Thanks For Helping Us Donate To a Great Organization!

Give yourselves a pat on the back! Because of you, our amazing customers, was able to donate a camel and groups of geese, ducks, chicks, rabbits and honeybees to families in need through Heifer International! In just a few weeks total, you all bought enough 17mm Swarovski Elements Wild Heart crystal pendants to help us provide a wonderful donation to this charity! Heifer International will now gift animals to less fortunate families and they will teach them how to build a better future with the help of these animals. We were really hoping to gift a camel to a special family because camels can be very profitable as a source of milk as well as transportation, and we were able to do it with your help! The other animals we donated will help families with nourishment, fertilizing and income. Thank you for opening your heart to Heifer International!

“For sixty years, Heifer International has inspired hope in hungry communities, where the gift of one animal can bring health, prosperity and peace.” — President Jimmy Carter

You’re the Best! – Sara

2 comments to Thanks For Helping Us Donate To a Great Organization!

  • Mari

    Thank you everyone! It’s so exciting when beads can also help people in need. I love it.

  • Beth Kennedy

    If you look into the Heifer info, you’ll find that they don’t give a very high percentage of their contributions to others. There are many other foundations who do. Please consider one of those.

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