Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stone Giveaway!

We are so excited to be launching a new line of fancy stones from Swarovksi Elements today, that we just can’t keep them to ourselves! We couldn’t resist the brilliant sparkle and we’re sure that you won’t be able to either! With our Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stone Giveaway, you could be the lucky winner of 11 of our new Swarovski Elements Crystal Fancy Stones in eight sparkling colors (shown in the photo above)! To enter to win these gorgeous crystals, just leave a comment on this blog post telling us how you would use any of these fancy stones in a jewelry project. A winner will be chosen randomly on Monday, June 27, 2011, 4 PM PDT.

Good Luck! –  Sara

Congratulations Molly L.! You have won the Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stone Giveaway! Have fun playing with your new sparkly goodies!

316 comments to Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stone Giveaway!

  • Colleen Marks

    What a gorgeous set of stones. With these I would incorporate them into a wedding set that I am designing for my sister.

  • Bridie

    Just love those bright jewel colours and shapes !!! Too many ideas buzzing around in my head :-)

  • I would be interested in making a necklace and earrings,especially out of the Emerald color. Large pear-shaped ones like Angelina Jolie wore at the awards. Just some really simple style jewelry!

  • Keesha

    I would use the pear shaped stone as the focal point for a fabulous necklace! The big emerald cut stone for a cuff bracelet : )

  • Isabeau

    I am picturing some earrings and a stunning necklace!

  • Yvonne

    I would add them to my bead embroidery!

  • Marianne

    I love making earrings with swarovski crystals.

  • Sue Davis

    Adding a little sparkle!

  • I am just starting a new line of crystal pendants for the Ren-Faire season. Any and all of these would be absouloutely perfect. I just ordered one from you yesterday, can’t wait to get started.

  • Susan Kusser

    I envision 3 pairs of earrings and 5 separate necklaces for the larger stones:) Then share with Mom and my sisters!

  • Regina Cariello

    The deep blue would make a stunning necklace.

  • I am just learning how to work with these stones and would love the oppurtunity to work with such beautiful vibrant colors. I love color color color.

  • Cheryl

    I see golden rings made from the 2 emerald cut stones, a lovely silver brooch made from the round ruby + 2 rose quartz colored stones, silver pendants made from the crystal and sapphire colored stones and gold-set earrings made from the amethyst pair and topaz pair. Oh my!

  • These stones are beautiful. I would wire wrap some of them, try a peyote stitch bezel, or use filigree to wrap them into beautiful pendants.

  • Em

    To make a tiara, of course!

  • Carole

    I lost my engagement ring and can’t afford a new one, so I would make one of these beauties into a ring I could wear instead.

  • Nikole

    I would definitely make earrings with the smller champagne colored stones. They are all so pretty!

  • Dana

    I would totally do some peyote stitch beaded bezels! They are so gorgeous! :D

  • Ann

    I would use them as rewards/incentives for my high school students (mostly girls). They could pick one of the crystals or two (if they’re matching) and tell me what they want me to make with it!

  • don

    love the bright color and shape of the stones.I would use Swarovski in my bracelets and necklaces..they are gorgeous..i ‘m lovin’ it :)

  • Wendy

    Oh my!! I couldnt tell you how I’d use those. I beadweave…so something small n pretty going around it for sure. Love them all…really love the green! Good luck to everyone!!!

  • Constance

    I would like to create a chandelier like mobile. I don’t want to make a necklace that will just be taken out on occasion. I want an art piece that can be admired and enjoyed on a daily basis inspiring me to continue creating Swarovski delights.

  • Leslie

    I have so many ideas! Bead embroidery for one – I think I’d embroider on a hat! I am also just learning how to set stones. Oh, the sparkles! Joy! Rapture!

  • Margot Birnbaum

    I love the look of them. They are all so phenomenal and remind me of Aladdin…and Princess Jasmine of course ! Most definitely wonderful to create a gorgeous new necklace and matching earrings !

  • Rita

    I would use these crystals in a bib-style anklet! They would really spruce up the bare feet of summer with style! =)

  • Z Campbell

    The Swarovski Crystal Fancy Stone is the number one favorate stone that i would love to get starting on my Jewelry Design soon, I am a new in this feild and i have tons of creative idea and that is the reason i don’t have enought sleep at night just to think so many creative idea and can’t wait to get started, i have lots of stuff to order in your website shortly and if i win this contest it would be a lots of help and love to have these beautiful Swarovski Stone, I am new in this field but my mind don’t stop thinking and my hands will not stop iching to get a hold on these Jewelry Tools, i wish myself a luck and pray to win this contest and love to have them.
    Sincerely yours and Thank you,
    Z Campbell

  • Karen

    All of the stones are beautiful and I have so many wonderful ideas dancing around in my head matching all the sparkles radiating from all of those magnificent crystal fancy stones. But the one that has caught my eye the most is the Chrysolite Crystal Octagon Shaped Stone…I would set it in a peyote stitch bezel as the focal bead along with silver chain and with crystal bicones and rounds. And the crystal pear shape I would make a set earrings, necklace, ring …. I can just go on and on! So much sparkle and beauty so many ideas!

  • karen

    I could make many beautiful things bracelet earrings necklace

  • karen

    i will make things for my friends and family they would love them. this would enable me to give nice gifts to family and loved ones

  • Vanessa

    I would use them in a beaded embroidery piece or as a bezeled centerpiece.

  • Becky R.

    I would make a necklace like the one shown on the Inspiration page of the FusionBeads website.

  • Kate Allen

    I see a couple of pendants and ring potentials. I typically wire wrap pieces like the teardrop ones and wear them on a simple chain as a statement piece. They sure do sparkle!! :) I’d love to win these!!

  • I would make rings, earrings, and pendants! Of course, I would say they came from Fusion Beads! ;)

  • Kathyrn

    I would use silver wire and make a contemporary necklace incorporating all the stones in one gorgeous design.

  • Lynda Taylor

    Aren’t they all just stunning!?? While Swarovski always provides multi-facited inspiration, my first choice would be the gorgeous Montana teardrop. I see it as a petal dropping from a crystal bead-woven flower focal…. Or maybe I’d have to use the Octagonal stones together in an asymetric, off-beat pendant….or… oh dear, here I go again…..

  • Stacy H.

    I would love to make necklaces with some of the larger stones, and incorporate the smaller ones into earrings.

  • Gorgeous! I think I’d do earrings with the small pairs, and a necklace with that big crystal teardrop…for which I’d have to create an occasion to wear! ;D

  • Shari Hernan

    B-E-A-U-TIFUL!!!!! I would make several ‘simple’ but ‘elegant’ pieces with these sparkling swarovski crystals! My favorite jewel to work with…

  • You mean I can’t just hold them in my hand and admire them all day? I think I would find an awesome setting for them and make earrings and a necklace…maybe get creative and wire wrap a ring!

  • Bettie Avery

    i would use them to make a beautiful rainbow of colors thats sparkle from the sun (wind chimes).

  • Dana McCabe

    Omigosh, the possibilities are endless with these gorgeous stones! Hmmmm, I think earrings are fun when they sparkle!

  • karen mentzer

    I think Imust have been a magpie in another life as I love anything that sparkles..My fave it the dark blue on the right what looks like london blue topaz…I would make it into a necklace since only one but would make beautiful earrings if it had a mate

  • Lorie

    I would love to make a set of keepsake jewelry for my daughter and my nieces, most of their birthstones are represented.

  • Oooo pretty sparklies :D hehe

    I can see the purple tear drops worked with silver wire and a few clear Swarovski beads into earrings for myself :) While the two large teardrops instantly got my mind whirling on two different necklace designs… one in gold tones with red accents and the other with silver and blue :)

  • MollyL

    Earrings with the smaller stones and necklaces with the larger stones. Love all the stones, I am just getting into using stones like this in my jewelrymaking.

  • The emerald cut, a ring definitely.

    The rest would just lead me into something beautiful I’m sure!

  • Barb Kelley

    Earrings, of course!!!!

  • Erin Anderson

    I think these are absolutely beautiful. I would LOVE to use them to make a few pieces to be donated to Relay For Life. Beautiful spring/summer colors.

  • Melissa O'Rourke

    by making beautiful earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

  • These are just my style! I’m so excited that you are carrying these beautiful crystals that I can hardly contain myself!!! There are so many ideas running through my head right now. I would definitely bezel a few of them and maybe even put them together in some way. That’s just one idea! Of course I would need them in front of me to really get a good idea ;)