Piercing and Riveting System Sneak Peek Giveaway!

There has been a buzz around the Creative Room here at FusionBeads.com about the new Piercing and Riveting System that will debut on our site on Monday May 2, 2011! We are all huge riveting fans, and this system makes the process of riveting such a breeze! This amazing tool is so easy to use, especially with the new technique that will be launched on Monday with it! With the riveting tool, you can punch holes in metal and apply rivets and eyelets without any extra tools. You don’t need a bench block, a hammer, or any blood, sweat and tears! The riveting system comes with the riveting tool as well as a huge array of rivets in brass, copper, gold and silver finishes.

The best part of it all is that we are going to give away one Piercing and Riveting System, valued at $89.95,  to one lucky person! To enter to win this giveaway, just leave a comment on this blog telling us why you’d like to learn how to rivet or, if you already know how to rivet, tell us what you love about riveting. Enter now, because the giveaway will end on Friday, May 6, 2011, 4 PM PDT! We will randomly select a winner and send out an e-mail, so keep an eye out on your inboxes!


Good Luck! – Sara

485 comments to Piercing and Riveting System Sneak Peek Giveaway!

  • Here is the thing about riveting… I have no patience whatsoever so it never turns out for me! The first time I riveted in a class I did it perfectly but that is a curse. I have never been able to do it correctly since, and because I never experienced the lows with riveting I have no idea how to fix it! I saw this in action last summer at the Bead & Button show when it was debuted and had the opportunity to be one of the first to have one, but I thought that it was a bit pricey. But after messing up countless projects because I have no idea how to do it, that cost seems minor now. I am totally getting one of these by the time I come home from Bead & Button for sure!
    Thank you for the chance to win. I love your site!

    Enjoy the day!

  • Maria

    Riveting is the next technique I want to learn, and I’ve had this tool on my wish list since I first heard about it. Winning it would be fabulous!

  • Debbie overman

    I am intrigued with metal jewlry and would love to learn more metal working techniques. New tools just make everything more fun, and easy to spend lots of money on creating creating projects…… I could use this one for paper projects also…. Debbie overman

  • Carole

    I can rivet, and love the way I can make moving pieces with it. This tool would make it a lot easier, so I’d love to win ti.

  • Carole

    Win IT, I mean.

  • Mel

    ooh I would really love to learn to rivet. I live in an apartment, where I don’t have a studio area, so using things like heat and fire are not quite as safe — so cold connections are the way to go for me! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a cool new toy!

  • Dana

    I would love to give this a try

  • Omgosh I NEED that! I have been wanting one! Rivet, rivet, rivet!

  • Tory Whatley

    I love metal work and wire work and would love to learn how to rivet and incorporate it into my designs! I love innovative products and anything that makes aspects of the design process easier!

  • Ok I didn’t say that I have actually been using filigree, and wanted to try riveting with some of those pieces. That’s how I would use it.

  • Carol Logie

    I can think or many projests that would come in handy for!!

  • Rita Reedy

    I absolutely love this product! I haven’t ever owned one myself, but a friend of mine says it is the best thing ever and I want my own. Thanks for the chance to win. <3

  • Sharon Gacek

    I would really like to learn more about riviting to enhance my jewlery. To date, all I have done is beading but winning these two items would give a chance to embellish my designs. Very interesting…..

  • Julie Kline

    I really want to learn how to rivit! It would be GREAT to win this!

  • Hello,

    I am a new home based business owner. I am branching out into many fields of jewelry making. Having a Riveting system would expand the possibilities of the products I would be able to create and offer to others. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win this product

  • I have always wanted to try this tool! I rivet quite a bit and have tried several methods, but this looks like it would be almost fool proof.

  • I would love to have this tool! I just started working with metals in the last few months. I’ve been really fascinated by the cold join methods. If I had this, I could give them a whirl.

  • I am ALWAYS trying something new and finding new ways to use a technique or tool in a new way. I would LOVE to try my hand at riveting. I just made a custom logo with wire for a client who is a professional chef in Hawaii, and I kept wanting to expand my knowledge with metal. This this would have been perfect for my project. Hopefully I win so I can incorporate this into future designs!

  • I am a seed beader, and would love to expand into wire and metal work. I just purchased a piece of altered copper, and this cool tool would make it so easy to learn, and take up so little space! I would love to win!

  • lee maynard

    would love to have one of these

  • Donna

    I am a big fan of riveting–I took a class at Beadfest Wire in Philadelphia and got a little better at it. I saw this tool advertised and would LOVE to have it, but couldn’t swing it financially right now. I would be really happy to win it- just think how well I could rivet then!

  • would love to win this because I mess up every rivet I try to use and I have so many idea for using rivets.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Michelle

    Wow, what a prize..I NEED one too, as I purchased a pair of Vasque hiking boots a few years ago at Savers..all the plastic eyes have ripped out–hardly got to wear them..great boots, suckey eyes..the shoe cobbler wants around $40-45 to fix them..I’m on a serious budget, as many are..this would help me tremendously~and help me lose weight by hiking with those boots!! ~:o)

  • Ana Mercado

    This is the next phase of jewelry learning for me and For me, cold connections is the best way to start in this area of jewelry making

    I’ve been looking at the riveting and other metal work tools, but in all honesty, I’ve got to wait till I can afford it.

  • Lisa

    This looks like a wonderful tool! I haven’t done any riveting, mostly because I haven’t learned how. I’m looking forward to learning the new technique (although any riveting technique is ‘new’ to me! lol) and expanding my jewelry making experience. I love working with wire and this looks like it would be the next logical step for me. Thanks for posting the blog!

  • Bridie Furlong

    Just read about this neat gadget this week ! Would be grrrreat 2 win it !!!

  • Would be fun to try something new! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Donna Ward

    Always looking for a new technique to bring into my jewelry making. And gadgets to make it easier is always on my list. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  • Lori

    This is the one tool that I haven’t got yet and would really love to have. I love working with metals and other mixed media. Winning it would be awesome!

  • Noemi Studie

    I’d love to learn to rivet to add the technique to my skills and add a wonderful new element to my pieces.

  • Lovely timing. Riveting is something I have been recently wanting to try out. Having a contraption like this would definitely help me out being that I’d be a beginner. :)

    Thanks for the offer!

  • Melanie

    I would love to use a piercing and riveting tool that does not require hammering. I love working with found object and recycling, and this is a great way stack items, as well as turn something without a bale into a hanging pendant through piercing. Please pick me!

  • yvonne hurt

    oh how i would love to win this a great piece for adding to my multi media necklaces …totally awesome!:)

  • Sara

    I have worked out of the home for over 30 years and I have been at home due to a back injury 2 years ago. I get bored easily and this would be my 3rd craft to enjoy learning and making goodies for family and friends.

  • metalsmithing is my dream. i would love this :)

  • OH i would SOO love this tool!!! I am already counting the ways i can use it!!!

  • I’d love to learn with this to enhance my jewelry making techniques for my awareness jewelry. Thank you

  • I’ve been dying to try out this new riveting system. It looks like such a time-saver. :D

  • Samantha

    I could really use one of those for my small beadz start up goals. ;o)

  • Brenda

    I would love a tool like this to take my jewelry making to the next level. I have just started to explore cold connection possibilities in my designs.

  • Julie Speaks

    I’m a new stamping fanatic. I have had so much fun learning new stamping techniques on how to make quality jewelry for my friends and family and with luck a business one day. I was unaware of the riveting system until reading it on my Facebook page which led me here. I have the tool that allows me to make holes in my stamping blanks but not the amazing finished look that this system will add. Thank you for offering such a wonderful giveaway and I’m hoping this post finds its way to allowing me to own it.

  • Sloane

    After taking the class at Fusion I am addicted to riveting!
    AND after taking a soldering class( elsewhere) I am REALLY addicted to riveting! So many options and ideas, this tools would keep me in my studio for hours !

  • So Fusion, what would you like me to comment on? Would you like me to comment on how wonderful it is to get free shipping on your site? Or how quickly supplies arrive after I place an order or maybe how easy your site is to use, or maybe that your prices are awesome which is even more amazing with the free shipping? ….Just asking…..Just sayin’ :-) Oh by the way, I would love to win this giveaway!!!!

  • Mary

    I love tools!! this would make riveting so much easier!! would love to win this! thanks for the great Giveaway!!

  • Each year I strive to learn one or two new techniques and riveting is on my to do list so any tool that will make it simpler would be a great tool to have.


    I would love to learn riveting!!! this looks amazing and like it would just add more fun to jewelry making!!! Thanks good luck everyone :0)

  • Karin

    Looks like so much fun!

  • Sue W

    A friend bought one at the Bead & Button Show last year and let me try it. I must say it is far easier to place rivets with one of these! I’d love to win one!!!

  • I’d love to have this! I just received a craft it forward gift with rivets and I wish I had the capability to do the same project!!! My dad taught me how to use one a while ago, but I don’t have the money for one now ): miss it!

  • Deb Temple

    I have been wanting to learn metal working for forever. I have seen some really awesome designs with rivets, I have wanted to try. I addition, I believe this too also creates holes in metal, I have broken drill bits trying to get a hole into a piece of metal of earrings. I finally gave that up. Would like to try this tool for that as well.