Lindsay’s Favorite Things!

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” – these are nice but not my favorite things. The “raindrops” I like are made of crystal – Swarovski crystal to be exact! I absolutely love the drop shape of the crystal pendants and the small briolette pendants! Though the two shapes are not exactly alike, they work […]

Fire Designs Heats Things Up!

We love the bright and colorful hand blown glass beads created by Fire Designs, a studio based in Washington state. The large holes in their beads allow for a variety of creative uses, as seen in our Blushing Rose Pen, which uses one long Cane Glass Tube Bead! My favorite thing about Fire Designs […]

Three Ways to Finish Beading Wire!

I absolutely love to use the crimping technique! With just a spool of beading wire and some crimp beads, it’s possible to create an endless number of strung necklace and bracelet designs! If you love to crimp as much as I do, then you have probably come up with designs in which you want an […]