Wow! Look at the Save the Children Donation Results!

At the beginning of April, and TierraCast teamed up to donate $1 to Save the Children for each Tree of Life Charm that you, our amazing customers, purchased all the way through April 22nd. All of this money is being donated for Tsunami relief in Japan, including not only immediate relief, but also long-term recovery plans that support education and child care in communities that have been ravaged by the disaster. With your AMAZING help, we were able to donate…$1500!!!

On behalf of, I can’t even begin to express my joy and thankfulness for each of you who pitched in and helped with this charity! I am incredibly proud of this community and I wish I could give you all a big pat on the back! Fantastic job, you guys!!! Your donations are truly appreciated, both by and most of all by the children and families who will benefit from this generosity!

Thank You! – Sara

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