Sam’s Favorite Things!

I am so excited that we carry Acrylic Paint Dabbers – there are so many fun things to do with them in mixed media jewelry – my calling. You can paint directly onto a bezel, use it in combination with rubber stamps, transfer sheets or create your own little unique paintings. My favourite paint colors are Juniper, Pool and Peach Bellini. Learn how to color metal with Acrylic Paint Dabbers here!

I love to add little sawed items to my jewelry to create unique fun little creatures and shapes. I have only just begun to play with sawing and I see endless possibilities. I love the saw frames and saw blades that we carry, and they work so well with the Sawing a Design Out of Sheet Metal technique!

ICE Resin is my all time most favourite product. There are so many unique ways to use it. I love the look of it and how easy it is to work with. And the high gloss finish of the final product looks so clean and professional. I love that it is free standing and domes really well. We have so many ICE Resin techniques available on our Beading Techniques page – I suggest you try them all!

I cannot wait use all my favorite things to paint some of my own sawed creatures and then resin them into bezels and frames to make unqiue personalized pieces for my friends and family. SO much fun!

Check out these and my other favourite things on my Staff Picks page! Here’s a preview of a couple more of my faves – the Arte Metal Handle Fastenable by Vintaj and the Calamine Blue Enameled Disc by C-Koop!

Till Next Time! – Sam

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  • ChristyH

    We are just getting started in Mixed Media jewelery making. I have to Vintaj bezels ready to fill with ICE resin today. I will have to check out embelishing the metal blanks as I haven’t tried that before.

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