Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

I am so excited to announce our very first ever Tuesday Tips and Tricks! I have teamed up with the rest of the creative jewelry designers at FusionBeads.com to come up with some wonderful tricks of the trade that we will share with you every Tuesday on the blog! I hope you’re as excited as we are, because we wouldn’t divulge our beading secrets to just anyone! Keep an eye out every Tuesday for one new, fabulous beading tip or trick. If you have questions about ANY techniques, design ideas, color issues, product concerns, etc., leave a comment on any Tuesday Tips and Tricks blog with your concern, and your question just may be featured and answered in an upcoming Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

It’s time for our very first tip! Have you ever created a piece of jewelry with a toggle clasp, only to find out once you’re finished that you can’t fit the toggle bar through the toggle loop? My tip today is to ALWAYS check to make sure that your design will allow for the toggle bar to slide through the toggle loop BEFORE you construct the entire design. Some of the most common reasons that the bar may not fit through is if you are stringing it right next to beads that are too large to fit through the toggle loops or if you are linking the toggle bar to chain that is too large to fit through the toggle loop. If you do the test and discover that your design doesn’t work, the easiest fix is to add one or two small jump rings next to the toggle bar. And there’s your first Tuesday Tip and Trick!

Happy Tuesday! – Sara

3 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • Glenda

    I have had this problem! Thanks for the tip!

  • Sally

    Another problem I had that you need to watch out for is the toggle bar being to small for the loop. I made a beautiful bracelet, then couldn’t figure out why it kept coming undone. When I checked the bag of clasps, I found that I grabbed a large loop, but a small bar…! Had to completely redo the bracelet because the wires were cut to fit…! (Ok, so I’m just starting out, but I’m learning!)

  • jill

    i think it should contain an illustration otherwise the tip is useless

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