Enter Our Bead Weaving Basics Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. The winner of the bead weaving basics is Carol D.! Congratulations, Carol!

If you’ve ever thought about bead weaving or even if you’re an avid bead weaver, this is the giveaway for you! I have put together a package of all the basics that you need for nearly any bead weaving project! This includes a variety of needles and thread, synthetic beeswax, beading scissors, a Perfect End Thread Burner and a ceramic tray to keep your beads organized while you work. All you need to buy is the beads and you’ll be well on your way to a huge array of bead weaving projects! To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what bead weaving technique interests you the most. If you need some technique ideas, just hop on over to our Beading Techniques page and scroll down the page until you find the Bead Weaving Techniques! The giveaway will end on Wednesday, August 3, 2011, 4 PM PDT, when a winner will be randomly selected and contacted via e-mail. If you can’t wait that long to discover if you’ve won or not, here is a list of all the products to buy to start your own bead weaving basics:

TL1026 – Synthetic Beeswax, 2 ounces
TL2275 – Beading Scissors
TL1006 – Perfect End Thread Burner
TL1622 – Ceramic Sunflower Tray
TL1646 – Size 10 English Beading Needles
TL1647 – Size 12 English Beading Needles
TL1649 – Size 15 English Beading Needles
TL2389 – Size 10 Pony Beading Needles
TL2390 – Size 11 Pony Beading Needles
TL2391 – Size 12 Pony Beading Needles
SM4419 – Nymo Size D Mix – Pastel
SM1001 – Smoke Gray FireLine Bead Thread .008 Diameter, 6lb/Size D
SM4429 – Crystal Clear FireLine Bead Thread .008 Diameter 6lb/Size D

Good luck! – Sara

869 comments to Enter Our Bead Weaving Basics Giveaway!

  • I love doing peyote and bead embroidery cuffs and collars! This would be a great asset to my collection! Thank you for having this giveaway!

  • kcbakes

    A good light is your best asset. Especially when using transparent seed beads.

  • Heather

    I just started learning bead weaving and have quickly discovered that I enjoy RAW. It works up quick and I can get a nice, even look that is easy to do. If I won this kit, it would help me learn other stitches that have given me difficultys. I would love to learn peyote which looks so nice.

  • Nancy

    I am always wanting to learn any and everything new, I have purchased several books with some great projects to try. I like kumihimo, and double wrap bracelets.

  • Peta

    I love making things that are beautiful <3 I have only just started, and I am so keen to start learning, whilst working PT, and chasing a toddler!

  • Diane Mott

    I would love to win this kit. I want to make a bead woven ocean necklace with seed beads and sea shells. Pick me!

  • chris

    i am a big fan of peyote stitch and just started with some crochet beaded rope necklaces. would love this kit.

  • Lisa Halas

    Right Angle Weave, Peyote and Bead Crochet are among my favorites! I simply can’t get enough of my “beadie” little friends!

  • I have been beading for a little while now and LOVE it. One of my favorite stitches is right angle weave. I would love to win this kit because you can never have too many needles,scissors and thread. I love Fusion beads!!!

  • Karen

    Keen wire worker but never tried beading before, would love to start experimenting but don’t know where to start. Bead crochet interests me alot and any basic stitches to get me going. Love your beads and your projects are always so inspirational.

  • I have been stringing beads for 4 years now & have a fabulous assortment of seed beads that I will never use up if I don’t start weaving. I want to get started & winning this contest will do the trick!

  • I started peyote and brickstitch. My favorite is bead crochet. I would like to start bead weaving! I love seed beads! So I want to try everything with this little tiny beads….

  • Linda Lee

    I’ve never done bead weaving, but I’ve been wanting to learn. This would be a great way for me to get started.

  • june

    peyote because you can make such interesting designs

  • Diane Raspi

    Love bead weaving… I find it relaxing and the results are something beautiful to wear or share!

  • Sarah

    My favourite has to be herringbone… But there are so many great techniques :)

  • I absolutely adore all bead weaving projects, when I have the time. But I have to say russian spiral ropes are my favorite.

  • Natalie England

    I like the netting stitch the best although I enjoy doing most beadweaving stitches!

  • cicely

    I have only tried right angle weave and a spiral weave. I loved the spiral because it was done with two colors that alternated and it was fun to see it grow and how the colors wrapped around in a spiral. Loved it can’t wait till I can do more!

  • I am a beginner beader and have worked with small crystals with a right angle weave. I would love to learn more! Fusion is the best!

  • Audrey Beland

    Peyote even/odd count is my all time favorite! I just downloaded a pattern (the one with daisies, bright colors) and purchased the beads. I received it yesterday and can’t wait to get started! This kit would be a great addition!!

  • Marsha Studle

    I would love to learn to bead on a loom. I currently am hooked on peyote but want to do more.

  • Denice

    I am now a peyote addict! I love the way you can make a subtle change in a pattern and just change everything!

  • Carla

    I love bead weaving. It’s very therapeutic. The first stitch that hooked me was the spiral stitch.

  • Terri Marquis

    Make handmade pendants & need to learn new ways to wrap them, I’ve used one basic step, would love to learn more, and these tools would help.

  • Lauri McRoberts

    What fun! Thank you! I’m eager to learn pearl-knotting and loom-weaving. I have a collection of beads and pearls, but no tools yet!

  • Petrishka Castillo

    I love peyote stitch, endless possibilities. It is so addicting and I can’t wait to make the next project. Your website always spark my creativity juice. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful array of ideas.

  • Kathie

    I struggled with peyote stitch till I saw your “New Technique” area. Finally odd count peyote made sense. And that also helped me with even count peyote. I hope you plan on having some different stitches in your new technique section. For some reason, it finally made sense to me.

  • All the essentials a beader needs. Greta Give Away!

  • Carol

    My ongoing challenge has been incorporating beading into my miniatures hobby. Lamps, jewelry, purses, planters and Raggedy dolls are some of the mini items I’ve made. Learning new weaving techniques, and having the tools to succeed, would be so appreciated! With them, I could make mini and real-life sized jewelry, purses and so much more! Thank you!

  • Jen F

    Wow – I would LOVE to try beading! I really like the intricate look of Embellishing Netting. Thanks so much for a great giveaway!

  • Donatella

    Bead embroidery and herringbone are my favourite. :)

  • Oooooh! The way those delicas click into place in a single drop peyote pattern has to be the most glorius satisfying sound for me. I would love to have this set for a travel set so I can feel happy to leave the house with a project in hand, without upsetting my bead board. Shades of excitement! You have pit together the perfect little package :D

  • Teresa

    Using French Wire with Beading Wire Technique makes my projects look sophisticated and alluring. That’s why it’s my favorite. Reading the postings I’ve become intrigued by bead crochet. I don’t know how to do it yet but, thanks to your tutorials, I know I’ll master it in no time. I’d LOVE to win the giveaway!! There are few things better than beading. Thanks!! :)

  • Teresa

    Using French Wire with Beading Wire Technique makes my projects look sophisticated and alluring. That’s why it’s my favorite. Reading the postings I’ve become intrigued by bead crochet. I don’t know how to do it yet but, thanks to your tutorials, I know I’ll master it in no time. I’d LOVE to win the giveaway!! There are few things better than beading. Thanks!! :)


  • peter mastracchio

    I enjoy using the peyote stitch on my loom. I have recently purchased a very large loom and am getting ready to take the journey into bead weaving. Love the looms and the beads even better!

  • Teresa

    Techniques: Anemone

    It’s, definitely, the technique I prefer. I love the complexity of the steps to make a beautifully unique bracelet or necklace.



  • Krista

    I love both odd and even stitch Peyote as well seed bead embroidery! I’d really love to win this kit so I can expand my seed bead stick repertoire!

  • Sarah Mcbee

    I’ve never done any bead weaving, but I would love to learn spiral rope chain. Maybe I should start with something more basic, though, like right angle weave…

  • Mary Ann A

    I’m a novice but have made a few beaded earrings and love the Peyote weave. Like others, I find weaving very relaxing and just love the feel and texture of the completed weave.

  • Sylvie Dufour

    OH!Bead Weaving,i love all the Stitches!
    I love Seed beads and the only Jewels i make it’s Bead Weaving,it’s challenging and each stitches have something special and for me i like to mixe two or tree Stitches in the same Project!
    Seed Beads are Gorgeous,Miyuki’s Toho’s are consistent and it’s a real treasure to play whit those!
    For me it’s STITCHING PROJECTS all the time,i LOOOOOOOOVE Bead Weaving!

  • Carol Ashworth

    It’s got to be net weaving for sure—at least thats what it is today!!!!!!
    So beautiful when done!!

  • Elaine Kitchen

    OOooooooooohhhh I would love to win this!!!

  • Keesha M.

    I love spiral stitch and tubular herringbone stitch!
    This kit has lots of supplies that would allow me to create more jewelry, always a great thing!

  • HC

    Brick stitch is my favorite but I’m still learning. Ohhh…this prize pack is unbelievable!

  • Stephanie C

    Something I would love to learn how to do!

  • Bertha

    I have been beading for a couple of years. I love Peyote, beaded beads, Kumihimo(using beads) and any new technique.

  • Lisa

    have just started this summer with the bead weaving. but has been very rewarding and am excited about learning more and more different stitches!! :)

  • Oh there are so many I love to do. Mostly i have done the brick stitch. I was in a very serious accident last September. Before that I had started my first big project. A beaded purse. I had the plan all in my head no pattern. After coming home from the hospital, was there for weeks. I had plenty of time to work on it. It took me about 5 to 6 months to finish. I have pictures of it on my Facebook page. Handmade Jewelry by Lisa. After completing the purse I started making other things. I think the bead weaving technique interests me the most is Flat Peyote Stitch – Even Count. I can make so many different things using this Stitch. I would love to win this and use the products to learn other stitches as well as do more peyote.

  • Karen

    Anything with seed beads