Enter Our Bead Weaving Basics Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. The winner of the bead weaving basics is Carol D.! Congratulations, Carol!

If you’ve ever thought about bead weaving or even if you’re an avid bead weaver, this is the giveaway for you! I have put together a package of all the basics that you need for nearly any bead weaving project! This includes a variety of needles and thread, synthetic beeswax, beading scissors, a Perfect End Thread Burner and a ceramic tray to keep your beads organized while you work. All you need to buy is the beads and you’ll be well on your way to a huge array of bead weaving projects! To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what bead weaving technique interests you the most. If you need some technique ideas, just hop on over to our Beading Techniques page and scroll down the page until you find the Bead Weaving Techniques! The giveaway will end on Wednesday, August 3, 2011, 4 PM PDT, when a winner will be randomly selected and contacted via e-mail. If you can’t wait that long to discover if you’ve won or not, here is a list of all the products to buy to start your own bead weaving basics:

TL1026 – Synthetic Beeswax, 2 ounces
TL2275 – Beading Scissors
TL1006 – Perfect End Thread Burner
TL1622 – Ceramic Sunflower Tray
TL1646 – Size 10 English Beading Needles
TL1647 – Size 12 English Beading Needles
TL1649 – Size 15 English Beading Needles
TL2389 – Size 10 Pony Beading Needles
TL2390 – Size 11 Pony Beading Needles
TL2391 – Size 12 Pony Beading Needles
SM4419 – Nymo Size D Mix – Pastel
SM1001 – Smoke Gray FireLine Bead Thread .008 Diameter, 6lb/Size D
SM4429 – Crystal Clear FireLine Bead Thread .008 Diameter 6lb/Size D

Good luck! – Sara

869 comments to Enter Our Bead Weaving Basics Giveaway!

  • Mary

    My beads have been idle for a few years. I’d love to open my bag back up and start weaving…just the basics at first…right angle to start. The kit would be like a “welcome back” gift.

  • kim butts

    I love bead weaving! Thank you for the instructions on odd count peyote stitch, i never understood it before, and now i do. its easy for me now.

  • bernie juracek

    I like the brick stitch, and done peyote. The right angle weave looks interesting! I enjoy trying new techniques!

  • This looks interesting. I love to try new things. I have been doing crafts forever. Beading is my newest thing. Just love it!

  • Polly Denton

    I only know a few basic stitches like peyote and square stitch and would love to learn more intricate ones. The kit looks fabulous!

  • I haven’t done any bead weaving, I would love to learn peyote and right angle weave!

  • I do mostly peyote and herringbone stitches, but what I really want to get into is bead embroidery and this kit would be just what I need, thank you for the opportunity to enter this wonderful give away.

  • Amanda

    Beading is my life. I do it almost everyday. Square stitch and peyote stitch are my favorite. I do countless projects, and materials like this would only add more to my passion. :)

  • Sue Rohm

    Just a beginner to bead weaving. These items would be a welcome addition.

  • Mardel

    Have recently become enamoured with spiral stitch and am wanting to learn the St Petersburg stitch.

  • Just a beginner but these items would be a welcome addition!

  • Stephanie Lafitte

    I’ve never done any bead weaving but I would love to learn!

  • Angela Smith

    I love beading in general, but beadweaving is my FAVORITE!!! I just love the intricate things you can achieve with seed beads!!! There’s nothing else like it!!!

  • Dee

    I would love to know that I have everything I need to finally make the patterns I have come to love via your website! I have random pieces and parts, but this would be a blessing. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • amanda

    The right angle weave looks really interesting, but I don’t know if I could do it right. I can’t even seem to make the daisy chains well. Oh well… : )

  • Angel Williams

    I have recently just done three bracelets using right angle weave, but I would love to learn the drop peyote stitch and/or do the polka-dot or wave pattern bracelet that you have in your inspiration page! I am excited to learn!!!

  • MJ Warner

    Always eager to learn a new technique!

  • Sheryl

    Yea! I do Home Health, and I’m now working with a woman who beads. I’ve been doing stringing about two years, but now I have someone to teach me how to do beading. Yea! This would really come in handy; everything I’d need for her to teach me how to do Peyote, RAW, etc.

  • Constance

    Right now, I’m doing a lot of chevron stitch. I really like all the stitches, they have there uses. It is fun to uses many different stitches as it adds dimention and interest.

  • Rebecca

    I really can’t pick just one! There are so many variations of each stitch!

  • lisadh

    I am obsessed with learning how to do the Russian spiral. So far, my self-learning sessions aren’t going so well. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to have someone teach me in person. Sigh…

  • Kris

    I like the peyote stitch, but all of them are great to learn

  • Leila

    Love the diagonal peyote. Hard at first, but once you get it it’s lots of fun!

  • Barb Sandusky

    I am just starting to bead weave. I do like the peyote. I need a lot of practice though. It’s always fun to learn.

  • Jennie Huey

    I have recently started bead weaving thanks to a neighbor who is teaching me. I don’t even know the name of the technique we are using, but the bracelet is beginning to look really great.

  • Heide King

    I would love to learn peyote stich and bead netting. ive done loom work for years and bead embroidery, but any thing with beads is fun to learn!

  • I use right angle weaves to make toggles…they make a nice addition to my jewelry peices.

  • Karen

    I love to use peyote stitch to capture and embellish various styles and sizes of cabochons.

  • Gina Moore

    I tried some basic beadweaving a long time ago, but I’ve always been interested in trying those cool sounding stitches like ‘Peyote’. And the bead embroidery is really cool too!

  • Tanuja bhat

    Beading is such a fantastic art,keeps me creative all the time.
    I started beading techniques in us,now i’m going back to India & i cant get there such items.I’m still learning the new weaving techniques each day.Great art.

  • Lynn Hammeras

    I love beads. Three years ago my best friend set me up with the basic tools for beading when I was recovering from cancer treatment (surgery, radiation, blah, blah, blah) for the second time. I’ve been beading ever since. I love to look at beads, sort beads, try out patterns. The whole process takes me out of myself into a lovely, exciting, creative place. I love the look of the basic basket stitch. I haven’t done any bead weaving but I am really interested in learning about it. What a terrific way to start with all the basic supplies, just like when my friend set me up with basic beading!

  • I love beading in general. I loom, peyote, brick stitch, square stitch, african net, regular net, pansy stitch, if it can be done with a needle, thread and some beads, I want to know how to do it. I have a birthday in 3 days and my present from my mother is the fireworks glass beadmaking kit, what a perfect set to go along with that.

  • Cheryl

    I’ve been learning to weave and I think I’ve got the right angle figured out. It was a good place to start and I look forward to learning other weaves! Oh please, pick me!

  • Laura Brautigam

    I love working with any and all kinds of beads and techniques for bead weaving and bead embroidery. I just finished a necklace in netting and herringbone stitch and can’t wait to get started on a bead embroidery project that I found inspiration for on your site. I ordered the beads for it on Friday and got everything today, Monday. Oh, and I’m always running out of the basics – what a great giveaway this is!

  • Cathy

    I go through phases… my last phase was the cross weaave technique… now I’m in the peyote technique phase. :o)

    Happy Beading!

  • Shelley Wilkinson

    I enjoy peyote beadweaving very much. I also enjoy beaded embellishment.
    I am ready to try circular peyote and have tried many other techniques, including brick stitch and herringbone.
    I would love to try some fireline thread and make the anemone bracelet! I want to try that one soon!

  • Anne Knox

    I am a novice and just getting started. I want to learn them all!

  • Michelle Dickson

    I’ve wanted to try beading on a loom for the longest time! Would be so excited to win all these supplies! Pick me, Pick me!!!

  • Stephanie Burda

    I love bead weaving! I use beads everyday to spice up my life. Currently learning right angle weave, next will be herringbone! My fav so far, simple Four and three spiral stitch.

  • Jennifer Solotkin

    I use beading as a way to release stress and unwind at the end of the day. I do a lot of beading as gifts for family and friends, and am always looking to try new techniques and tools.

  • Kathy Kurke

    I’ve only done a couple of basic stitches so far. Next I want to try herringbone with hexagon beads. I saw a picture once and it was very pretty.

  • I love freeform peyote and Ndebele herringbone bead weaving. The final product has a bohemian look because of the different size beads and the variety of finishes on the beads that give each piece a rich texture. I’m in the middle of a freeform peyote bracelet whose colors earned it the name “Desert Tapestry”. I have found my niche in bead weaving!

  • Cindy B

    I love right angle weave. I have three patterns for bracelets I modify that are the staples of my gift giving and personal use. I love swaping pearls for crystals and playing with colors.

  • Sue

    I love all kinds of beading….St. Petersburg, right angle weave, peyote……I really want to try loom weaving, but I’m game to try anything that looks interesting……..any excuse to buy some new beads…..:)

  • Brandy Smith

    I have been teaching myself bead weaving via the internet for the past year and of all the sites and instructions out there, the one I have found that I learn the most from is, ironically, Fusion Beads. When I go to a bead store, which is very rare as I am a stay-at-home mom of three, what fascinates me most of all is the walls filled from top to bottom with every color of the rainbow (and then some!) of seed beads! Since I have not yet mastered the art, I like to learn with my beads every day, and my goal is to become one who can weave beads in my sleep and dream of new designs to be created when I wake.

  • Brandy Smith

    If I had to pick a favorite so far, it would be the cellini spiral. With the endless combinations of colors, types, and sizes of seed beads, this spiral, which only looks as if it twists, is beautiful as a bracelet, necklace, or as a beaded bead.

  • I love Nedebele and Peyote. I just started bead embroidery this year and love doing that too. So many things to choose from. I guess I’ll just have to say I love all bead designing.

  • Carla G

    I’m just a beginner to beading and have never done any bead weaving. But would love to try anything. Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  • i love beading in every way shape and form and being disabled it really takes my mind off of my illnesses and i can focus on something else…I have always wanted to learn bead weaving and the anemone stitch is beautiful …would love to get started with this!!!!! Thank you for allowing me to enter!!!!! Good luck to everyone!!!