Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stone Giveaway!

We are so excited to be launching a new line of fancy stones from Swarovksi Elements today, that we just can’t keep them to ourselves! We couldn’t resist the brilliant sparkle and we’re sure that you won’t be able to either! With our Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stone Giveaway, you could be the lucky winner of 11 of our new Swarovski Elements Crystal Fancy Stones in eight sparkling colors (shown in the photo above)! To enter to win these gorgeous crystals, just leave a comment on this blog post telling us how you would use any of these fancy stones in a jewelry project. A winner will be chosen randomly on Monday, June 27, 2011, 4 PM PDT.

Good Luck! –  Sara

Congratulations Molly L.! You have won the Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stone Giveaway! Have fun playing with your new sparkly goodies!

316 comments to Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stone Giveaway!

  • melissa

    oh my! well, i have wanted to learn wire-wrapping for quite awhile; maybe I could try it out on these to make some pendants! oooh–or a mini chandelier!!! yes! :)

  • Kathi

    They are absolutely gorgeous and with the dreary rainy summer so far I could definitely use the SPARKLE!!!!

  • I would use these beautiful stones in my jewelry, as I craft all sorts of handmade jewelry. These are so pretty that I would probably end up using them all for myself and my daughter ;)

  • Kari

    I’ve been looking for elements to add to some dragon sculptures I’ve been working on. What better to combine with dragons than gems! I’m sure they’d love to hoard these things, too!

  • OOOO! Pretty! Can’t wait to start incorporating these into my designs!

  • Juli Rickett

    I’m fairly new at jewelry making and have a lot of projects I want to try that those crystals would look wonderful in. I have some small green peridots that the large green one would match for a wonderful bracelet!

  • Dee

    Wow – very dazzling. I would perfect my wire wrapping techniques and go for it!

  • Ashleigh F

    I would love to incorporate these into some beadweaving with peyote stitch.

  • As an off loom beadweaver I love bezzeling Swarovski Fancy Stones and creating sparkling jewellery. With these I would create a Kenneth J Lane inspired piece!

  • I would love to win these! I have a ‘tree of life’ jewelry series that I make and I would love to use these to make even more designs for the series. I know my customers would too!

  • Deidre

    These would be wonderful wirewrapped in pendants, rings and earrings. The sky is the limit!

  • Kat

    To receive these would mean that I could try more techniques and add to my skill set in making jewelry.

  • Christine

    Beautiful–the options are endless :)

  • Melissa

    Crystals are my very favorite thing to create with. I love the sparkle.

  • Deidre

    These would be wonderful wire wrapped as a necklace, a ring or even earrings. The sky is the limit.

  • Valerie

    I would definitely make some necklaces and rings with these!!


  • Tracey Cook

    I have been wanting to weave a bezel for a crystal. I would make a great necklace with these. :-)

  • I would use these beautiful stones in my bead embroidery projects as focal stones in my jewelry creations! Swarovski crystals are my favorite crystals to work with.

  • gina s.

    these would make beautiful earrings!

  • Linda

    I’m itching to incorporate some of these crystals with beach glass as pendants.

  • Jen

    Ooooh – preeety!! That green one would make a mesmerizing pendant if it were set in a gold bezel and surrounded by topaz or purple accents.

  • Delle Sherer

    Would love to win these, I need my creative juices flowing again! : ) Thanks for the chance!

  • What beautiful & lovely stones! I can see adding a beadwoven net bezel to the larger ones to make into pendants to hang on beadwoven ropes. The smaller ones would be perfect for earrings.

  • Morgan Maskel

    I would love to use seed beads to bezel some of them into elegant drop earrings.

  • Eugenia Shedrick

    They’re lovely. I would incorporate them in elaborate jewelry pieces, use them in decor items, and other types of projects.

  • Annette Tuscherer

    I am not able to see the photo of these sparkling elements, but I know that any of the Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stones would be a great addition to any of my jewelry! I love working with seed beads, 4 mm rounds and 4 mm bi-cone Swarovski crystals to my hand woven bracelets! They sell well too! We ladies love the sparkle! :)

  • Cassandra Galina

    I would make a necklace!

  • Cynthia Nixon

    Love, love, love to bezel wonderful sparkley stones to create fabulous necklaces, bracelets and earrings to bring joy to myself, my family and others.

  • I’m making some new feather chokers, belt buckles with feathers would love to add crystals to these pieces..

  • Carol Dukich

    I would love these! I have been looking at them and would like to try the vintage wrapping and make a beautiful necklace with one of these as the focal. I LOVE the Swarovski line and their pearls would look great with these!!!

  • i would use them to show like starlight in my fantasy themed pieces.
    i would use them to add a romantic glimmer to anything victorian.
    these would reached for the light in any dreary, gothic piece i might incorporate them into.
    they’re sparkle would be something most unexpected in the aged beauty of the steampunk style.
    in anything i make with a nautical theme, these gorgeous swarovski stones would be used to reflect the shimmer of the seas.
    the ideas i have for these are endless. there are so many to use and in so many different ways. i would love to have that challenge.

  • Rebecca

    These look fabulous!!!! I would definitely use them to add some sparkle to my rings…earrings…etc!! The photo brings me back to the game “Pretty Pretty Princess” from when I was a little girl lol….can’t wait to make some jewels fit for a Princess!!!!

  • Eugenia Shedrick

    These are lively. I can see using them in jewelry, as accents in home decor items and used with textiles.

  • M Susan

    I am working in polymer clay….and can’t wait to incorporated these beauties

  • M Susan

    I am working in polymer clay….and can’t wait to incorporate these beauties

  • nazmieh

    I would use these to complete some replicas of elizabeth taylor’s fancy necklaces.

  • I would definately bezel the larger ones and use as the focal in a necklace. I would learn how to wirewrap the smaller ones for earrings. What a great prize to win.

  • Not sure what I would use them for yet but they are beautiful!

  • Carol

    I would sincerely enjoy using these lovelies in bead embroidery work. Swarovski crystal stones are always wonderful to use as focals in bead embroidery pieces. What a great give-away! Thank you!

  • Deana

    Swarovski is my absolute favorite! I had been making jewelry all throughout high school and when I got to college it died down some. I have been beading all afternoon reminding myself of how much I missed that blingy therapy :) using these would definitely help me get back into the swing of beading!

  • bibliotek

    If I won these, I would buy the necessary trims to make them the premier pieces on new necklaces and earrings, then put them in my next summer show in order for them to find new homes to shine in. Swarovski – even the name is shiny.

  • Cathy

    I’d make earrings and pendants out of them, using wires and other accessories to highlight these absolutely stunning jewels

  • Alena R

    These are gorgeous!!! I would make a beautiful necklace and earrings set for my litle sister.

  • laura

    I love making earrings out of this type of crystal!

  • Lynn

    Love these crystals; would use them to make a lovely necklace or two for family.

  • Monica

    I would probably make earrings with the small crystals, and use the large ones as embellishments for my phonecase.

  • Harriet Hicks

    These are so pretty and classy looking. I would make a necklace for the cruise we hope to make this fall. I can just see the large one, as a wire wrapped pendant to wear on a great chain for “formal dress” night. The smaller ones would make fabulous earrings.

  • Michelle O

    WOW these Swarovksi Crystal Fancy Stones are BEAUTIFUL! I can just see the brilliant sparkle of the green fancy stone in a sterling silver wire wrapped bracelet and the beautiful lavendar/purple Swarovski crystal fancy stones as the focal of earrings mixed with Swarovksi pearls!
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

  • vikki

    Wow, those are wonderful, would love to try them out and see what happens,something with lots of shiny colored wire.

  • Carol D

    To use any of these lovely crystals I would use wire wrapping techniques to create either a single pendant or if two of the same smaller ones where given, I would make lovely gold filled or sterling silver wire wrapped earrings. These would be just awesome to work with! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!