Handmade Artist Bead Giveaway!

At FusionBeads.com, we love to carry the most beautiful and innovative artist beads. Supporting these artists and getting to know them is a joy for us, and we want to share our love of handmade artist beads with you! We are going to give away the amazing and supremely detailed Summer Dusk Cylinder Bead by Heart Beads to one lucky winner. The background of this bead is created by layering up to a dozen colors and clear shading while forming and shaping the glass bead in a flame. Glass enamel mixed with oils is applied with a steady, practiced hand to give each bead its intricate detailing. The bead is then fired again to fuse the enamel, and the process is repeated on the bead’s other side. We couldn’t be happier to share this work of art with you!

To enter to win this bead, just leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you would like to do with this bead if you win it! The last day to enter the contest is Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 4 PM PDT. A winner will be randomly selected and notified by e-mail.

Good Luck! – Sara

423 comments to Handmade Artist Bead Giveaway!

  • Lesa

    I dress up as a pirate for the Relay for Life and the group I’m in do events to collect money for the cancer society. I would either make a necklace or bracelet out of this bead. The colors go with my pirate outfit! I might even use it in a raffle with proceeds going to Relay for Life!

  • Carole Vincent

    This is really a beautiful bead!!! I would use it in a necklace with a few crystals.

  • melanie bunner

    i am sooo impressed. this is georgeous. i want to learn lampwork, and this bead gives me even more motivation to do so. i would love to have this bead to use as the focal point in a necklace made using seed beads woven in the same colors, with lots of fringe.


  • Laura Jeffery

    The color combination on this bead, blend together wonderfully, earth, water and sky. The artist has given alot of color options. A necklace with this bead as the focal pendant piece would be perfect. It’s a beautiful bead

  • Stephanie Pierret

    This would make a beautiful pendant to go with my navy dress. Colors are lovely and the design is fabulous.
    Love it!

  • Debra Wagenecht

    I would make it the focal point of a bracelet. Then I could admire it all day long!

  • Ragina Y.

    This bead will be a good challenge for the desgin talents I’m lacking, but I love to bead. and practice makes perfect.

  • Not only GORGEOUS but also my favorite colors, I see a knockout necklace built around this work of art! It may also lend itself to a spectacular headband or tiara, but it MUST be the focal point! Thanks for sharing! bobi

  • Roxanne

    Beautiful! I would make it the focal piece of a necklace. Details TBD.

  • I would use it to make a necklace for my daughter!

  • gaynell garner

    This would make a very nice focal point for anything and it is my favorite color.

  • Donna

    Our dear friends just lost their 18 year old son to a terrible car accident. They are from Vermont and Dylan loved the outdoors, champion snowboarder too. I would make a bookmark with the bead for my girlfriend who insists on finishing her son’s book. The colors on the bead emmulate Dylans love of nature.His Memorial is at 1:30 today. R.I.P.

  • It is an amazing bead and I can think of so many things to do with it. First thing that comes to mind is a spiral rope with fringe necklace but it also temps me to try it with a wire frame with beads to pick up the colors.

  • OH the possibilities! This beautiful bead would make a fabulous focal point for any piece. I see it dangling from a oxidized sterling silver chain, surrounded by crystals and moonstones, labradite and jade. Enhanced by accents of hand twisted wire. For versatility, it should be placed on a lobster claw clasp and pin so it could adorn your favorite purse, clipped to your favorite jacket, or just hung in the window to catch the light!

  • Sarah Barksdale

    Oh WOW! This piece is SO BEAUTIFUL! I am thinking in my mind of all the different creations I could make with this! I would definitely make a necklace and incorporate the bead colors with all of the colors in the pendant. My mother would LOVE this and I would make this with love for her. It is absolutely gorgeous and I admire the artist that made it!

  • kelly

    i would make a choker with delicate wire and some crystals… with a dangle to hold the bead…

  • melissa tillbrook

    I LOVE these beads!!! Want one bad!!

  • Cheryl

    Make a necklace for my awesome mother for Mother’s Day!

  • Lori

    Love this gorgeous bead! I would make this into a necklace with an off-loom beading technique.

  • Erin Zander

    I would use coordinating colors of seed beads and crystals to have multiple stands going in and then coming out of the bottom as dangles. Maybe some cool silver charms or beads or maybe even some pmc as accents.

  • I would most likely create a necklace with this bead as the focal. The colors are beautiful and it has many possibilities!

  • Annie M Hoffman

    I love the trees on this bead, they remind me of the Tree of Life. I would use this in a bracelet, so I can see it too ! Lovely Work ~~~

  • Rhonda Mann

    So lovely, I am constantly amazed when artists can capture God’s beauty. I make a lot of organic jewelry and really like to dress up retro purses. I think it would be great as jewelry on a purse or as a pull on a purse zipper. Just wonderful, the ideas don’t stop.

  • Cassie Rutledge

    I would wear it as a necklace with all the colors to represent that it reminds me a far away place where it spirituality and silence and all you hear are the trees in the wind. I think it captures God’s elegance and beauty saying that he never alone. Then I wouldn’t feel alone at all.

  • Alena R

    This is very beautiful! I would use it as a focal bead on a necklace with dark colored pearls.

  • Shirley

    Absolutely beautiful. I would make a pendant with this. It needs an interesting mounting but not much more to detract from the bead.

  • Pat Simons

    This BEEEUTIFUL bead would be the focal point in an incredible free form beaded embroidery bracelet cuff with thousands of tiny seed beads surrounding and supporting it. YUM!

  • Bri

    To me, that bead is kind of screaming to be made into a pendant.

  • JoAnne

    This is gorgeous! My stepdaughter does beautiful hemp work and I think this would really look great as the focal of a woven choker with some matching accent beads around the sides.

  • brenda thomas

    I collect tree pictures and would make this into a beautiful focal bead for a necklace to remember my Mom that just passed.

  • I would use this to make a beautiful macrame necklace, along with smaller beads, to give to a friend who appreciates beautiful beads and works of art. This would make her feel beautiful, as every woman should.

  • JoAnn Baker

    This beautiful bead would be the focal point of a necklace. Too many options to list.

  • Diana B

    Everything about this bead is beautiful and sublime, but the texture on the trees is really something!

  • Marie Hinchy

    I would love to make a drop pendant for the bottom of a rosary style necklace using this bead. It delightful as a centerpiece for a work of jewelry art.

  • JudyA

    What a wonderful piece of art!!! I would love to make a necklace with this as the focal point!

  • Karen McG

    I can see this bead as a focal bead in a pretty necklace. It is so lovely!

  • Jennifer Rocco

    It would be a pendant on a necklace for sure!

  • Marybeth Tello

    These are completely reminiscent of the pottery from the late art nouveau/ art deco period coming out of Europe and the Midwest (Daum Nancy, Emile Galle, et al). The twenties and thirties to be more exact. Dark, ethereal qualities lend themselves to some fabulous period jewelry – a style which I hope will come back. I am completely taken with the designs, the quality and the workmanship. Thank you so much for sharing !!!

  • Elly

    It is a hot bead, no question. I would make a simple drop to hang on a gold chain, and then I would give it to MYSELF!!

  • Kori

    It is sooooo beautiful! I would definitely make it in the focal point of a necklace with some crystals and fire-polished beads. Gorgeous!

  • I think it would be lovely on a silk thread with minimal additional beads to keep attention on the bead itself.

  • bridie

    I would use this beautiful bead as the focal point of a pendant type necklace. I would keep the design fairly simple as it is such a statement on its own. I would wear it myself for a while and then pass it on to my daughter who would in turn pass it on to her little daughter…….

  • nancy

    I would hang this in my studio where I could gaze on it often so that I would continue to be inspired by beauty, excellence, mastery of the craft and the art.. and I would also learn to do beadwork so that I could make a necklace to wear …

  • How beautiful! I would love to hang the bead like I do some of my larger crystals – in a window in my bead room or from a hanger in my office at work. It is a truly inspiring piece of art!

  • Stella

    From the wayitlookson the picture, it needs tone a necklace. I have somewhat of an idea, and think it might need me to. Learn a new technique. It’s lovely. Congratulations to the artist.

  • Stella

    Let me try this again.
    From the way it looks in the image, it should be in a necklace. I have a vision of what I want to see, but it could be an opportunity to try a new technique.

  • Sarah

    I love the stillness this bead portrays. It’s serenity in glass.

  • KayCee

    I would love to make a beaded rope necklace with seed beads and swaovski bicones, to surround this beautiful bead (beautiful focal point). I have several people I make beaded items for who would love to buy something like that and I would donate all profit to Japan.

  • Wow. I would put this in a long necklace, but the bracelet idea IS really tempting. I am sure there will be many comments.