Enter Our Swarovski Sneak Peek Giveaway!

Who wants new Swarovski crystals? Oh, and who wants them for free?! I know I do! I think my excitement has turned me into a mad woman, because I have decided to give away well OVER ONE HUNDRED beads and pendants from the new Swarovski line to one lucky person! Check out the photo above – you could get new Stairway beads, Be Charmed beads, a Miss U heart pendant, a Truly in Love heart pendant, a Devoted 2 U heart pendant and many beads, pendants and sew-on stones in our new colors! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment on this blog post saying what new colors or shapes you are looking forward to the most. You can check out the new Swarovski line on our Swarovski Sneak Peek blog posts! Click here to see the new colors and effect and click here to see the new beads, pendants and components. I can’t want to hear what new crystals you won’t be able to live without! A winner will be chosen randomly on Wednesday, March 2, 2011, so keep an eye on your e-mail inboxes! We will announce the winner on our Facebook page and our blog next Wednesday! And just to make you want it even more, here are all the crystals organized into the cute little box that could show up on your doorstep in a couple of weeks!

Good luck! – Sara

917 comments to Enter Our Swarovski Sneak Peek Giveaway!

  • Lorina

    LOVE the heart pendants!!!

  • nancy

    I love the big hole beads for my bracelet!!!

  • sarah

    While I don’t work with pearls very often, I love the new vintage gold pearl – the champagne tones are quickly becoming one of my favorites for beading and other crafts. I also am intrigued by the new heart beads/pendants, especially the Miss U heart, which reminds me of the Cosmic components.

  • Linda

    Love that they’ve added the big hole beads!! Use a lot of these in my work

  • ruth

    Oh I hope I win! I LOVE crystals!

  • Amanda

    I love the new Stairway beads and the Be Charmed beads. Can’t wait to use them!!

  • Carol

    Love them all it’s so hard to choose. The heart beads/pendants look great!

  • Angie Christianson

    I am fairly new to beading but I have discovered and LOVE Swarovski everything! I make necklaces for my friends and family for every occasion. Swarovski beads and pendants make fabulous gifts at an extremely affordable price. Swarovski gifts just make “cents” in today’s economy. And may I add that FusionBeads.com rocks! SWAK!

  • I would love to win any color and any weird shapes, shapes that are not used or are some that are not boxy but misshaped, just something different!

  • Robyn

    I cannot wait to get my hands on the Be Charmed beads and the Crazy 4 U, Devoted 2 U, Miss U, Forever 1, Truly in Love hearts. Swarovski is AWESOME!!

  • elizabeth borneman

    I love swarovski beads..this would be an awesome mix.

  • Faye

    I love the crystal bronze. Can’t wait to get some.

  • I love the new Crystal Bronze Shade stones.

  • Josee lussier

    J’aimerais vraiment vraiment beaucoup gagner ce superbe assortiment de Swarovski !!! (translation: il very very much love to win to superb Swarovski assortment )

  • Tina

    I just love the opals.

  • Pascale

    Wow, as usual, Swarovski give us beautiful pieces to work with ! They’re all amazing, especially the heart with a hole in the middle. I can’t wait to buy one (or win one) !!!

  • Iva Ruth

    I love these new beads, been watching your posts on facebook. Thanks for sharing them with me.

  • April McCart

    I would LOVE to try all those different beads. I am already working on something for July 4th. These beads would sure come in handy!

  • I love the large pendants, the are gorgeous, especially the hollow heart!

  • Keesha

    I love the new heart pendants and the new colors! Beautiful as always!

  • Louise Madsen

    I absolutely love the chrysolite opal. and the stairway beads. and the hearts. and the vintage gold pearls. and the….. oh why do you make me choose? they are all gorggeous! If I win I will not have to make the choise. Surprise me. LOL!

  • I love all these crystals
    I cant wait till I get some of the large hole beads to add to my bracelet

  • melodee barnett

    i am so excited about these new crystals. Love the hearts.

  • Ellen Sack

    The new crystals are a great addition to the whole line of crystals. Love the ones with holes at the top.
    Never winning but always hoping…

  • I have a passion for crystal. Hearts and any Swarovski Crystals are awesome !! I hope I win just like everyone else does. Never really win anything but I keep trying. Fusion Beads is one of my favorite place to shop for all my beading needs. All of you rock !!!

  • A. Paulin

    I’ve already ordered all of them; Crystal Bronze Shade, the Chrysolite Opal in 8mm bicones, and Crystal Vintage Gold Pearls in 8mm to play with in my designs, can’t wait for the order to come in and see them in person. But I know that I can find some very nice ideas for anything you want to send my way!

  • Lisa Gelinas

    I am new to beading, so ALL colors and shapes are fascinating to me at this point! Love all the colors in the collection being given away!

  • Kerri Bradley

    I’m obsessed with Swarovski crystals & pearls!

  • Mizliz96

    I see lots of hearts! I love hearts. New to beading and need some supplies to get started.

  • Christine

    Have been waiting for the vintage gold pearl and crystal bronze shade. So glad they are finally here!

  • I love all the inspirational design ideas at Fusionbeads using swarovski crystals. I adore all the new color creations and shapes coming out this season.

  • Kathy Middleton

    Swarovski anything is beautiful and now they have even outdone themselves!! It is hard to pick the one I like the best but have to go with the stairway crystals and the Chrysolite opal and……. well pretty much all of them:)

  • Thuy

    OPALS! Gotta love the opals. So soft, makes all the colors look better.

  • Judy Redford

    New crystal are sensational! Colors, shapes, sizes… could you ask for more?

  • The crystal vintage gold pearls are to die for! Gorgeous!

  • Andrea

    Love the new colours

  • I love the stairstep beads…..I need to hold one and study it to see what new things I could do with it!! I’m not a big heart fan, but I do like some of the new shapes they’ve come out with. I could see the open hold heart being used as a link :)

  • nina

    simply wonderful! I adore the crystal bronze and the vintage gold!

  • i love these new beads. i really like the hearts. i could really make something special for gifts out of these. thanks jennifer hall

  • Sarah

    The heart pendants! They’re so cute. I especially like the Forever 1 one.

  • Jan Studyvin

    I love all the colors!!

  • I acctually like all of the new beads and colors but I am having a vintage period right now so I really love the Crystal Vintage Gold pearl color and I also love the new effect Crystal Bronze Shade.

  • Cindy Marasco

    All the new shapes let the imagination run wild!

  • Ivis McCarthy

    These are so pretty !

  • Mary Kay

    I would love, love, love to win these beads! I started wire rapping stones and now I’m hooked on Swarovski anything! With all my searching FusionBeads.com has by far the best selection and prices! Thanks so much!

  • I love these!!!! I come to your site a lot for inspiration, these have really inspired me! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Natalia

    so pretty!! <3

  • Ginni

    I just love these. Hope I get picked, I’ve got several great ideas already.

  • Emily

    I can’t remember if I entered this, yet and don’t want to look through 18 pages to find out, but please enter me into your contest. I would love to make something beautiful out of these.