Give the Perfect Gift of Large Hole Bead Charm Bracelets!

Charm bracelets have been popular gifts to give for years now, since they are so easy to make and to personalize. A new charm-style bracelet trend has popped up recently that features large hole beads strung onto a pre-made large bracelet or necklace beading chain. This trend is perfect for adults and children because it can be interpreted in a classic and elegant way or with fun and youthful beads. The thing that I love most about these charm-style bracelets is that they can be so personalized for any person on any occasion. Here is a list of some occasions for which the gift of a beautiful large hole bead charm bracelet is perfect:

1. Mothers’ Day
Check out this brand new bracelet on that includes beads chosen just for mom. From beads with the words “mom” and “love” to a sparkling pink Swarovski Crystal BeCharmed bead, your love and appreciation for your mother will not be missed when you hand her this gift. Click here to learn how to make the My Charming Mother bracelet.

2. New Baby
Whether you are attending a baby shower or just visiting a new mother, a sweet charm bracelet with baby-themed beads will always be a wonderful reminder of her joys of motherhood. Click here to learn how to make the Bundle of Joy bracelet!

3. Girlfriend’s Birthday, Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower
Make your girlfriend a bracelet that will bring back all the memories of fun times you’ve shared! Click here to learn how to make Girls’ Night Out, a fabulous bracelet design!

4. Christmas or Other Holidays
We have a great selection of large hole holiday beads, perfect for Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and other occasions! Click here to learn how to make Christmas Memories, a bracelet that is sure to make a few new memories!

5. Graduation
With graduation coming up in May and June, you can make a lasting impression with a charm bracelet tailored to your favorite grad. Spell out the grad’s name with alphabet beads and string on a birthstone bead to make it even more personal!

6. Inspiration
If you have a friend struggling through a difficult time in her life, show her your support and give a her a bracelet with encouraging words to help keep her head up! Click here to see our awareness beads and click here to see our message beads!

7. Religious Ceremonies
Click here to see all of our large hole religion beads, perfect to give as a gift at a religious ceremony, such as a baptism or confirmation!

8. Birthdays
Fill up a bracelet or make a starter bracelet that someone can add to for the perfect birthday gift! You can get creative with this one and choose the recipient’s favorite things out of the following categories: animal beads, music beads, nature beads, accessory beads, or you can be straightforward and festive with our birthday and celebration beads!

Have fun with large hole bead charm bracelets – they are gifts that will last a lifetime!

Celebrate! – Sara

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