Transform Your Filigree!

I am so pleased to announce that has just launched not one, not two, but three new techniques to teach you how to transform metal filigree with color! The Coloring Filigree With Acrylic Paint Dabbers technique will show you how to paint filigree with a solid color and seal it with Diamond Glaze. Coloring Filigree With Glitter and Acrylic Paint Dabbers will teach you how to apply both glitter and paint to metal filigree. Painting Multiple Colors Onto Filigree will teach you how to, well, paint multiple colors onto filigree! All three techniques are fun and easy ways to transform the look of filigree so that it almost appears enameled. The Rustic Trail bracelet and the Heirloom earrings are my two favorite new Inspiration pieces that utilize these techniques!

While I was busy creating Inspiration pieces using the new painting filigree techniques, it dawned on me that there must be so many interesting ways to alter the color of metal filigree because, let’s face it, sometimes we want more color than metal filigree has to offer! Sometimes we even find old vintage filigree pieces that haven’t quite withstood the test of time and need a little pick-me-up. Here are some fun ways to add color to filigree that you can try in addition to our new Beading Techniques!

The first thing I wanted to try was nail polish. This proved to be easy and it produced a beautiful result! I simply laid the filigree onto wax paper then I went to town painting it using the brush provided in the nail polish bottle.  After I painted the entire piece, I got the nail polish out of the holes by picking up the filigree with tweezers and simply blowing on the holes. If you are looking for a truly opaque finish on your filigree, this technique may not be what you’re looking for, because the look that it produces is incredibly shiny and irridescent. However, this is the feature that I found to be incredibly beautiful and unique! The nail polish coats the entire filigree, but the color seems to rest primarily in the recesses, showing off the details of the filigree.

Another technique you can try is painting the filigree with an enamel spray paint from the craft or hardware store. Make sure you do this in a ventilated area – I went outside and set my filigree on wax paper. It only took about 4 seconds of spraying to completely coat the filigree in paint. Next time, I will probably set the filigree on newspaper so that the excess paint would soak in rather than puddle up, like it does on the non-absorbant wax paper. After I sprayed the filigree, I used tweezers to scoot it over to a dry part of the paper to dry. I didn’t have to release the paint from any holes because the paint is so thin that it drips right through the holes. In the two examples shown, I used a gold metallic spray paint to coat the filigree, but the fun thing about using a spray enamel is that you can use any number of finishes to obtain different effects. You can use a gloss, matte, satin, or metallic paint to get exactly the look that you want to achieve.

I am absolutely in love with painting filigree and playing with all the possible media that can transform the color of filigree! Let us know if you have used any different techniques to paint filigree!

Go Out and Play! – Sara

4 comments to Transform Your Filigree!

  • Noreen

    I can’t wait to try out these techniques. I already have some filigree pieces but want to try the paint dabbers. Sounds like so much fun to get the creativity going.

  • Wow, OPI Nail Polish is the best and has elegant and fun colors. Could you imagine wearing the same color earrings as your nail polish, ladies?
    Hey, just a thought!

  • Hope

    Just wondering if anyone tried spraying with a clear coat as to protect the finish? Just wondering if that might hold up and protect the color bettter.

  • Bonnie W

    What great ideas! I think I may try the dabber this week! NO! I WILL do the dabber technique this week.!

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