Swarovski Trend Forecast Spring and Summer 2012!

Swarovski develops a trend report bi-annually which is highly influential as sources of inspiration for top international designers. Luckily, they’ve shared the Spring and Summer 2012 forecast with us at FusionBeads.com and we can’t wait to tell you all about it! The most recent report is focused on natural happiness. This includes the joy in life, radiance and hope for the future. The beauty and bounty of the earth are the major influences of the newest trends, which focus on the smallest of details, the depth of color and the luminescence of light. As Swarovski states, “this season is the time to shine.”


A warm whitewash of powdery pastels is punctuated by the luminous strength and sensuous intensity of sophisticated, feminine fuchsia. The beautiful warm white color of chalk is set to dominate future fashions.

Jewelry: Charms on fine long necklaces, collections of delicate rings, bangles and bracelets with an air of milky lightness. White pearl jewelry is designed in a more youthful and fashion-forward look. Materials include large irregular pendants, matte porcelain, mother of pearl, silver and gun metal.

Keywords: Powdery, Luminous, Ephemeral, New Romantic, Avant-Garde

Crystal Colors: White Alabaster, Crystal Silver Shade, Light Grey Opal, Fuchsia, Chrysolite Opal, White Opal


The enhanced, authentic simplicity of dense, natural plant dye colors and mysterious saturated tones define this theme. Pops of Padparadscha are intensified with sunlit shades of citrus green, offset by darkest olive and cool browns.

Jewelry: Mid-sized jewelry pieces merging ethical materials with classic, sustainable design define this theme. Personal pieces, small earrings and signet or family rings that are never removed, in silver, oxidized materials, matte and polished surfaces are prominent. Crystal stones appear in traditional settings.

Keywords: Earthbound, Organic Elegance, Authentic, Reflection, Solitude

Crystal Colors: Fern Green, Crystal Vitrail Medium, Padparadscha, Smoky Quartz, Crystal Bronze Shade


A discreet flash of darkened gray adds texture to essential earthy neutrals. Aquatic blues are softened by opalescent green, while brilliant turquoise harmonizes the palette.

Jewelry: Jewelry is durable, suitable for sporty outdoor activities as well as edgy street-wear. Pieces made of stainless steel and oxidized metals, electroforming, rubber, silicone and elastics create a modern design language. Watches are functional yet stylized.

Keywords: Functionality, Durability, Flexibility, Solidity, Energy

Crystal Colors: Indicolite, Montana, Smoked Topaz, Crystal Bronze Shade, Crystal Silver Night, Chrysolite Opal


A medley of raw and sensual natural tones, in spicy flavors that surprise the eyes and taste-buds caresses this theme. From a neutral base to bitten red, distant deserts sharpen the senses and whet the appetite. Colors are deep and rooted in earthbound matter – beiges, yellow neutrals and rusted browns.

Jewelry: Traditional heritage, folklore and recycled elements are found in jewelry. Amulets, raw pendants, stacked bangles and beaded charm bracelets with world culture overtones appear. Sprinkles of crystals are found on matte, hammered, and sanded surfaces then married with beading, leatherwork and traditional metalwork.

Keywords: World Cultural, Nomadic, Layering, Ancient, Folk Baroque

Crystal Colors: Crystal Vintage Gold Pearl, Khaki, Crystal Red Magma, Garnet, Black Diamond, Topaz

Precious Metal/Glamour

Glowing, glamorous hues with light-catching qualities are interspersed with cameos of iridescent color to promote quality, finesse and luxury. The surprising range of warmer browns, used as the base of the palette, make medium tones appear richer and more sophisticated.

Jewelry: Jewelry offers a surprising twist – textured, rough, matte, sanded, untreated and partly polished pieces appear in all shades of gold and oxidized metals. 3D sculptural statement pieces in architectural shapes geometrical, folded structures adorn forms.

Keywords: Sparkling, Sophistication, Luxurious, Naturalism, Precious

Crystal Colors: Crystal Vintage Gold Pearl, Light Colorado Topaz, Sand Opal, Crystal Dorado, Sunflower, Crystal Bronze Shade

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