Crystal Sneak Peek
New Color, Effect and Pearl!

This February, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS launched their new Spring/Summer 2012 Innovations. And in true fashion, we are going to tempt you with the yummy new colors, effects, pearls, shapes and pendants.

The new color of the season is Chrysolite Opal. This is a soft, opalescent color that seems to glow with gold undertones. It reminds us of green vintage milk glass. Use it in romantic, feminine pieces with other opal crystal colors like White Opal and Light Grey Opal or in contrast with metallic crystal colors such as Crystal Silver Night or Metallic Light Gold 2x. Our designers can’t wait to get their hands on it!

The new effect is called Crystal Bronze Shade. This effect is an extension of the trend towards metallics as seen in the popular effect from the previous season, Crystal Silver Night. However, Crystal Bronze Shade is a little softer, and will pair beautifully with any natural brass pieces or try mixing it with yellow toned crystals such as Light Colorado Topaz or Sunflower. For an edgier feel pair it with intense blues like Indicolite or Montana or greens like Fern Green or Vitrail Medium.

Crystal Vintage Gold is the new pearl color. Again, with this new pearl color you see the trend towards golds and metallics. This is a rich, amazing color that will work with either of the new color or effect mentioned above as well as any of the gold-toned pearls in Swarovski’s collection. This pearl color has softer finish similar to Powder Rose, Powder Almond and Platinum pearls. You can never have too many pearls.

Keep an eye out for these delicious new colors and effects to be available on our site as well as more sneak peeks of the upcoming products.

Sparkle! – Lindsay

79 comments to Crystal Sneak Peek
New Color, Effect and Pearl!

  • Susie

    Love the crystal bronze.!

  • lucinda

    I LOVE beadind and free beads. the swarovskis are BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    LOVE the crystal bronze AND crystal vintage gold – great rich additions!

  • I love all the colors. Beautiful.

  • Candie

    I can’t live without those Swarovski crystals, pearls, and those vintage colors!! Those beads inspirate me so much that I make them for my special people in my life everyday, I can’t go without making something in a day! So please pick me!

  • Lisa Clark

    I’ve been holed up in my house with the flu and “Son of the Flu” for over 2 weeks. It is, shall we say, so *healing* to look at the gorgeous new offerings from Swarovski. I love Fusion’s service, merchandise and project ideas. MWAH to you guys!

  • Laura Laird

    The Chrysolite Opal is absolutely exquisite! I have some Opalite points that are among my favorite beads, and I think that even though the color is different, it sends out the same type of warm vibrations that I love.. Of course I hope that I win (as we all do!)but I am honestly being completely truthful!!!!Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  • Wish I knew what is meant, I guess one must be used to computer language to be able to use access to fusionbeads

  • Love the Bronze!
    I am so partial to earthy tones. If I win, it would help me sooo much to go outside of my box, with all these fabulous other colors!

  • Cindy

    I love the vintage gold pearls. Yummy. Those are just my color. I had a dream last night I won $100 in beads, maybe it is a prediction for 100 crystals! I hope so.

  • Vydia Torres

    Love the new colors, particularly the antique gold pearls. Looking forward to adding them to my jewelry designs. No other pearls compare to Swarovski’s to convey quality and depth to any piece!

  • Sue

    It would be difficult to pick a favorite right now. Everything was awesome…I could see all kinds of possibilities as I was viewing them. Can’t wait to order some things and get started on something new

  • Donna Wheeler

    They are all lovely. I think I like the new Chrysolite Opal. Although I don’t usually care for green, these are so soft and velvety in appearance. The gold pearls are beautiful and the crystals are as well, but having to choose one, I would choose the new spring color. Beside, I need something new for spring.

  • Linda Myers

    Lover the Chrysolite Opal. The soft colour of the green makes to think of spring. The Crystal Bronze is also cool.

  • I love the new colors….hmmm….hard to say which is my favorite since the Crystal Bronze really caught my eye but Gold is also one of my favorite colors.

  • Sandra Behn

    My birthstone is opal so I like the Chrysolite Opal, but the Gold & Bronze are nice too.

  • Kathy Hanley

    It’s just too difficult to choose a favorite! I love all the new colors and can’t wait to combine them into a special, magical piece!

  • Gay Sullivan

    Chrysolite Opal is beautiful and so calming.

  • I love the new effect Crystal Bronze. It is perfect for wedding jewelry & even better for extravangant night out piece!

  • Mary Lou


    Especially love the vintagy colors of the golds and bronze … oh boy! Too many to not love them all!!!

  • Brenda Wergin

    wow, love all 3 colors!

  • I have been drawn to Swarovski for as long as I remember.Figures Mom Collected-Then one day in a store (michaels)I realized I could hove elegence in my hand,I started collecting and I havent stopped.One of this-that,the Beauty is amazing what a wonderful Co. Thanks Lisa C.

  • Rachel Lozon

    My daughter caught site of this giveaway before i did….and she was sooooo excited to see the Crystal Bronze Shade because she has asked me to make her all the jewellery that she will wear for her Grade 8 Graduation.
    Boy we she be happy to have the real things….these are absolutely gorgeous and worth buying if we don’t win!!!!

  • Faye

    I love the new shades – the crystal bronze is my favorite. I also can’t wait to get some even the opal shade.

  • Love those gold pearls, wow!

  • Ivis McCarthy

    Very beautiful!

  • Nancy

    The colors are perfect… it’s a inexpensive way to “Bling Up ” your life.

  • Swarovski crystals are the sparkliest around!! These colors are great additions and we have used them in some of our designs. Visit us at to check them out!

  • […] to the most. You can check out the new Swarovski line on our Swarovski Sneak Peek blog posts! Click here to see the new colors and effect and click here to see the new beads, pendants and components. I […]

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