My Baby Shower Birth Bead Necklace!

It was 8 years ago today that I had my son, Slate. But, backing up a bit, my friends threw me an awesome baby shower that included a birth bead necklace. The idea was that everyone was asked to bring a special bead to my baby shower. It could be a bead that they had made, a bead that made them think of me, or a bead that had a special meaning towards the birth. After the shower the beads were wire wrapped together to form quite the necklace. The finished necklace was a powerful and tangible way for my community of friends and family to show their love and support for me. I had it hanging in the room with me when I had Slate and, honestly, I did look at it several times for strength and focus. It is such a special piece to have and will always remind me of that life changing day!

If you have a friend who is having a baby, this is a great idea for the baby shower – especially if she loves beads as much as I do! Just ask each person coming to the party to bring a bead, then you can assemble the piece during the party or afterward. Keep in mind that there are many different ways you can approach this activity. The tradition of creating a birth bead necklace originates with Navajo women, who perform a Blessingway ceremony during which they honor the mother, the baby and the birth through a variety of rituals. You can learn more about this tradition here. If you want to include a spiritual element to your birth bead necklace, you can have the guests bring both a bead and a blessing for the mother and baby. If you decide to string the necklace rather than wire wrap it, you can then have each guest say her blessing as she strings her bead onto the necklace. No matter how you approach the activity, you can be sure that the new mother will be left with an incredibly special piece that will always carry so much meaning and strength!

– Mari

6 comments to My Baby Shower Birth Bead Necklace!

  • This is such a great idea and so touching. That necklace has such a great story behind it and will be a wonderful heirloom piece to be passed down. Love this!!!

  • Linda Camp

    LOVE the idea. I have seen “healing” necklaces in use for chemo or terminally ill patients, but not this. I see a new tradition coming from this. Thanks for the fab idea!!

  • Heather McCormick

    I think this a wonderful idea for birthdays too!

  • I love this necklace and what it represents! What a special memory you will always have of your pregnancy, shower, and the birth of your child!

  • I love that–it is absolutely awesome!

  • Cheryl

    Yes, a birthday would be a great time to collect beads and make a special necklace! I think one of those birthdays with a “0” at the end of it would be extra special!

    Or, how about graduation?? Beads can represent the transition from youth to adulthood and the “real world.”

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