Put a Little More Sparkle in Your Life!

FusionBeads.com has just introduced a fabulous new technique, Gluing Crystal Flat Back Rhinestones onto Crystals, and there is a load of new sparkling jewelry in our Inspiration Gallery to go along with the technique! I love the look of crystals encrusted with more crystals, but I really just like anything decked out with crystal flat back rhinestones. Here is a list of things you can find around your house that will look more special and personalized when you use our new technique to flat back them. Most of them make fantastic gifts as well!

1. Beading tools
2. Compact mirrors
3. Pre-made greeting cards
4. Nice pencils and pens
5. Picture frames
6. Your eyelids (use eyelash glue, NOT epoxy!)
7. Water bottles
8. Calculators
9. Champagne flutes or wine glasses (put initials on toasting flutes for the bride and groom!)

10. Silk flowers (try gluing the flowers to hair clips)
11. Fingernails (this style is very trendy right now!)
12. Cell phones
13. iPods
14. Candy dishes
15. Flip-flops
16. Flower pots
17. Headbands
18. Tweezers
19. Pet collars
20. Sunglasses

Have Fun Flat Backing! – Sara

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