What’s Your Favorite Metal?

It’s mixed metal mania at FusionBeads.com right now! We can’t get enough of the trendy mixed metal craze that’s been happening in jewelry lately! We have such a hard time choosing our favorite metals to create jewelry with that we love to use them all. Take our poll and let us know which metal you love working with the most! We’ll use your feedback when we’re designing new Inspiration jewelry in the future.

Happy Beading! – Sara

10 comments to What’s Your Favorite Metal?

  • Paula Rudy

    My favorite is definitely copper. It’s cost effective, can be enameled & patinaed.
    It offers a tremendous variety for my jewelry whether it’s chain maille, cabochon settings, seed beads,enameling, or free form folding.

  • Love SILVER best, but I’m incorporating more and more copper. Silver + copper is so hot right now!

  • I love love LOVE SILVER! I would really like to be able to combine a few metals together….but not sure in what way I would do that. :S

  • Tammy B.

    Niobium should have a category. :)

  • My usual standby is silver. I always love silver and my second choice is copper, but I chose to vote for rose gold in this poll because I would love to see more inspirational projects made with rose gold! =)

  • I really love silver and always have, I just wish that it didn’t get tarnished so quickly and wasn’t so expensive these days.

  • Erin

    I chose silver though techincally it’s silver plating. I’m really getting into copper, though, expecially antiqued copper.

  • Stephanie

    I voted for bronze. Not bronze-toned, nor plated, but solid bronze. Durable and gorgeous, and almost as inexpensive as copper!

  • Dianne H

    I use silver or gold but want to use more colored metal matching beads lie greens blues & such.

  • Copper and bronze for sure. Earthy, warm, unpretentious and just plain fun to work with!

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