Keep Your Soldier Near at Heart This Valentine’s Day!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I find myself thinking about those military families who can’t be with their soldiers on Valentine’s Day. I had to struggle through that difficult situation three years ago when my husband Matt was stationed in Iraq on Valentine’s Day during his time serving in the United States Air Force. I was feeling pretty sad and alone that day, until I got to speak with Matt on the phone. As we were talking, the doorbell rang and I found a GIANT teddy bear with roses and chocolates that he had sent to me! Although we were so far away from each other, I knew that I had Matt near to my heart that day (and everyday for that matter!).To keep Matt really close to my heart, I told him I would wear a set of his dog tags everyday while he was overseas. As sweet and cheesy as that promise was, I broke the promise after about two weeks because the dog tags didn’t exactly match my feminine style. Finally, three years later, I have come up with a great necklace for all of those military wives, girlfriends and daughters out there to wear so they can feel close to their man on Valentine’s Day! This Near at Heart Necklace is meant to resemble dog tags with a really personal touch. In addition to metal stamping the words ‘Near at Heart’ on the sterling silver dog tag stamping blank, I also included a small copper heart stamping blank with Matt’s initials stamped onto it. I made the letters stand out with acrylic ink using the Coloring Metal Stamped Letters Using Acrylic Paint technique. To represent both of us on the necklace, I dangled two little crystal bicones that correspond to each of our birthstones. (Check out our crystal color birthstone chart to help you choose the colors for your necklace!) If only I had this necklace three years ago, maybe I could have kept my promise and worn it the whole time he was gone! This necklace will make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any lady who is miles away from a special soldier this Valentine’s Day!

Support your soldier! – Sara

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