Miss Independent Necklace Giveaway!

Do you ever find yourself drooling over one of our Inspiration designs, but never seem to make it for yourself? Well, we’ve taken the work out of one of our favorite Inspiration necklaces! You don’t need to fill up your cart, wait by the door for the mailman, or slave away at the beading table (although we love doing that!) to have the Miss Independent necklace sparkling around your neck! All you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you love about this necklace and you’ll be entered to win the completed design! A winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, July 27, 2011, at 4 PM PDT, and notified via e-mail. If you don’t win, have no worries because you can get the free instructions to create Miss Independent here!

This giveaway has ended. The winner of the Miss Independent Necklace is Carol M.! Congratulations, Carol!

Good luck! – Sara

282 comments to Miss Independent Necklace Giveaway!

  • laurel schwartz

    I love all the crystals
    this heart is no exception
    way cool!

  • Kim Balque

    I use a lot of blues and greens. But I love the cheeriness of oranges. I never quite seem to have the guts to make something in such a sunny color. I should since it’s supposed to be my color (I’m a Leo and my birthday is just a few days before the drawing, hint, hint…lol). Love you all.

  • peggy

    this necklace is all heart yet the colors make it trendy. wanna have it!!! sweet and edgy at the same time!!!!

  • Lynn G

    I love the simple chain bail. You forget sometimes you’ve got this option. Beautiful!

  • Karen

    I love the color combo on this one. I’ve been wanting to make this one for a long time, but that crystal heart is pretty expensive, so I’ve been waiting for a little extra cash. Gorgeous design though!

  • T

    I love the colours, but I also love the cluster/interest at the top.

  • Jodi

    Miss Independent is powerful with the use of color, innovative in design and still feminine in her overall appeal-all the attributes of the independent woman!

  • Tracey

    I luv this neckalace becuz the colors all mix in very well and give a nice warm feeling!

  • Carol

    simplicity at it’s best. The color is beautiful. Makes you think of a sunset.

  • Ana

    I love the color of the heart and also the simplicity of the necklace.

  • Leave it to Swarovski to make this unique heart and the most beautiful color I have seen in a long time. I think it would look beautiful around my neck. That’s all I would have to do is make a pair of earrings to complete the set. Thank you for letting me participate in the contest.

  • Marci

    Love the simplicity of the necklace.

  • Samantha H.

    I love warm colors like this! I also love crystals. So that is the perfect mix! It’s cool how the heart has a heart-shaped hole in the middle. I also like the crystals above the heart. It’s so creative and beautiful, yet simple, it’s hard to describe!

  • Valerie H

    I love that it’s fun, simple, casual and elegant.

  • Shelley Huberty

    I love everything about it. Especially how nice
    It would look on me! I wear alot of that color
    And like delicate yet classy looking pieces!

  • I absolutely LOVE the color of the heart!! I have looked at it several times.. and know that one day I will have to have one (waiting till I’m working again). Winning this would make my day.. month.. year!!

  • As a beginning jewelry make I love the simplicity of the design that still makes a statement. I love any jewelry that has hearts!

  • I like the lovely cluster of ab crystals and the beautiful open heart. :-)

  • I love the finish on the crystal heart.

  • Vicci Lane

    I love the negative space created by the inside of the heart playing against the spray of crystals directly above it. It’s harmony and balance in a beautiful color scheme!

  • I always love heart shaped beads. The design is pretty and feminine. The colors are pretty; kind of orange and pink. Love the silver chain, too. Would love to win it! Nancy

  • This combination of crystal colors reminds me of passion and love. I love the combination of hot pink and hot orange sparkle.

  • Kim Springer

    Love the design and color!!

  • Lisa Serr

    I love the colors and the cluster of smaller crystals at the top are beautiful! Looks like a Sunburst! Love it!

  • I love the cluster over the heart…. very pretty!

  • Because it has my name written all over it!!! When I see a necklace it has to have an energy in it! This does! I would love it!

  • Monta

    Orange is the color of this summer! I love that it’s simple yet full of BLING which is what I LOVE! Would love to learn how to make it also!

  • Amy Wells

    I love the color! It is simply beautiful!

  • Amanda

    I love the pinks and bright colors that glow from it! Beautiful! :-)

  • I LOVE the color of this! LOVE it! The little cluster at the top makes it, too, since a pendant alone is ok, but the cluster makes it awesome.

  • Tracey Cook

    I love the variations in color in the crystals. :)

  • Karen

    Light and airy with fabulous summer color – the beauty of Swarovski – how could anyone resist giving their heart to this heart?

  • Brandi Bond

    I LOVE this! So beautiful, the colors are a perfect together.

  • LOVE the colors! The photo showing it hanging on the wire basket reflects the light so beautifully! It is such a sweet piece. :)

  • Donna

    Absolutely adorable & unique, I live the color & the open heat crystal, the little crystal cluster sets it all off, LOVE IT : )

  • Moreen Gover

    I love this. It is exquisite!

  • jenna banks

    I absolutely LOVE the heart… It’s so nice on the delicate chain. Just beautiful.

  • serena

    wow! this is absolutely beautiful. Can’t pick just one thing about. Love the colors,the heart,bead cluster, just all of it. Great combo

  • Mary Moody

    All the focus is on that heart!

  • Ashley Alejandro

    I love the simplicity of this necklace! Orange and pink is my FAVORITE color combination because it incorporates my little girl’s favorite color and my favorite color. It always feels so cheery! This would be a wonderful gift for my daughter and I could make myself a matching one for our mother-daughter love. Perfect!!!!

  • I LOVE the colors and Sparkles on this necklace. Beautiful piece and I would love to wear this heart around my neck. :)

  • Erin Ellis

    I love the theme of this necklace: love. It’s simplicity is still so beautiful. It’s almost my birthday too :P

  • Megin

    This necklace is so creative. I love the elements mixed together. The crystal is not too big, and I like the little dangles at the top of the heart as well. It’s just really cute all around.

  • Nikki

    It is simple, pretty, and will go well with almost anything.

  • Behin mansouri

    I love the stunning Swarovski crystal pendant for this necklace. Also the color is gorgeous.

  • Lin Steele

    It’s simple, yet elegant, and made with my favorite colors. The bail for the pendant is lovely. :^)

  • Tammy Millard

    If I won this I would give it too a very beautiful, selfless person. I have two of those people in mind, two of which are very dear friends that deal with the trails and tribulations of life w/stride and faith…..

  • I like the color and the openness of the heart…but what I really LOVE is the name. Miss Independent! That is very cool!

  • Vickie

    I LOVE swarovski and this is one of my favorite Swarovski crystal colors. Lovely necklace!

  • Renee Mobley

    Strking, sweet , elegant yet edgy , wonderful peice!!

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