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Are you in need of some jewelry products to inspire your bridal jewelry designs this season? Whether you are a bride, a bridesmaid or a wedding attendee, you will need some stunning and fabulous jewelry! I have picked out the most beautiful, high quality beads, filigrees, pendants, chain and findings to help you create the most gorgeous wedding jewelry! To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment on this blog post saying how you would incorporate some or all of these products into your wedding designs! You can even let us know who you’ll be making the jewelry for! Make sure to enter now, because the giveaway ends on Wednesday, April 27, at 4:00 PM PDT!

Since this giveaway is packed with sparkles galore, here is a list of all the goodies that you’ll receive if you win!

50 – 4mm Cream Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls (PL5001)
30 – 6mm Cream Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls (PL5301)
20 – 8mm Cream Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls (PL5501)
2 – 12x7mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Teardrop Sew-On Stones (EW0415)
2 – 16mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Baroque Pendants (SC2701)
2 – 16mm Crystal Golden Shadow Swarovski Elements Crystal Pear-shaped Pendants (SC4480)
1 – 20mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Gold Plated Filigree (RI1335)
1 – 29.5mm Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Gold Plated Filigree (RI2057)
1 – 8x19mm Gold-Filled Oval Filigree Clasp (GF3023)
1 pair – 16mm Gold-Filled Cubic Zirconia Ear Wire (GF3125)
18 inches – 1.7mm Gold-Filled Elongated Curb Chain (CN1102)

Good Luck! – Sara

266 comments to Enter Our Wedding Giveaway!

  • Brenda Wergin

    these are beautiful!! my fiance niece is getting married this summer, myself,next spring, my daughter the following yr!! I WOULD LOVE TO CREATE SOMETHING PERSONAL WITH THESE!

  • I love making things for the people I know, whether they are family, friends, or people I work with or relate to in other ways from my doctor to others. My dental hygeneist is getting married in June and she doesn’t have a lot of money to get elaborate items such as jewelry. Looking at these lovely products I can envision the gorgeous choker they would make, which would be a lovely accent to her sweetheart cut wedding dress. She would be unexpectedly delighted with this gift and it would give me great pleasure to enhance her wedding day in this way. The beautiful choker I would make might just convince her to switch out the bracelet and earrings she has already bought! I hope I have a chance to add something special to her day!

  • Mitzi Lindsey

    OMG! The fantasies I can create in my head w/ these beads ~ imagine the real thing! Getting married in Oct. ~ would be wonderful to create jewelry for the wedding.

  • abi

    I am making handfasting ribbons for our wedding ceremony. I thought that allowing my children to do the fasting would be a nice way to show that we are a family. I would love to use some of these items to adorn the ribbons which once tied are to remain tied and will be displayed in our home. I will be making the project myself.

  • Wow! Just what any designer needs. I don’t know anyone getting married this year though my husband and I will getting handfasted next year to celebrate our 10 anniversary.

  • Ana Mercado

    I have some friends who are getting married, and I would love nothing more than to make gifts for them, and their wedding party. The brides to be haven’t chosen the gift for their bridal party yet. One of my friends is like a sister to me. I would love to have the materials to work with.
    Ana Mercado

  • Lizbeth McDonald

    My husband and I are renewing our vows in October, These would be perfect to make the jewelry for me and my girls!!! The mix of different elements is Perfect!!! Whoever wins these beauties will be a lucky lucky gal!!!

  • I’m getting married next year and am doing a lot of things diy. This would be the perfect for me to make jewelry for the wedding!

  • Marguerite

    I have a wedding coming up in two weeks and I am making the jewelry for myself and 3 other bridesmaids. I also know of two other friends who are getting married and these pieces would really help in creating something beautiful for the brides.

  • Becca

    Oh, wow, these are epic – what an inspiration! I would love to use the largest Swarovski filigree as a focal for drapes of pearl strands. For a slight exotic touch to the wedding, the smaller filigree would be beautiful beaded onto a Indian-style veil with a lining of ribbon. What a glorious set!

  • I’d definitely do earrings with the crystals and a necklace with the pearls and pendants…you picked lovely items for the giveaway, I love everything you included!

  • Keri

    These are beautiful and the ideas are already flowing. I would love to have these!

  • April Blue Colton

    “Cream Swarovski”

    My homage to thee
    Cream Swarovski
    Pearls so fine
    @Fusion, I can mine

    Crystal golden shadow
    My hands must go
    Crystal gold filigree
    Come on,Speak to me

    Beads in four,six,eight
    I do appreciate
    Edie Sedgwick style
    Pearls I must pile

    Crystal and curb chain
    Hand in hand on wedding lane
    Cream peals Swarovski
    For me and my Honey B(ee)!

  • marie

    My only son is marrying the love of his life sept 2012, his beautiful fiancee loves everything I bead, so I would love to use these gorgeous pearls and make her a simple but elegant necklace & bracelet, and one for her sister who will be maid of honor, I will also be making jewelry for the 2 moms (that includes me)
    I love giving my jewelry as gifts, enjoy seeing people wear my creations.

  • I would give these to my daughter so she could make herself something very special to wear at her wedding this June! She has designed and created jewelry worn by famous people throughout the world!

  • Yvette

    There is always someone in my family getting married. I would love to have this box to play with for the next one! I’m sure I could find a way to use all these lovelies.

  • Alice Ahrens

    Would love to have these pretty wedding beads!

  • Shari LaLaine

    Gorgeous beads! I would use these beads to create a Bridal ensemble;(necklace, earrings & bracelet)for my Daughter to give to her when she gets married. Thank You ~ Shari

  • Teresa Kerr

    I’m fairly new to beading and would absolutely love these!

  • faye

    What a beautiful assortment of stones/ beads/pendents/
    for a stunning bride.
    I would make the necklace with the pendent on the right with the pearls so surrounding it….of course matching earrings, and bracelet….
    Lucky person who wins this.

  • Brenda

    These are gorgeous~ Have a client that would love anything made with these!

  • Christiana

    Wedding season has started. These would be great to create some royal-ly inspired wedding pieces and add some classic pieces to this year’s designs. Pearls and drops never go out of style!

  • Tory Whatley

    I never got to have a wedding of my own so I love to make other brides dreams come true in any way I can. These beads would be a great addition to my less traditional colored stones and gems! And, with my sister’s wedding quickly approaching in October, I could use them to make a stunning set for her to wear on her big day!



  • margarita

    My Daughter is set to be married September 2012 not only will she become a wife but a mother of three…money is tight and having to provide for an instant family limits money for extras…she is borrowing a dress and what a wonderful surprise to have her “new” be a necklace created by her proudest Mom.

  • Jennifer Tolley

    I would use the largest flower for a hair piece and then use the smaller flower as the focus of a necklace with some of the pearls then make earrings with the tear drop crystals and some pearls.

  • reenie

    For my lovely niece – She wants a satin strapless gown. She is more of a tomboy so the simpler, the better. but what is a wedding dress without pizazz. So, I would use the ensemble to enhance the dress under the bust line with swags of chain an pearl. Then a simple drop earring – no necklace for this plain jane

  • Jaellra

    Beautiful selection! I’m getting married later this year with a small wedding party, probably just a maid of honor. I would love to use these to make something for myself and my maid of honor!

  • Shirley Dilts

    I would make a choker out of the pearls and gold. Earrings with the pearls and crystal drops. And some of all for bracelet. I love to make beautiful bridal jewelry. My daughters Mother-in-law just asked me Sunday to make jewelry for her daughter. This would be great.

  • Leann Walker

    I am getting married 11/11/2011, just a few months away! I started making rosaries about two months ago and have grown to love making different types of jewelry. My favorite part of this set would be making a bracelet and an earring set to match my pearls that my grandmother gave me before she passed in 2007. I would also use other pieces to make a rosary to wrap around my bouquet. It would be so special and unique to be able to say I made my own jewelry for my wedding!
    I love your pick of jewelry! The pieces are beautiful!
    Leann Walker

  • ooooh, I love swarovski pearls! I would use those to make small cluster dangles to hang from those gold earwires. :)

  • Keesha

    I would use these beads to make some jewelry for my coworker who is getting married in July. It would be a great present and then she would have one more thing crossed off her list!

  • Val

    Beautiful beads for a beautiful bride and earrings for her maid of honor.

    I’ve a cousin getting married in June who has asked me to make a pearl choker with some sort of a pendant or drop. These would be so very lovely and match the gown perfectly.

  • I would make several really cool pieces for my new bridal collection:)

  • Maggie Minnich

    When I first saw the gift set, my eyes went to the crystal baroque pendants. I think I would make a beautiful pearl choker with one of the pendants in the front, so it would highlight the bride’s neck and draw attention to her glowing face! Of course, pearl earrings and a bracelet would be made to match. Would LOVE to win this set!!

  • rebecca

    My youngest daughter is getting married in August and has ask me to make her some jewelry. The creamy pearls would match her ivory dress perfect!

  • I actually just bought some gorgeous lace trim to make lace cuff bracelets and bib necklaces. I think lace is so romantic and these pearls and shiny adornments would be perfect with lace.

  • Linda DeVito

    I have been collecting crystals and pearls here and there to make my own wedding jewelry. I get the pieces here and there so that I dont have to buy them all at once and spend lots in one shot. I have dreamed of creating that “wow” piece of jewelry so my future husband will look at me with amazement. I want to create that piece first then plan everything around it, my dress, nail polish and flowers. I want this to be perfect!

  • Colleen Watson

    I love the quality of Swarovski and I love to incorporate the crystals and pearls in my designs.

  • My daughter is getting married in June next year. I love to bead. These beads would make some amazing jewelry. I am already designing in my head!

  • Mary Muller

    Gorgeous! Pearls and crystals – can’t go wrong!

  • Elaine Kitchen

    These are just beautiful! Would love to work pretty things with these.

  • Kiki

    Pearls are always a classic, the crystals add a pop and would make fabulous earrings. I would make a 3 layer necklace with the beautiful pendant as the focal point or maybe something asymetric.

  • Luanne

    Well,,, I have a fiance’, and we want to get married, but things get in the way sometimes. So we wait just a little longer – until I can get my new jewelry put together!!! Yeaaa!!! ;-)

  • Sue


  • I am getting married to the love of my life after 12 years. We have been thru so much and have not just survived, but we have thrived in our relationship. I love making jewelry and have planned my small wedding to be a DIY event. I would love to be able to afford to make my bridal party all of their jewelry, and winning this would help, big time!!

  • I LOVE pearls! Any and all kinds. I love to use pearls when bead crocheting… it makes fantastic and beautiful necklaces and bracelets. I love the baroque pendants…wow!! Those would make great bridal necklaces or fabulous hair pieces! Thank you for the inspiration :)

  • Audrey Pounder

    I have a friend who is getting married in the fall. He doesn’t have much money and is really scrimping to afford this wedding. I met his fiance and really like her a lot. It would be nice to make her a necklace to wear with her dress out of these beautiful beads.

  • I love beading bridal jewelry…they always look good in pearls.

  • Laura B

    I would use these beads to make the ‘Here comes the bride’ necklace on your website. I am making a silver-tone version for my cousin’s wedding this July. I am getting married myself in August and really like the gold filigree and chain for a necklace.