Handmade Artist Bead Giveaway!

At FusionBeads.com, we love to carry the most beautiful and innovative artist beads. Supporting these artists and getting to know them is a joy for us, and we want to share our love of handmade artist beads with you! We are going to give away the amazing and supremely detailed Summer Dusk Cylinder Bead by Heart Beads to one lucky winner. The background of this bead is created by layering up to a dozen colors and clear shading while forming and shaping the glass bead in a flame. Glass enamel mixed with oils is applied with a steady, practiced hand to give each bead its intricate detailing. The bead is then fired again to fuse the enamel, and the process is repeated on the bead’s other side. We couldn’t be happier to share this work of art with you!

To enter to win this bead, just leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you would like to do with this bead if you win it! The last day to enter the contest is Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 4 PM PDT. A winner will be randomly selected and notified by e-mail.

Good Luck! – Sara

423 comments to Handmade Artist Bead Giveaway!

  • Irene L.

    That bead is beautiful. I believe I would make a spiral rope and put it into the rope. Blues and purples and just a little sage green. Lovely.

  • MelodyJ

    I would make a necklace. Maybe a Y-necklace where this bead hangs down.


  • Becky R.

    The colors and design in this bead are beautiful. I would use it as a focal in a necklace.

  • The bead is absolutely beautiful, and actually resembles an art glass vase rather than a “humble” bead. Were I to win this bead, I believe I would mount it vertically on a Hill Tribes sterling headpin suspended on a black leather cord – something very simple so as not to detract from the bead itself.

  • Linda Moorman

    I would definately use this lovely bead as the focal bead in a necklace.

  • Amanda

    Oh wow, that’s gorgeous! I think I’d use it as a pendant in a Y necklace…

  • Stacie

    Beautiful! I think it would look great centered in a black silk cord knotted bracelet. or choker!

  • Michele

    This gorgeous bead would make a fantastic focal bead for a necklace.

  • J Simmons

    I would use this bead as a focal point in a necklace and incorporate some of my own handmade polymer clay beads with it.

  • Sherry

    WOW!What talent! I would use it in a necklace!

  • Susan Bartos

    If I were to win this bead, I would wire-wrap it with some green amethyst and a few turqoiuse beads for contrast.

  • Stunning and so rich with colors. I would use it as a focal bead and add deep purple velvet and capri Swarovski crystals and hand it on silk cord. Perfect!

  • Lynne Ezzell

    I can just see it as a focal bead with stones such as amasthyst, malachite, and jasper, add a bit of pearls and silver.

  • Ana Mercado

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    An Artisan’s bead
    With lovely colors and hue

  • june

    would use it in a necklace

  • Mistie Young

    It would make a great focal on a hand dyed, jewel toned, silk ribbon.

  • Kara

    I would put an eyepin through it and attach two lengths of chain on both ends, wire-wrapping them together in the middle with purple haze crystals half way up the neck starting from the bead…drool..

  • absoulutely gorgeous reminds me of a sleepy hollow :)

  • Lora Dunham

    Beautiful! My son is an artist and this bead reminds me of one of his paintings. I would make it in to a pendant and wear it on a simple pretty chain. It’s stunning enough to be alone.

  • Cindy Reilly

    This would look great suspended from a black silk cord, showing off the bead because it stands on its own perfectly.

  • If I were to win this gorgeous bead I would use it to make a piece that I would donate to a local group…. They would put it into their auction to raise money for The Relay for Life (fundraiser for Cancer research).

  • patricia

    This bead would definitely be a focal point for a necklace. Perhaps some nice lapis blue beads or crystals with an accent of fern green or peridot?

  • Joanna Hoover

    I would use it as a focal bead with some aqua or turquoise beads for accents. This is a beautiful bead. :)

  • Artful Designs

    I would use it as a base to build upon. It’s so outstanding and beautiful I would make a windchime and have this as the focal.

  • Lena Gonzales

    I would Make a drop pendant with pink and red beads above to symbolize the sunrise and dark blues below to symbolize nighttime, in memory of my Aunt Lisa, whose spirit is as beautiful wonderous as this bead.

  • carrie couch

    I would love to hang this from a cluster of blue lapis lazuli stars.Then,simply string that onto a piece of raw black suede cord :)

  • I’d probably give it to my mother-in-law. She loves these kinds of colors and paints herself.

  • Zahava

    This bead is incredible! I would make a special pendant necklace for myself. I can imagine it as the centerpiece in a very simple design that would not distract the eye from the bead’s beauty — maybe a plain knotted black silk or leather cord with some kind of tassel suspended from the bottom of the bead.

  • Maryann W

    Amazing how much artistry can be contained in one little bead! I’d use it in a simply designed necklace so that its beauty would stand out.

  • Christine

    I’ve no idea what I would do with it, but the craftsmanship certainly deserves to be in a piece worthy of the art :)

  • Cheryl

    I would put this bead on my mantel and look at it everyday until I came up with a design that said, yup this is it…

  • Janet

    This one’s a stunner. I’d use it as the focus of a purse jewelry piece so I could see it all the time!

  • I would take three strands of beading wire and weave a random complimentary seed bead mix for the bead. Take two different sizes of amethyst to highlight the bead as the pendant and hang from the “floating” seed beads.

  • Elaine

    That is REALLY pretty. I would make a necklace.

  • Kasey Thompson

    What a gorgeous piece of artwork! Trees are my touchstone in life. I even had one tattooed on my back after I had to cut down my gorgeous Bradford Pear after it became unstable. So I know that I would be using this piece on a pendant that hung down enough for me to see it continually throughout the day. Yes, I’d be selfish with this one!

  • Donna Larose

    What a GORGEOUS bead! It would definately have to be the focal point of a finely crafted necklace. I think I would create lariat-style necklace, with a loop on one end of the “rope” and this bead (with a little fringe on the bottom) on the other. I think a netted bead rope in random shades of lavenders might work best. It’s hard to know without knowing the size of this bead, but his is what I am envisioning.

  • Kiki

    focal piece to a seed bead necklace, so pretty

  • Marla Johnson

    Well, I know i would 1st spend a lot of time staring at it! Necklace comes to mind because it’s 1 bead. I would incorporate wire in the design. Curled in a mangled fashion as a possible extension of the Tree. I won’t let my dog eat it! (I promise). I could do something with a tiny led light and a shadow box. I guess my imagination and heart would decide in the end. Thanks :)

  • Well, first I would just hold it (with awe) and absorb every detail of it’s incredible beauty, thinking gratitude that someone is talented enough to make such a beauty, then would let all the ideas percolate through my head until just the right one (for me)came through and then enjoy every minute of creating whatever the spirit moved me to do-first thought was a necklace but then I thought it would also make a wonderful bracelet or coat or sweater pin, focal on a belt,etc. etc -so many options, so little time!

  • It would make a lovely hat pin for my top hat. After that I would use the pin in a lapelle.

  • How pretty! I’d use it as a focal piece for a wire-crochet necklace. Something I desperately want to try out :)

  • leslie jones

    Gorgeoso! It is so beautiful on it’s own that I would make some simple necklace with it. That way it could shine on it’s own. Maybe a nice linen cord and a few coordinationg beads to enhance it. really nice!!

  • kery jordan

    some jet, some jade…an accent of river garnet..a coquiel feather…magnificent hat pin

  • Donna Ingram

    I would love to have these to use making a braided wire necklace that just wraps around the neck. It would be totally awesome.

    Thanks, Donna

  • This is simply stunning. I would make a necklace using turquoise beads to pull out that color. I love spiral stitch so I would make that and then hold a raffle and donate the money to a local charity.

  • Wanda

    it would make a beautiful pendant, match it with some other beautiful beads, WOW, I’d love to win it

  • Make a necklace where this bead is the center point.

  • Debbie B

    I would use it as a focal bead for a bracelet or necklace, kind of torn between the two, but it would need a special piece. It is too beautiful to be ignored!

  • I would be afraid of breaking it if made into a bracelet so I would make it into a seed bead woven necklace – perhaps making the bottom part that attached to the bead look like an extension of branches at the top with roots out of the bottom.

  • Patti

    This bead is gorgeous. I would have to take time to consider the best way to showcase this.