them up. Don’t worry though, because there are a variety of ways that you can prop them up so that they are secure on a level surface. The best part is that you’re bound to already have in your home the necessary tools that you’ll need to prop up your piece! Here are four easy ways to secure your bezel ring or cuff link before you fill it with resin:

1. You can cut a slit in a sponge that is small enough for you to rest your piece right inside.

2. If you have an old paper or styrofoam coffee cup lying around, just flip it upside down and cut a slit in it that is small enough to rest your piece inside. If you use a styrofoam cup, be careful not to let any stray styrofoam bits get into your resin!

3. The easiest and cheapest way to secure your piece is to tape it down to a piece of paper. The only reason that this may not be your most preferred choice is that the tape could come unstuck or the piece could tip over a little bit if it’s too top heavy.

4. Another very secure way to hold your piece is with dry rice, beans, couscous or any other type of small grain or rice. Just put a small amount of whichever product you choose into a little cup or bowl and simply stick your piece inside. You might need to adjust your piece so that it lays perfectly level before you start filling it with resin. And be careful not to get any food stuck in your resin!

Have Fun! – Sara

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