Have a Beading Party For Your Child (and maybe win it)!

You could win a beading birthday party kit for your child! Just check at the bottom of this post for the rest of the details on the giveaway!

It’s not easy to come up with creative ideas for childrens birthday party activites, so you’ll be excited to hear that it’s really not that difficult or expensive (less than $100) to host a child-friendly beading party in the comfort of your own house!

1) A spool of Stretch Magic elastic cord (find it here)
2) Bead stoppers (find them here)
3) Size 6 Seed Beads (mixes work very well!) (find them here)
4) Czech Pressed Glass Round Beads (find them here)
5) Fire Polished Glass Round Beads (find them here)
6) Czech Pressed Glass Animal and Novelty Beads (find them here)
7) Pewter Beads (find them here)
8) Pewter Spacer Beads (find them here)
9) Muffin tins to organize the beads in
10) Paper plates for the children to place their beads in

The easiest way to organize the beads so that all of the children can access them without making a mess is to use muffin tins. It’s easiest to provide one muffin tin for 6 children so that they all can have access to it, so you may find that you need to use multiple tins. If this happens, just mix your round beads together and disperse them throughout all of the tins. Provide a paper plate for each child with a 1 foot segment of Stretch Magic with a bead stopper on one end to keep beads from slipping off. If you don’t want to buy bead stoppers, just fold a piece of tape over one end of the elastic. You’re now ready for the party!

The best kind of jewelry to create with children from age 7 to 10 is stringing with elastic. Let the children string enough beads to fill a bracelet, anklet, or necklace, then let them tie off the elastic using the Knotting Stretch Magic technique. You can also purchase crimp beads and use the Crimping Stretch Magic technique to finish the jewelry, however I recommend that you have an adult do this for the children rather than letting them do it themselves. Once the jewelry is tied off or crimped, have an adult use scissors to cut off the excess elastic. If you have beads leftover, you can divide them into goody bags for each guest to bring home at the end of the party!

Now that you know how to host a party for your child, you need to get the supplies! One of you will be lucky enough to win a whole birthday party kit for FREE if you enter our giveaway! Everything in the photos (except the decorative containers) will be given away so that you can host the perfect beading party for your child! To enter to win this giveaway, just leave a comment on this blog post telling us who you would throw a party for and what they’re celebrating. We will pick one winner randomly on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 4 PM PDT!

Good Luck! – Sara

Congratulations, Chatty! You (and your lucky grand daughter!) are the winner of the Beading Party Kit! Please go check your e-mail so that you can claim your prize!

95 comments to Have a Beading Party For Your Child (and maybe win it)!

  • Ren

    I would love to win this for my daughter’s birthday coming up. She would just LOVE this! I she loves to make and wear jewelry more than anyone I know.

  • Lisa Gelinas

    My daughter’s 7th birthday has come and gone, but now that Summer is here, I thought it would be a great idea to get a group of her friends over and have a ‘Summer Beading Party’! My daughter loves to sit with me and do her own beading creations and I hope it’s something we can share in years to come.

  • Malena Garcia

    I would use this kit to throw a fantabulous bday party for my daughter Maizee Rain in July. She loves all things beautiful & is just coming in to her “crafty” stage of life. She sees me doing my beadwork for their powwow outfits bu isn’t quite old enough to join in that job yet. She’s just starting out in a new school & I can’t think of a better way to make great friendships than to sit & laugh around a table while making lovely art.

  • Sue

    My daughter’s birthday is in the fall and this would be a perfect party for her to invite and meet new friends.

  • Cathy Simoneau

    What a fun indoor thing to do with the grandkids this summer if it’s too hot to go outside. The boys like to be crafty too! ….and it’s a nice surprise for their Mom.

  • Juanita Stuchel

    My grandaughter just graduated from 5th grade. She has many friends that like to hang out with her and they are always thinking of something to do. I think it would be not only an experience they can all enjoy but one they can share making each other friendship bracelets for the summer.

  • Well, I don’t have a daughter, and I don’t have any nieces. But I do have a nephew who turns four in September. He loves to do crafts with me, and it’s a great way to spend quality time with each other. I always help to plan his birthday parties. I have an idea for his upcoming party, and I think winning this children’s beading kit would be perfect for it! I am planning on assisting the kids in making phone number bracelets, using plastic beads with numbers on them, and I think winning the children’s beading kit will be a perfect way to complement them! =)

  • Candace Marsh

    My son works for the Homeless Childrens Education Foundation as the Events Manager. I would use the kit to host a beading party at one of the Homeless shelters that houses children.

  • I do not have children, but do have several friends with children, and would love to surprise them with this awesome Kit!
    Thank You…..

  • I have never been able to even afford(no poor me intended)a birthday party for any of my 4 g’daughters..This would be great! my twin g’daughters birthdays are coming up and If I should win this..I would go ahead and have a big party for all 4 of them! They already love making simple cheap jewelry and to have this?? WOULD be sooo nice to have something decent for once for them!!

  • Danyale Dumont

    I have a kids’ card making workshop scheduled for June 30th and plan to schedule one for jewelry making and painting. This would truly help me. As a substitute teacher, I do not work during the summer and unemployment doesn’t pay much. I decided to do these workshops to get the kids out of the house and away from the video games! Crafts are a fantastic way to get kids’ imaginations flowing!! I would love to win this bead kit. It would help incredibly!!!

  • Brooke

    With three boys and only one daughter beads have become the one thing that she and I can together. It’s really brought us closer and though she’s only six, I definetly find that her style influences much of my own designs. I love how she doesn’t “over think” things and she just makes what inspires her. Maybe that’s why she inspires me so much. :)

  • Regina Ptacek

    My daughter just celebrated graduating 8th grade and her with friends have been making friendship bracelets. this would be a fun twist for them! would love to win this kit!!

  • My niece! She comes to a lot of jewelry shows with me and loves to make her own designs. She is my number 1 fan and her birthday is coming up. I know she would just love a beading party!

  • Ron

    Every visit is a craft party! I visit my godchildren (Jesse and Bree) several times a year, and one of our favorite things to do is to bead. We often have two weekend evenings to work — the first night is usually for making beads out of paper, seeds, clay, shrinking material, etc.). The second night is for stringing. We have a large extended family, so what begins with the three of us often ends up with 6-8+ kids and adults.

  • Tammy Sweeney

    My youngest daughter loves to bead. Actually all my children do, even my teenagers. Sometimes when i get stuck on color combinations they inspire me with there creations. It truly is a family effort. I only make one of a kind jewelry and pride myself on each piece being different.

  • I have a kid at home who loves to make jewelry and would be thrilled to be able to make it with her friends.

  • Kathi

    I would throw a beading birthday bash for my soon to be a 5 year old diva of a niece! I lived in Germany the majority of her life thus far and I have not had the opportunity to be close in proximity to her. I am such a proud Aunt and she shares my passion for making things especially jewelry!!! I would love to be able to create new pieces with her!!!

  • Kara

    Though I have a son, he is constantly asking to make jewelry since I do. He would LOVE to have his own stash of beads and love to share it with his friends!

  • Elizabeth Z

    What a wonderful idea! My son LOVES to bead with me, and is getting to be quite a creative little guy. I’d love to throw a beading party for him and his friends (both boys and girls), as they’re all getting into beading and crafts more and more.

  • Stacy Lamb

    My 2 niecec love to bead. Everytime they come tomy house they want to make a bracelet. My niece is turning 6 at the end of the month. It would be a great surprze to show up with this at the park for her birthday BBQue by the Delaware river.

  • oh pick me! pick me! Pretty please? lol This is perfect! I’ve been looking for party ideas for my daughter… and this is just what we need! I would love to use the kit for her 6th birthday party next month :D

  • This would be awesome for my daughter’s birthday.

  • My daughter loves to bead (she is only 2 1/2) It is challenging to find appropriate beads for her to use. This kit would be awesome to have and use for a bead party for my daughter and her friends.

  • Elaine Glasscock

    My daughter loves to bead with me. I have purchased Stretch Magic and some beads for her, and we sit down together at the kitchen table while her younger sister naps. It is such a special time for us. She would absolutely love to be able to have a beading party for her birthday so that she could share the fun and creativity with her friends. I know that it would really be a huge hit.

  • AJS

    My side daughter and many of her friends all love to bead – and it is quite the experience when one of her friends comes over – I’ve usually multiple projects on the go and they want to watch me instead of playing! A bead party for my side daughter’s birthday would go over very well, I think!

  • Em

    Schools Over! Time to make “See You at the Beach” bracelets.

  • Lisa D.

    A bead party for my daughter — my best beading buddy! Her birthday is in the fall, and I’m already planning for it. But if someone else is lucky enough to win, I still got some great ideas for the party. Thanks!

  • I would let my 5 year old grandson invite a few of his friends for just a summer get together and have the beading supplies set up at a table. The girls could make jewerly and the boys could make bugs. Just add a few pipe cleaners and you will be amazed at what they can create.

  • Ooo! My little girl is starting school this year, and oh how I would love to throw her a beading party for her birthday! She might be a little young, but maybe not? :) My son likes playing with beads too. He’s made me the most ‘interesting’ necklaces with beads he’s bought at the store. They’re very….eclectic. :D

    Thanks for the great ideas! The goodie bags would be excellent. And your display, as usual, is inspiring.

  • Stacy S

    I would love to win this for my kids-then they would have their OWN beads and would stay out of MOM’s Bead stash..lol

  • My SON would LOVE this! He is 13, & has really taken an interest in my beading… I just bought him several thousand seed beads to start making pins with… he would LOVE having his own stash lol

  • Jani White

    This would be a lovely way to get little beaders started on their beading journey!

  • My Isis turns 10 in August! On top of going to the water slides and having whatever cake she wants; this will be the PERFECT end to super birthday party! Thank you!


  • Wow!! My baby-girl is turning 8 yo in early July and she LOVES parties that are creative and fun!! My little bug (her nickname) enjoys being creative and enjoys having her little chick friends over so this would be a double bonus of fun and giggles. She’s a girly girl who loves jewelry and accessories. This would be PERFECT!

  • Laura Dorris

    I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old. They both have their birthday’s coming up this summer. We are so excited about the idea of a beading birthday party! My girls love following in the footsteps of their grandma (www.parrotise.com) who makes glass beads and jewelry. Even if we don’t win, I think we will still have beading/craft parties. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • My daughter is turning 4 in another month. She has her own collection of beads that she likes to “make jewelry” with while I’m working on projects. She would LOVE to have a birthday party about beads. I think we’ll do this even if we don’t win. A fabulous idea!

  • Chatty Simons

    My Grand Daughter Callista would love to have a Bead Party, she is turning 8th this month….she has had a lot of medical issues this past year and this would be just the thing to cheer up. She loves when Granny comes and we make jewelry.

    Thanks so much for giving us this chance and for all your wonderful advice.


  • Deb

    My niece will be turning 11 in August and she loves working with beads! She would flip to be able to have her own jewelry making party, like her Aunt does!

  • Cynthia H

    I would use this kit for me grandson and granddaughter to make pieces as I work on mine. They love to help with the jewelry making!! My grandson makes so well lets just say “out there” pieces. This would give them their own beads to play with and keep them out of mine for a little while.

  • Laura Dorris

    oops! The webpage I tried to refer to in my first post is actually http://www.parrotisebeads.com. Sorry for the typo!

  • Alisa

    My niece is about to turn 9, and she simply LOVES to bead! When she was old enough to sit up, she was always in my lap “helping” me bead! This would be simply perfect for her!

  • linda g

    my nephew would love having some auntie time with this.

  • My comment above may not have had my email… *sad* I think it went through before I typed it completely.

  • Lori Alleman

    I would be over the moon if I won this for my daughter, Makayla’s, birthday! She loves to sit next to me and make her own creations as I make mine. Her birthday is in September, and this year, we are doing a “center” type b-day party for all 3 of my kids to save some money. All 3 of them will have friends over and cycle through 3 sections each…space walk, a craft, and food. In theory, this is going to be spectacular! I know that the beaded bracelets would be perfect for the craft for Makayla’s friends!

  • Ashleigh F

    It is my neices birthday next month, and her mother doesn’t have much money to throw a party. I would love to surprise her with this set, and have her friends over to share the joy I get from beading. Thanks guys!

  • Mary

    I would have a party for my niece Quinn who just getting into crafts and wants to make jewelry like her aunt (me)!!

  • Mary Moody

    I would have a beading party for my three beautiful granddaughters. I have three sons and always wanted a little girl to play with — now I have three of them. And I’m trying to teach all of them to love beads as much as I do. I think it’s working.

  • I would throw a party for my grand kids who are coming to visit very soon!

  • Bonna

    No question! I would love to win this for my daughter to have a great beading party. She loves to join me in beading and has fun creating new designs and combinations. Fingers are crossed here!