Enter Our Sterling Silver Stock Up Giveaway!

It’s so hard to work on jewelry projects when your supplies are running low, but who wants to shop only for jump rings and head pins when there are thousands of sparkly and shiny beads to buy? We have a giveaway that will help you keep your sterling silver supplies stocked up so that you can keep shopping for exciting beads instead! Check out what you’ll get if you win (valued at over $70!):

50 – 24 gauge sterling silver 1.5 inch head pins
50 – 24 gauge sterling silver 1.5 inch eye pins
30 – 4.5mm sterling silver 19 gauge open jump rings
20 – 6.3mm sterling silver 19 gauge open jump rings
75 – 2x2mm sterling silver crimp beads
5 – 8mm sterling silver spring ring clasps
5 pairs – 12mm sterling silver french ear wires

To enter to win this giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you love about sterling silver! We will choose a winner randomly on Friday, June 17, 2011, at 4PM PDT.

Good Luck! – Sara

Congratulations, Sue D.! You are the winner of the Sterling Silver Stock Up Giveaway! Go check your e-mail so that you can claim your AMAZING prize!

1,136 comments to Enter Our Sterling Silver Stock Up Giveaway!

  • Beadinglikecrazy~ Liesa H.

    Sterling has to be one of my favorite mediums for alot of my work. Whether for my steampunk jewelry, or my elegant bridal work. Absolutely a stunning addiction!

  • laurie handler

    it’s beautiful, timeless, versatile. you just can’t go wrong! and this would be amazing to win, because silver’s just been going through the roof lately!

  • Judy Curtis

    I love sterling silver! It is timeless, classy and looks great mixed with other metals. Also works for all styles and goes with all colors.

  • Laura Ficara

    Sterling is my favorite metal to work with, and my results are always beautiful

  • With the ever-increasing price of gold and silver, you often have to sacrifice by using silver plated/filled, etc., so it’s nice when you can use 100% real silver and add that to your product’s description to catch the buyer’s attention.

  • Silver is a precious metal that not only beautiful to wear but to design gorgeous jewelry. From delicate beaded items to bold and chunky chainmaille. People who appreciate it’s luster also understand it’s value in creating a classic collection of wearable art. I love creating with this metal, and wearing it.

  • I own some gold pieces but rarely wear them. My colors are earth tones and my skin has a med/dark
    complexion that wakes up the minute I put something silver on it. I wear a lot of darker purples and pinks that demand attention when paired with my silver pieces. Being disabled I make jewelry to help make ends meet and my silver ones tend to sell out faster. I need all the help I can find…
    Thanks so much,
    Trish Freeman

  • Wow! This is a very generous giveaway! I would love, love, love to be lucky enough to win. :) I love working with Sterling, but the cost of silver is getting so expensive, I typically only use it when I’m making a custom order or something for myself. Thanks for offering this and wish me luck! :) :)

  • Megin

    I use sterling silver in EVERYTHING I create. Just about every stone goes with it, or you can create something beautiful just from the sterling itself. You really can’t go wrong.

  • I love working with sterling silver because it is easy to work with, can have many outcomes – i.e. it’s shiny, can be antiqued and hammered as well as left smooth.

  • Becky

    I love Sterling Silver so much. It is such a clean look, and very natural to wear.

  • Each piece I design is one-of-a-kind, and it’s important to me to use the highest quality materials I can. Even before gold became cost-prohibitive, I used a lot of sterling silver in my designs for its elegant, clean and versatile look. Nothing else takes a high polish or a deep patina quite like sterling. Winning this extraordinary prize would be a dream come true!

  • Tracy Benton

    Sterling silver is so kind to me. If I bend it the wrong way, it straightens again nicely. In finer gauges it doesn’t break off the way a lesser wire does. In heavier gauges it has a smooth weight that balances bigger stones. I wish I could afford to work in it for all my projects!

  • I love to describe my jewelry designs using the words: “all silver used in this piece is .925 Sterling Silver”. Why? Everyone knows IMMEDIATELY that the piece is “Top Quality” & that it’s only going to look better and better with time and wearing. I love the way it “punctuates” all the beads and components I use in my designs!

  • Randi S

    I am allergic to nickel, so sterling silver is my friend! It is beautiful and I love it! thanks for the opportunity to stock up.

  • Kate

    Sterling silver…oh, how I love thee…let me count the ways. You are easy to work with, yet strong and everlasting. You can be bold in a modern piece of jewelry or understated in a more classic, dainty piece. You add value to everything you touch. And that is why I love thee!

  • Caryn

    SS is one of my absolute favorites – always creates the perfect piece and seems to match anything :)

  • Tracy Sparks

    Love, love, love SILVER!Whenever I make anything with gold, it never looks right!

  • Sterling Silver is so beautiful and easy to work with… but with the escalating price of Silver, I often have to us silver plated. Its nice but just doesn’t have that same inner warmth and glow of sterling silver! Its become a treat to be able to use sterling silver in my pieces.

  • What i love most about sterling silver is that I am not allergic to it like I am for base metals. I use sterling in almost everything I do. Plue it is less expensive than gold and platinum…but looks amazing!
    I love this give-away and hope to win! :)

  • Heather

    Sterling Silver is a classic look that can go from everyday to special night out.

  • I adore working with sterling silver because of its gorgeous shine and the ease of working with it. I can put any colors with it and it sparkles beautifully!

  • Heidi Sims

    I love using sterling silver in most of my creations…I would say it’s 99% of what I use. Love the way it shines and matches every color.
    I hope to win this pack as my birthday is June 23 and have asked for fixings from my husband but don’t think I’ll get anything as I work retail and my hours have been drastically cut so I average 12 hours a month not a week like we are use to :-( but at least I get to spend time with the kiddos during the summer when they are out of school. I can see lots of quality time with the kiddos on rainy days and lots of jewelry made. We like to use “natural” stones like agate, snowflake obsidian, tiger eye, lemon quartz and all the quartz stones! Good luck to everyone!! this is a prize I’m sure will be greatly appreciated and loved by many :-)

  • Janet Quinn

    Sterling is elegant, timeless, and easy to work with. I often forego using it now because of the price, but I love it.

  • Cathy V.

    Silver jewelry/findings matches with anything I wear…& my hair ;)

  • Brand new sterling silver is so fresh and clean looking…love it!

  • Carla Todoschuk

    I love silver. It goes with anything or with nothing at all. I especially love the way it looks with gemstones such as aquamarine or tanzanite. It can be bold or delicate and feminine. I can’t wait to start creating new pieces with all the fabulous silver that I’m going to win (pick me!). :)

  • Cindy H

    I love the color of silver, and it has always felt luxurious to despite its price. Crossing my fingers!

  • Amanda Folk

    Sterling silver is a classic that will NEVER be out of style.

  • Stephenie Plukarski

    Sterling Silver. Both formal and casual, both fresh and timeless, both elegant and funky. Incredible versatility, making the sky the limit!!

  • Karyn

    Sterling is such a timeless metal-it adds class to anything it’s used with. My customers love it too :)

  • Shelley A.

    I only use sterling silver when I make my earrings. For those with sensative ears and allergies, there is never an issue. I also love the look of silver. You can give it a high polish or let it oxidize for an antique look.

  • Megan Ganga

    i used to always wear gold, but since 2006 i have been wearing almost exclusively silver. gold seems old fashioned to me now, and i think so many stones and crystals look better on silver. i work only in silver now…

  • Lark Shaw

    I love sterling silver because it is so modern and versitile.

  • Stephanie

    I love sterling silver! I love how it goes with everything and always looks fresh and classy.

  • Penny Wyldbore

    I love silver as it compliments all other colours & works with other metals such as copper & brass. I’m upgrading my creations to sterling after learing with silver plated wire & due to the way the price has gone up reasonly winning this prize would make my year!!!!

  • Silver looks great in jewelry! One of my fav metals – less expensive than gold, too!

  • Vilma D.

    Sterling silver rocks!! I’ve always loved it for it’s cool tones, easy to wear & how it compliments almost any gem or bead you work with. Pick me please :)

  • Erika B

    silver is lovely, versatile, and easy to work with.It’s a wonderful material to work with.

  • Susan Schilp

    I never used to like sterling but lately, I LOVE it. You just can’t go wrong with it! Favorite lately is sterling and black crystals… can go from casual to dressy!

  • Sterling silver is pretty, and very versatile, and with the price of gold…. pretty and versatile wins! Hope I do too!

  • Yes! Sterling Silver is the best medium. Free Sterling Silver is even better!

  • Charlotte Wike

    Love sterling because it is the only thing besides gold that doesn’t hurt my ears or cause my skin to itch and break out and it is just so beautiful when the light hits it!

  • Marilyn

    A “newbie” to making my own jewelry and I have fallen in love all over again with silver. It has a subtle boldness. I’m 65 and years ago silver was a staple in my jewelry collection, then gold pushed it’s way in, but my favorite is silver….and I have loved learning to make my own pieces….and it seems to enhance the look of all my favorite gemstones…adding to my small “beginners” inventory would be wonderful!!

  • Thanks for always having great give-aways!!!!

  • Janey

    I love that it lasts!

  • Roslyn Norris

    Sterling silver has always been my favorite choice in jewelry and jewelry making. It has an excellence about it that nothing else can compare to.

  • K Lambrecht

    Just new at beading. Was in your store last week for the first time with a friend who is a loyal customer. Was totally blown away by all the selections you offer. Ended up purchasing a sterling silver ring with one loop…..to make my second piece of jewelry. The texture on the ring is absolutely gorgeous. Sterling silver is going to be my first choice of any of the metals you offer.

  • Cheryl Steiger

    I love silver because it looks so classy and timeless and I feel that it goes with everything so nicely. I also like how it seems to brighten up most colors.

  • Tara Nicole

    I just love sterling silver! I really think it adds class and elegance to any piece. I would LOVE to get stocked up on some free sterling silver from the awesome FUSION BEAD!!