Different Styles of Donuts!

1. Gemstone Donuts

If you’re a natural gemstone lover, you will have a great time designing jewelry with these donuts that come in three sizes and a huge variety of different stones! It doesn’t hurt that they’re very affordable as well!

2. Swarovski Elements Crystal Disk Pendants

These donut beads are for those designers with huge, sparkly personalities! Swarovski has created these donuts in two sizes, using their most interesting and fun finishes!

3. Bone and Horn Donuts

While our bone and horn donuts are few in number, they aren’t lacking in character! In bold black and white with a smooth texture, these donuts are the largest ones we’ve got!

4. Glass Donuts

Our glass donuts only go up to 14mm, so they won’t work as a pendant in a necklace, but they come in so many amazing colors that they can be used to add a splash of color to nearly any design! Just link them on to your jewelry designs with jump rings!

5. Swarovski Elements Crystal Cosmic Rings

The Cosmic Rings are much thinner than the Crystal Disk Pendants from Swarovski, but they still pack a lot of punch! Available in a range of sizes, these crystals come in a huge variety of colors, including the Marbled Ceramic styles!

6. Swarovski Elements Crystal Cosmic Ovals, Triangles and Squares

If you like the design options that can be used with donut beads, but you want to switch it up a bit, there’s no better way to go than with Swarovski’s line of ovals, triangles, squares and more! These shapes have large holes so that you can use them in the same way as donut beads, but with a twist!

7. Vintaj Components

If you’re feeling really creative, try using a metal component in place of a donut bead! Vintaj makes some beautiful brass components that work perfectly! Try the brass square window frame (here), the brass ornate wreath (here), or the brass filigree open circle (here)!

8. Donut Bails

While these aren’t actually donut beads, they’re worth mentioning because they are made specifically for gemstone donuts! Donut bails can be easily slid onto both 25mm and 40mm donuts for a clean and fresh look!

Happy donut designing! – Sara

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