Enter Our Sterling Silver Stock Up Giveaway!

It’s so hard to work on jewelry projects when your supplies are running low, but who wants to shop only for jump rings and head pins when there are thousands of sparkly and shiny beads to buy? We have a giveaway that will help you keep your sterling silver supplies stocked up so that you can keep shopping for exciting beads instead! Check out what you’ll get if you win (valued at over $70!):

50 – 24 gauge sterling silver 1.5 inch head pins
50 – 24 gauge sterling silver 1.5 inch eye pins
30 – 4.5mm sterling silver 19 gauge open jump rings
20 – 6.3mm sterling silver 19 gauge open jump rings
75 – 2x2mm sterling silver crimp beads
5 – 8mm sterling silver spring ring clasps
5 pairs – 12mm sterling silver french ear wires

To enter to win this giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you love about sterling silver! We will choose a winner randomly on Friday, June 17, 2011, at 4PM PDT.

Good Luck! – Sara

Congratulations, Sue D.! You are the winner of the Sterling Silver Stock Up Giveaway! Go check your e-mail so that you can claim your AMAZING prize!

1,136 comments to Enter Our Sterling Silver Stock Up Giveaway!

  • i’ve always perferred silver to gold. I love the shine, always have. So of course when i make jewelry for either myself or to share with friends i reach for silver. I’m disabled and funds are tight. I’ve been asked to make a jewelry piece and participate in a gallery show for our artist guild. I’m flattered but with low funds to even pay for medication i believe the art show would be a stretch to take apart of, even as much as I would love to. But, if I win this generous gift, I do believe I have enough other supplies to make it work. I love creating one of a kind pieces and do so any chance I get. With your help I could.

  • I only use sterling silver for jewelry I make because so many people are allergic to anything else, including myself. I also use gold for jewelry, but it’s not as popular as the sterling. I have people begging me to make more! It’s a long-lasting metal, and it looks great with any gemstone!

  • Sterling silver goes great with my beautiful Sunrise Shells from the ocean!! Its a natural compliment to the colorful seashell jewelry from Hawaii! Aloha~

  • Monica

    I love the elegance. Beautiful shine that wears well for years.

  • I love using silver is my jewelry designs. I think it offers a refined look that you just can’t get with other materials. Silver is definitely my go-to finding!

  • lisa patterson

    I Love silver. i love to bend it, melt it, and create awesome pieces of art(jewelry) with it. I love to polish it and make it shine and i love to oxidize it and make it dull… I love silver! oh and thanks for creating this awesome give away!

  • Nadia

    I find silver to be more versatile to design with than gold. This would be a great collection to win!

  • Wendy Blanton

    Sterling silver is, by far, my metal of choice for jewelry. It is so versatile. I use it in so many pieces, casual and formal. Because the cost of silver has gone up recently, however, I’ve had to limit my silver purchases and learn to work with other metals.

  • Sheila Willert

    This is a Silver Treasure Trove, I would love to win!

  • As a jewelry wearer, I love silver because it is an easy and affordable way to accessorize an outfit. As an artist, I love silver because there are so many ways to work with silver!

  • Kim

    Silver is wonderful!!!

  • Lani

    I’m in the process of getting my silver jewelry, home based, business up and running! This would allow me a fantastic start! Keep up the great search on new & unique products!

  • Andi Beard

    Silver just feels great to work with, as opposed to other metals–copper too soft, gold-filled too hard, silver is just right!

  • kathy

    Sterling Silver makes jewelry special!

  • Trixie Kawasaki

    It would be exciting to win.

  • Sarah Vasquez

    I love how u can wear silver with EVERYTHING!! I love making jewelry! Pick me! It is always so funny when I wear jewelry I made people assume I bought it and when I wear store bought jewelry people think I made it! I’d love to win so I can share my creations with all my friends and family!

  • One cannot go wrong using sterling silver!
    Its so versatile, and it goes with 99.9% everything :)

  • Aileen Luciano

    I love the way silver matches almost every style, much more than gold. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to create and wear gold jewelry, but silver just has that certain shine to it. It offsets and highlights my designs, allowing them to be fancy, rugged, casual, vintage, or any other possible style.

  • Suba

    Beats gold any day! So versatile to wear and to work with. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Every metal that I work in is beautiful for a different reason – I use silver, brass, gold fill, etc. I guess sterling silver would be my favorite as everything looks good with it and it still seems to be the most popular metal for jewelry. It’s so hard to afford sterling silver that I would just be ecstatic if I won this giveaway! I can think of so many different items that I would make with these findings. It would make me proud to be able to tell buyers that the material used is sterling silver!

  • Cindy

    It’s more affordable than gold, doesn’t tarnish as much as copper and goes with everything from rough stones to crystals. It would be great to win this giveaway!

  • Julie VanDyke

    I love silver because it makes me think of cool night weather with a big full moon…I associate it with the feminine yin part of the pattern…I like that it’s affordable and less snooty than gold and I like the way it looks with many precious and semi-precious stones.

  • Pat Barr

    Silver is and has always been my fav..I am a glutten for findings..can’t ever get enough, or have too many…I find a gift of jewerly is a good gift for almost everyone..I like to leave little gifts at friends doors..or a new friend..I have never sold my work, but just find many blessings in sharing with friends and neighbors..Love U~R site..and find myself spending much time just looking, if nothing else..Thanks..Pat

  • When I design jewelry for my shop I want it to be the same high quality that I would make for myself. Sterling Silver delivers that quality. Sterling Silver keeps it’s shine and outlasts most other metals while being an economical choice to work with. For quality and affordability it can’t be beat.

  • Mary

    I just love the sterling silver I get from Fusion Beads. The quality is the absolute finest. I especially love working with silver from Bali, it complements my designs perfectly! Thanks Fusion Beads!

  • Mary

    Love Silver!!!! Hope I win :) But if not congrats to who does!

  • Sally

    Love silver because it goes with every thing, every color, and every type of bead.

  • Mary

    I love to work with sterling silver. it provides elegance and a guarantee to my customers that I am using quality materials.

  • Love the shine and the way it stays shiny!! I feel like if I make a gift with sterling I am ginving a quality gift.

  • Megan Erickson

    I love using silver because of its versatile nature. It provides a crisp, clean look and accentuates without distracting from the other materials that I use to make jewelry.

  • Lynne Ezzell

    Silver goes with almost anything!

  • Mari Areeviwatkul

    I can only use gold earrings, and actually never thought of wearing silver.
    Gold is beautiful, but there’s many kinds of it, when you think silver it always looks the same, is always affordable and everyone loves it…

  • Sterling silver with most any beads, as focal point, or to add the finishing touch to a design. I can’t live without sterling silver!

  • LOVE sterling…goes with everything and is easy to work with. Wirewrapping is my favorite! I’ve really started enjoying making oxidized pieces…Hope I win!

  • Sterling silver with most any beads, as focal point, or to add the finishing touch to a design. I can’t do without my sterling silver!

  • I love working with silver because it’s quality will last forever. Also, when I started making jewelry, I remember discovering how brittle and cheap base metal findings are, instantly preferring the workable silver. Plus, it’s the only affordable precious metal! Gotta love that. :)

  • Silver, among all other metals, loves to be loved. The more you wear it, the more its personality glows. Like humans, if it is not touched enough, it dulls and its mood darkens, but the more you touch it, the more it becomes a part of you.

  • Well the name of my site/shop says it all. I only wear silver and use it in what I make. I love it. More than that I love everything about it, how it quietly shows off colored gems, is elegant and casual at the same time and is so versatile. Silver is just beautiful.

  • Melissa

    Silver is awesome! :)

  • Becca Feiner

    I love the versatility of silver – brilliant and shining or darkly patinaed, soft enough you can easily give it texture and form to complement and anchor your work.

  • Elena

    I love sterling silver because it does not cause the allergic reactions that other metals may. I also have always preferred silver to gold, and people who buy my jewelry seem to agree.

  • Isabeau

    I love silver because it can be elegant or playful, vintage or modern, couture or costume.

  • Daileen Adams

    I love working with silver. It is so bright and shiny, and my family has metal allergies, so sterling is the perfect choice for us.

  • Behin mansouri

    I love silver color to gold. I love that I can find so many silver pieces on your web site. I use lots of silver components and use lots of jump ring.

    My favorite jump ring in your site is:


    but I like so many of your other jump rings.

  • Sterling always makes things special. I know many people with metal allergies, I love making things they can wear. I use sterling when creating for wedding, I live the shine.

  • My mom introduced me to Fusion Beads by stocking me up on your Sterling Silver components for my bday last year. I love the quality, the helpful & always creative ideas on your site, and i’m hooked on Fusion!! You guys ROCK!!

  • Diane L

    Sterling silver looks nice and is durable.

  • Elena

    I prefer silver to gold, always have, because it has a more gentle shine. But I LOVE sterling silver because of it’s hypoallergenic qualities.

  • Beth

    I LOVE working with sterling silver. I like the way it goes with anything and it looks beautiful with all my beads. I also like the way sterling silver does not cause an allergic reaction. I myself have to be careful what kind of jewelry I buy, so I understand where my customers come from when they say they only want sterling silver!!! <3 it