Enter Our Sterling Silver Stock Up Giveaway!

It’s so hard to work on jewelry projects when your supplies are running low, but who wants to shop only for jump rings and head pins when there are thousands of sparkly and shiny beads to buy? We have a giveaway that will help you keep your sterling silver supplies stocked up so that you can keep shopping for exciting beads instead! Check out what you’ll get if you win (valued at over $70!):

50 – 24 gauge sterling silver 1.5 inch head pins
50 – 24 gauge sterling silver 1.5 inch eye pins
30 – 4.5mm sterling silver 19 gauge open jump rings
20 – 6.3mm sterling silver 19 gauge open jump rings
75 – 2x2mm sterling silver crimp beads
5 – 8mm sterling silver spring ring clasps
5 pairs – 12mm sterling silver french ear wires

To enter to win this giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you love about sterling silver! We will choose a winner randomly on Friday, June 17, 2011, at 4PM PDT.

Good Luck! – Sara

Congratulations, Sue D.! You are the winner of the Sterling Silver Stock Up Giveaway! Go check your e-mail so that you can claim your AMAZING prize!

1,136 comments to Enter Our Sterling Silver Stock Up Giveaway!

  • You can’t go wrong with sterling. It’s a classic, and it looks good in so many different contexts.

  • Chrissy Walter

    Sterling is so gorgeous! It goes with everything! It gives simple projects that extra “oomph” and fits right in with very powerful pieces. I heart sterling!

  • I use sterling silver in at least 90% of my work. It is clean, bright and goes with everything. It adds a touch of class to jewelry! :)

  • Sterling is my favorite metal, it goes with everything and looks great on everyone.

  • Kim Leissner

    Nothing like using the best…and that’s STERLING! Really could use those findings about now : )

  • Silver can be dressed up or down. It exudes class!

  • I work mainly with paper and I love and respect it because it comes from nature. I treat it as I would any other gift from the earth. I would love to be able to add sterling silver to my designs because I know it would add a dimension that plated metals just can’t.

  • Patricia Robertson

    Sterling silver is my favorite type of jewelry I think it looks so clean and professional. Also it is better for people who have sensitive skin and ears.

  • lynda

    Love the soft shine from sterling silver and the way it is easy to use.

  • There’s something about sterling that just feels right. It’s light weight and can add a whole other dimension to a beaded piece. It is like the icing on the cake; the cake is okay without it, but with it you have a masterpiece. That little extra shine can take a piece from nice to stunning. The variety of finishes on sterling allows for many different looks and is so useful in so many ways. Needless to say, besides 14K gold, sterling is all I use! I’m a fan!

  • Karen

    I love Sterling Silver, it has so many components that it boggles the mind. and new stuff all the time.

  • Laurie

    Sterling silver is a timeless jewelry accent that is so versitale. I have used it for western, victorian, goth jewelry and when it it is mixed with other metals it just adds class the steampunk is a great example of this.

  • I love silver, it’s the only thing I use! I love your products!


  • kim terry

    i like silver i like to use silver when making jewelry and everybody likes when i use it

  • Angela Rae

    Sterling Silver is Forever.

  • paula clark

    I love sterling silver it is so much prettier than gold. It looks good with everything you put it with.

  • Sue Dahlkamp

    I love working with sterling silver. There is nothing to compare. I use it on all my jewelry. If I’m making jewelry for myself or a customer I only use the best.

  • I can think of a hundred things I can do with all this silver. I only use silver in my shop.

  • Fay Hobson

    I have always been a silver fan. Love making the jewelry.

  • Lorraine Gaston

    Sterling silver is my favorite metal to work with. It goes well with everything. It is also easy to polish up, to retain the original luster.

  • Debbie Fedler

    Love using Sterling. Great for many of projects.

  • Liz

    I love sterling silver because it is such a versatile canvas for jewelry crafting, and it’s adds value to the pieces you create without costing an arm and a leg for supplies.

  • Marie Hinchy

    I think working with sterling silver is a little bit like wrangling the moon. It has that dark but warm shine and we get to adorn ourselves with it. Even wear it’s echoes during the day.

  • Jeannean

    SS greatly increases the perceived value of you jewelry. Also, it work so well with Southwest styles and wire wrapping styles.

  • Elaine

    ME, ME, ME!!!! I’d love to win this silver – LOVE working with it!

  • Darcy Clay

    Sterling silver is great cuz it’s a “clean”, bright look! “White” matches everything, too! I’ve always preferred silver to gold for these reasons!

  • Beth Burnham

    Nothing like SS. It is easy to work with and looks great super shiny or with some age. I always want to keep everything I make with SS for myself.

  • Silver goes with anything and looks fantastic with my favorite turquoise!

  • Sterling Silver can have a low-key or highly sophisticated look. It is very versatile and easy to work with. Your give-away assortment would be a welcome addition to my jewelry-making stock. Thank you for considering me.

  • Gina

    By using sterling silver with other metals you can create a uniquely beautiful piece that goes with anything.

  • Karen Gladu

    I love sterling silver because it is very versatile, affordable and goes with everything.
    I like the brightness of sterling silver. I only use sterling in my jewelry designs and I myself wear it everyday.
    Have a great creative day! Karen Gladu :)

  • Miranda

    I like sterling silver because you can wear it with jeans or if you want to sparkle at nig you can dress it up or dres it down.It gose with any combination you can think of

  • Glenda Collard

    I have always loved sterling silver, ever since I was a little girl. It’s a clean, sleek look that goes with everything. You can never go wrong with sterling silver. I love combining the two, gold and silver and did long before it was the “in thing to do”!

    Your merchandise is excellent and I love shopping the catalog! Thanks for supplying my addiction!

  • Sterling silver enhances jewelry design. Since I started working with it several years ago, it has added a flair to my work. I love working with it!!!

  • Sterling Silver is clean, bright and beautifully compliments anything you put with it. It is the perfect metal for framing my handcrafted lampwork glass beads! It allows the my beads to shine!

  • Silver has always been my favored metal of choice because it goes with everything. I love working with it as well because it’s not as expensive as gold.

  • Shannon

    I’ve always had an affinity to sterling silver. It’s classic and elegant, bold and fresh!

  • I love how it looks against the skin. Sterling silver also just “feels” good to me!!

  • gina s.

    Silver is a classic, goes with everything and looks elegant or casual

  • Angie Meudt

    Ahh, silver… The metal adored by ancient Mexicans, Egyptians, and Romans… The cool toned metal that compliments most everything… Dress it up with pearls or play it down to earth with turquoise… You can never go wrong… Ahh, silver…

  • Tammy Hunt

    No matter what style of jewelry you make, from high fashion to goth, everything goes with Sterling Sliver :)

  • There are many reasons why I love to use sterling silver. Most people are not allergic to it, it is cheaper than gold, it gives jewelry a beautiful look, it’s timeless, I love that you can always find a wide variety of items that are made using it and its popular and has been for years. I find that people really appreciate the use of Sterling Silver over lower grade metals such as copper, pewter and especially silver plated also.

  • Karen Wine

    Sterling is my fave, I make and wear it all the time. There is such a range of things you can do with, from fancy to southwestern.

  • Diane Jones

    Good silver works so easy, looks good with almost any stone or glass and is popular with the stylish.

  • Lisa Portell

    Two words come to my mind: quality and price. Silver is a very affordable material and the quality is unbelievable. As a jewelry designer, and for my personal taste, I love to work with silver. Silver works with everything and is always in style.





  • Shelly

    I took a liking to sterling silver when I found out that I am allergic to gold. It was also my mothers favorite metal and I lost her when I was 10. She had this really nice sterling silver watch that I have to this day and have worn silver ever since. I also feel that sterling silver looks better with more beads and other jewelry than gold does.

  • Sterling is a classic that has been worn for ages. It can be dressy or casual depending upon the design of the piece.

  • Rochelle Roy

    SS…it’s the cake… yes, you can have pretty and tasty icing, but without the cake it’s just a lump of icing. :)

  • karen mentzer

    I so love silver…even over gold. I love hoe it reflects the light and is so much cheaper than gold.