Crystal Sneak Peek
New Beads, Pendants and Components!

New Swarovski Elements crystal is almost here! And to make the wait a little easier, I am going to give you a sneak peek of the new Swarovski shapes!

Swarovski has done it again. They have created a beautiful new bead shape – the Stairway bead. This is a rectangular bead with linear facets on both sides. The facets go in opposite directions so when you look through it a chessboard effect is created. This linear faceting can be seen in other beads from previous collections including the Lucerna, Helix, Twist and Chessboard beads. With a center-drilled hole, this bead will be easy to incorporate into designs with different shapes.

Adding to their line of Cosmic Rings, Swarovski has added an Organic Cosmic Triangle. They are perfect to add into your organic inspired designs as well as your modern, edgy designs.

I love the new Space Cut Sew-on Stone. The name says it all – the cut is clean and modern. Though it is a sew-on stone, the large triangle shaped holes make this easy to incorporate into your jewelry. Unlike most sew-on stones, the Space Cut comes in colors without a foil back.

The Be Charmed beads are Swarovski’s addition to the large hole bead, charm bracelet craze. There are two cuts to choose from, the classic briolette and the helix. Both have a stainless steel core with a 4.5mm hole. Combine these beads into your existing charm bead bracelet or start a new one for that special someone.

Crazy 4 U, Devoted 2 U, Miss U, Forever 1, Truly in Love

I think my favorite part of the latest line is all of the new crystal heart pendants. These are part of Swarovski’s designer editions. Created in collaboration with designer, Manish Arora, the 5 new designs tell a beautiful love story of the heart. Each individual piece is an expression of one of love’s different emotional states and is named accordingly.

Crazy 4 U captures the intense feeling of new love in a modern heart. As love grows, the heart becomes Devoted 2 U. Sometimes we are not able to be with our loved ones. The empty heart-shaped hole shows that your love will always be in your heart as we Miss U. Two hearts are Forever 1. The two sides of the heart come together in the center with a matte line symbolizing togetherness. We all strive to be Truly in Love – to have that eternal, everlasting love.

The heart is a timeless symbol of love. It can be used in various jewelry pieces throughout the year. They also work beautifully in all wedding jewelry.

With all of these amazing new pieces, I hope you are as excited as I am to start designing.

Sparkle! – Lindsay

62 comments to Crystal Sneak Peek
New Beads, Pendants and Components!

  • Wow! I don’t know if I can pick a favorite. Beautiful…make’s me want to create!!

  • Laura A. Parker

    I think that the Stairway, but then they are hard to choose which one, since the thought of creating from these are so exciting!

  • Ashley Huvard

    What a lovely box of sparkle! The hearts are my favorite and the new opal color is wonderful. Inpiration for the weekend!!!

  • Melinda

    Beautful Spring colors. Combining them to make a pretty bracelet.

  • Tammy Williams

    I think the Stairway bead just may be my new favorite! I like them all and love the colors in the banner.

  • Theresa White

    I love all the colors and shapes. It will be fun to make some new jewlery with these.

  • Marion Gagnon

    Love the new Heart Shapes…The new Opal color is very unique….Love anything that sparkles !!

  • The “truly in love” is definitely my most favorite. I can’t wait!

  • Janet Cobb

    Wow! They are all so beautiful! I really love the crystal heart pendants. I especially love the Forever 1 and the Truly In Love!! The Stairway beads are great, too. Who can decide with so much to choose from?!

  • Elizabeth Stelling

    Wow! I love those new stairway beads and the space cut sew ons!

  • Love the stairway, but really cannot pick a favorite. Love, love, love all of the new pieces.

  • Wow, this is going to be a fun year for jewelry design! I can’t wait to try out the Stairway beads and Be Charmed beads.

  • Ann Lnechtel

    I am looking forward to those stairway beads. I can picture the bracelets I could make…

  • Elaine Peterson

    love the organic cosmic triangle — takes the edge off the regular triangle.

  • Nancy Ludvik

    I am so inspired by these beautiful new beads!

  • Kitty

    The Stairway bead is fantastic. Elegant, gorgeous…definitely want some of those!

  • Barb Raven

    The new chrysolite opal fascinates me. I’m sure I will be inspired to make something with it.

  • Paula Rutledge

    I really like the large hole bead craze, so I am very pleased to see the addition of Swarovski’s Be Charmed bead line. But then I saw the photo of all the new heart beads!!! Five new creative shapes…all heart shapes! Even the names are creative! Crazy 4 U, Devoted 2 U, Truly in Love, Forever 1, and (my favorite!) Miss U! I predict that all these new heart beads will be very popular for jewelry making and I intend to also use them in my scrapbooking and quiltmaking and even collage work! I can hardly wait!!!
    Paula from Texas

  • Guenivere

    Is it wrong to drool? I love all these shapes and can’t wait to incorporate them in my designs!

  • Lesley Willson

    new Swarovski heart beads – wonderful! Just love to create new jewelry with heart beads. Miss you and truly in love will make for great necklaces. Then, how clever on the stainless steel core large hole beads. The stainless gives them strength and doesn’t tarnish. This I can’t wait to add to my bracelet.

  • Rosaire Brundage

    Loved the Be Charmed large hole beads!

  • patricia morra

    love the heart colors, devoted 2U, Trylu and Crazy, the stairway beads definitely want to try, the organic cosmic triangle want to try!! and the large hole helix and briolette!!!!! can’t wait :)

  • Just love the be charmed beads…Stunning

  • Love the new facets on the Swarovski crystals…They will give a different look everyone’s jewelry creations.. I love your “wild heart” crystals…but I already have some ideas for your new ones…Talk about dramatic!

  • sue

    Wow. Love the Miss you heart. Cann’t wait to play with the space cut sew on stones, they have so many possibilities. Ideas are just flying through my brain.

  • This is fun and I adore your collections! New Swarovski – love the chess board and square styles. Colors? Anything within you great escape or cashmere color-scape.

    Love your website~

  • Elaine Kitchen

    I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!

  • Joy Watson

    I am excited about the new stairway beads. I am always looking for something new and different!

  • Karen McG

    I love them all, but I was born on Valentine’s Day, so all the hearts are my “special loves.”

  • Julie Mitchelmore

    Oh no! More hearts I won’t be able to resist. Forever 1 and Truly in Love look like my favourites.

    And finally – I never bought those pandora-type charms because I was waiting for the real Swarovskis!

  • Deborah S

    For myself, I can’t wait to make something with the Stairway beads, but I have several clients that asks for the crystal hearts so I’m glad to see all the new ones to play with. All the shapes are gorgeous. I want them all!

  • patricia rahn

    I love the new organic cosmic triangles ! just looking at all the new colors and shapes brightened up my day :)

  • Ann O

    They’re all uniquely beautiful so it’s impossible to choose just one.

  • Donna

    WOW…the Be Charmed are perfect for the Pandora style bracelets I want to make!! Fabulous!

  • I like the colors but I LOVE the new shapes. I have a unique new line of jewelry and these will be great!

  • oh wow they are magnificent, would love to have these

  • Evelyn

    Like the stairway bead; they are all funky looking and I would love to create with these new beads.

  • Adrienne Magee

    I am in love with the Crystal Bronze shade the most because it will go wonderfully with matrixed or veined stones like dyed howlite, turquoise – probably more than half of my stone stock. The heart shapes make my hed spin with possibilities! The Crystal Vintage pearls will go with some of my older Swarovski Crystal Pearls to make my signature Victorian themed necklaces and bracelets and again my head spins because they also go lovely with the new Crystal Bronze shade crystals! So glad I got this preview – I won’t be able to sleep with all these ideas!!


    You cannot pick one favorite they are all so beautiful. Although I can say the new stairway bead is absolutly stunning! I Want them!!!

  • Bonnie Williams

    I forgot! The sew on button…. I have another image in my mind for the future of this new crystal!

  • Lynn Bolles

    I love, love, love the to be charmed beads! They are different from anything I have seen before. I think they would make beautiful mommy or grandma bracelets!

  • Iris A

    The Stairway Swarovski will be so beautiful in multipe applications but my favorite is the Space Cut Sew-on-Stone.Can’t wait to see the colors available.I’m sketching out the design I’ll use already.The ethereal color of the chrysolite opal is mesmerizing.It reminds me of the beauty of glacial ice.

  • Candie

    I can’t live without those Swarovski crystals, pearls, and those vintage colors!! Those beads inspirate me so much that I make them for my special people in my life everyday, I could use free beads to help me making more for those special people! I can’t go without making something in a day! So please pick me!

  • Dee Lane

    I love the new heart shapes and the new Crystal Bronze shade! I can’t wait to use them in projects. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Sue Rohm

    Love the new Stairway Swarovski crystals. I am already envisioning a fabulous bracelet. Can’t wait to get my hands on them. Free beads would be amazing!!!!

  • Debra Wagenecht

    Oh my! The stairway bead is going to be my new favorite. It is stunning. What a wonderful way to show them off, by having a blogfest! Thank you!

  • Vydia Torres

    There are so many kinds of love… And now the Swarovski hearts to match them!! Excited to try them soon!

  • Sue


  • The “truly in love” heart looks spectacular, even pictures show a depth that only Swarovski crystals have. The new colors are amazing!

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