Piercing and Riveting System Sneak Peek Giveaway!

There has been a buzz around the Creative Room here at FusionBeads.com about the new Piercing and Riveting System that will debut on our site on Monday May 2, 2011! We are all huge riveting fans, and this system makes the process of riveting such a breeze! This amazing tool is so easy to use, especially with the new technique that will be launched on Monday with it! With the riveting tool, you can punch holes in metal and apply rivets and eyelets without any extra tools. You don’t need a bench block, a hammer, or any blood, sweat and tears! The riveting system comes with the riveting tool as well as a huge array of rivets in brass, copper, gold and silver finishes.

The best part of it all is that we are going to give away one Piercing and Riveting System, valued at $89.95,  to one lucky person! To enter to win this giveaway, just leave a comment on this blog telling us why you’d like to learn how to rivet or, if you already know how to rivet, tell us what you love about riveting. Enter now, because the giveaway will end on Friday, May 6, 2011, 4 PM PDT! We will randomly select a winner and send out an e-mail, so keep an eye out on your inboxes!


Good Luck! – Sara

485 comments to Piercing and Riveting System Sneak Peek Giveaway!

  • Lisa Law

    This is the classy way to bedazzle! Would love to own this tool.

  • Lisa

    What a unique tool…and great way to connect pieces of metal…I love the SteamPunk trend and this tool be a great asset to me!

  • oooooh, it looks so yummy. I want it because I think cold connections are hot!

  • oooooo….. I love it! Makes me drool with desire (pretty picture, huh?). I think cold connections are HOT!

  • Sheri

    I have always loved the look of rivets, but considered it too difficult or time-consuming. This tool sounds like the perfect item to make riveting fun AND easy!!

  • Oooo! I’d love to rivet! I have a handheld hole punch, but it broke :-( So now I’d really like to replace it with a system that can punch and rivet so I don’t worry about marring my pieces with a hammer!

  • karen roberts

    I have been using a drill at the Gem & Mineral Society to drill holes in my metals. I also have some patterns I want to try that have riviting in them so its something I would like to learn, One of our instructors has a similar hole punch we used for a copper enameling class. It was really cool and I would love to have one, I want to learn every aspect of beading and metalwork and I want to teach others what I know. This would help me a lot because the drill bits are usually broken and I have to hunt for new ones. Thank you

  • Mary Lewis

    I’d like to learn to rivet to add another tool to my toolbox…

  • I think this new tool will save me lots of time and heartache. I do rivets now and you have to line up and make sure your hold is right and then you can never really get the whole the right size. The old rivet tool is not match for this new one. I have been trying to save enough money to buy one.

  • I would to have great tools to learn riveting.

  • Lori

    I have wanted to learn how to rivet for the longest time and the many tools that I would need to purchase has held me back. this new tool is the answer to my prayers
    Lori Ortiz

  • adrianne hazelwood

    This tool looks like riveting just might not seem so scary anymore… I think I NEED it!!

  • Cathy Long

    I’m always looking for new ways to update and improve my jewelry making skills. I’d love to try it! :)

  • Stacy Radabaugh

    I can’t wait to try this out! I have been looking at this for a while…

  • Riveting is like learning to cook seafood well. It’s very intimidating until you know the tips, tricks and techniques. I’d love to learn those and overcome my fear of pounding metal!

  • Lori

    I would love to learn to rivet. I’m thinking of personalized Christmas ornaments for coworkers neighbors, teachers, hair stylists, etc. I’ll have to get started… only 7 months away! :)

  • Janet

    Am attempting to do riveting the ‘old-fashioned way’ but would love to try this ‘new-fangled’ gadget!

  • I love cold connections. Unfortunately, my system . . . or lack of. . .isn’t fun or easy! I would love to win!

  • Kathryn

    I started jewelry making last summer, and am always looking for new techniques to try. Riveting would allow me more flexibility and creativity in working with different metal (or other materials) components.

  • Cat

    The rivet tools are awesome. I’ve seen different sized/shaped pieces of filigree painted/patinaed and layered together with rivets – what a great way to design unique and lovely jewelry items!

  • I would like to win this because I’ve never tried riveting…. a free tool like this would be a great way to get started!

    P.S. Please keep these blog giveaways coming!!! :D

  • I would love to win this tool because I’ve never tried riveting, and this free tool would be a great way to get started!

  • Cheryl D.

    I would love to have an easier tool in the making of my jewelry .The riveter I have now is an old Dinosaur.

  • Nicole M.

    I would really like to win this tool. I’ve never used one before, but I would love to learn and create new jewelry. It looks like a lot of fun!

  • Patricia

    Hi folks.
    I love the look of metal jewelry and would love to learn and expand my skills with riveting tools! :D
    Pat n

  • Would love to use this type riveting tool. Looks a lot easier than the squeeze type. Like to give it a try.

  • Zahava

    I love the look of riveted metal jewelry, and wish I could experiment with my own, but the whole idea seems so intimidating. Anything that promises to make it doable is probably something I need to have! :-)


  • Andrea Taylor

    Oh man, this is exciting, everytime I need to rivet seems like it’s during someones nap time, and I always annoy the household with the sound of hammering indoors! I love that riveting is an easy way to create mixed metal pieces and it’s such a great way to think outside of the box when putting peices together.

  • Louise Turner

    I never win anything but this would be a particularly great time to do so as I’m just starting out in metalworking and would love to add to my small collection of tools.

  • terry

    I have researched riveting and would love to be able to include it in my designs. The look is soo cool! and in style want it want it

  • Dorothy

    Why would I totally love to receive a riveting tool give-a-way???? Well, for one thing, there must be a moment in my day when I’m not already doing some fun jewelry-making activity, and this sounds like the perfect way to fill that up with another wonderful activity. Seriously, though… it’s always looked like such a great technique to add to designing, and I’ve never felt so much like I could do it as I do after seeing your “preview.” Now, gotta get off the keyboard so I can cross my fingers as well as my (already crossed) toes in hopes that will help my luck!! Dorothy

  • Mary

    I love riveting and would like to have tools which make it less time consuming. I’m interested in this tool because it seems to “do it all.”

  • kalia xiong

    I would love to learn how to rivet. I think it would definitely assist me with jewelry and clothing making. I’m a starter, so knowing to use such would help.

  • Kathy

    I would love to have a riveting tool to add to my crafts. It is how I make extra money to live off of. I am on a limited income, and I think it would help make some very cool items. I would not be able to afford it otherwise.

  • I’ve seen this online. I haven’t tried riveting yet, but I think it would be fun to play with. I am also wanting to learn metalsmithing.

  • What a great tool to be able to teach my students new and exciting designs and techniques!!
    When they ask where did I get it from, I will be able to say Fusion Beads!! I know where they will go to purchase one! Wow, another wonderful tool to use in the wonderful creative world of beading

  • I’ve only done the old school type riviting in a scrapbook, I would LOVE to learn how to use this tool in my new jewelry business!

  • Nancy

    I would find it very helpful with all my crafts. I am trying to start a craft business and it would come in handy.

  • Mona Schmidt

    I think it would be great fun to learn how to rivet and create multi-dimensional jewelry!

  • Elvie

    Any tool that would be eliminate the hammer and bench is a plus. Age is catching up on me and can’t take too much pounding and this riveting tool looks easy and might just be the answer.

  • Leslie

    I love riveting but I’m not all that good at it. I think this tool is just what I need. I have tons of scrap leather – what’s a gal to do with it but rivet some bracelets, right? or some handles on bags? or who knows what? come one, pick me! sigh. I NEED this thing!

  • This looks like a great tool! I do a little riveting but I’m still a bit intimidated by the process – I think this tool might help with that.

  • Melissa

    I am crazy about mixed metal jewelry and love the way rivets add texture and interest to mixed metal designs. This tool is just what I need to make riveting my mixed metal pieces easier!

  • I’ve just recently started using riveting for the side pieces of my Arwen bridge headdresses, and this tool would be invaluable in making that job easier. I love the various types of rivets that can be used with it, too!

  • Lea

    I’d LOVE to get this tool! I’ve been looking for a way to incorporate my lampwork beads and metal discs & riveting is the way to go. I have problems with my hands and this would make my life so much easier.

  • Alice

    This looks like a great tool to have! I’ve been wanting to learn how to rivit so I can add dimension to my jewelry.

  • vikki

    I love to try new things, and riveting sounds like such fun. Vikki

  • Cristina

    I love learning new techniques. This tool looks like it would make learning riveting very easy while giving a novice the precision they need to be encouraged to continue designing with with rivets.

  • Jess T

    Anything that cuts down on the hammer and bench block…. cuts riveting time and half…. Ding ding ding we have a winner!!!!! I would love love love to add this to my small collection of tools!

  • I love the pic above and think there is artistry in the tool on it’s own merit. Other then that just think of all the possibilitites!! Ahh riveting!! So many moving parts, so much to love.